Estratégia e Inovação

Estudar e aprender Estratégia e Inovação. Métodos, modelos e teorias (A-Z)

Estratégia e Inovação

3C's model Ohmae

4S Web Marketing Mix Constantinides

5 Forces (5 Forças) Porter

7 picosegundos Booms Bitner

7-S Framework McKinsey

Action Learning Revans

Acquisition Integration Approaches Haspeslagh Jemison

ADL Matrix Arthur D. pouco

Analogical Strategic Reasoning Gavetti Rivkin

Ashridge Mission Model Campbell

Balanced Scorecard Kaplan Norton

Bases of Social Power French Raven

BCG Matrix


Blue Ocean Strategy Kim

Bottom of the Pyramid Prahalad

BPR Hammer Champy


Bricks and Clicks

Business Assessment Array

Business intelligence

Business Process Reengineering Hammer Champy

Catastrophe Theory Thom

Centralization e Decentralization

Change Approaches Kotter

Change Dimensions Pettigrew Whipp

Change Phases Kotter

Chaos Theory Lorenz

Clarkson Principles

Clicks and Mortar

Clusters Porter

Co-Creation Prahalad Ramaswamy

Co-opetition Brandenburger

Competitive Advantage Nations Porter

Competitive Advantage framework Porter

ContingencyTheory Vroom

Core Competence Hamel Prahalad

Core Group Theory Art Kleiner

Corporate Reputation Quotient Harris-Fornbrun

Crisis Management

CSFs Rockart

Cultural Dimensions Hofstede

Culture Levels Schein

Customer Relationship Management

Delphi Method Helmer

Delta Model Hax

Dialectical Inquiry

Diamond Model Porter

Dimensions of Change Pettigrew Whipp

Disruptive Innovation Christensen

Distinctive Capabilities Kay


Enterprise Architecture Zachman

Enterpreneurial Government Osborne

Experience Curve

Extended Marketing Mix 7P's

Five Forces (Cinco Forças) Porter

Force Field Analysis Lewin

Forget Borrow Learn Govindarajan Trimble

Game Theory Nash

Growth Phases Greiner

GE Business Screen

Groupthink Janis

Growth Share Matrix BCG

Hierachy of Needs Maslow

Horizontal Integration

Hoshin Kanri - distribuição da política

Impact/Value framework Hammer

Implementation Management Krüger

Industry Change McGahan

Industry Life Cycle

Innovation Adoption Curve Rogers

Instrumental Approach of Stakeholder Theory

Intrinsic Stakeholder Commitment

Kaizen philosophy

Kepner-Tregoe Matrix

KPIs Rockart

Leveraged Buy-out

Management Buy-out

Management by Objectives Drucker

Managing for Value McTaggart

Marketing mix 4P's 5P's McCarthy

McKinsey matrix

Mergers and Acquisitions abordagens

Mind Mapping

Modeling business processes

Moral Purpose Mourkogiannis

Network Economy Kelly

Normative Approach of Stakeholder Theory


Office of Strategy Management Kaplan Norton

Operations Research

OODA loop Boyd


Organizational Configurations Mintzberg

Carta de organização


Parenting Advantage Goold Campbell

Parenting Styles Goold Campbell

PEÇAS Brandenburger

Performance Categories Baldrige

Performance management

Performance Prism

PEST analysis

Plausibility Theory

Portfolio Analysis

Product Life Cycle Levitt

Product/market grid Ansoff

Profit Pools Gadiesh, Gilbert

Real Options Luehrman

Relative Value of Growth Mass

Resource-Based View Barney

Risk Management

Root Cause Analysis

Rule of Three Sheth

Scenario Planning

Porter de Seven Surprises

Shareholder Value Perspective

Simulation modeling

Six Thinking Hats de Bono

Skandia Navigator Leif Edvinsson

SLEPT Analysis

SMART Drucker

Soft Systems Methodology Checkland


Spiral Dynamics Graves

Stage-Gate Cooper

Stakeholder Analysis

Traçar de Stakeholder

Stakeholder Value Perspective

STEEPLE Analysis

Strategic Alignment Venkatraman

Strategic Intent Hamel Prahalad

Strategic Risk Management Slywotzky

Strategic Stakeholder Management

Adicione um método / modelo

Strategic Triangle Ohmae

Strategic Thrusts Wiseman

Tipos estratégicos neve das milhas

Strategy Dynamics Warren

Strategy Map Kaplan Norton


Análise do SWOT

Systems Thinking / Dynamics Forrester

TDC matrix Internet

Ten Schools of Thought Mintzberg

Theory of Constraints Goldratt

Theory of Reasoned Action Ajzen Fishbein

Three Dimensional Business Definition Abell

Trajectories of Industry Change McGahan

Gerência da rotação

Twelve Principles of the Network Economy Kelly

Value Based Management

Value Chain Porter

Value Creation Index

Value Disciplines Treacy Wiersema

Value Mapping Jack

The Value Net Brandenburger

Value Profit Chain Heskett

Value Stream Mapping

ValueReporting Framework PWC

Vertical Integration

VRIN Barney



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Definition of Business Strategy (aka Competitive Strategy)
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Outsourcing Manufacturing
Some US manufacturing firms still find it advantageous to source their manufacturing from China and other Asian countrie (...)
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CORE Charts: Creativity - Opportunities - Rationale - Strategy (Spanish: Estrategico)
This is how one can translate creativity into value for stakeholders:
The CORE chart is just a refinement of the or (...)
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Difference Between Strategy Approaches and Strategy Concepts
Hi, can someone please explain the difference between a strategy approach and a strategy concept? I'm not sure if I get (...)
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Normative / Reductive Strategy?
Hi, can anybody provide me more information related to the topic normative / reductive strategy. I'll be very thankful. (...)
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Organisational Development Strategy versus Business Strategy
Hi, please help, I'm struggling to understand the difference between an Organisational Development Strategy and a Busine (...)
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Tool for Diagnosing the Sustainability of a Business' Competitive Advantage
There are many authors who have focused on how to achieve a competitive advantage. Porter's book published in 1998 is on (...)
Adaptive Strategy with Holistic Approach
A major issue with strategy is the absence of a holistic approach of the strategy where the management should know exact (...)
Strategy-Driven Requirements Engineering
In Australia as elsewhere I've seen many organisations that can and do articulate their highest strategic goals, objecti (...)
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Operations Strategy versus Business Strategy
What are the the differences between the operations strategy and the business strategy? And what do they have in common? (...)
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Mission: To achieve the Vision
How's this for a novel approach. Every organisation, the world over, has the same Mission. It's simply 'To achieve the (...)
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Strategic Marketing Plan
Strategy is generally outlined in terms of the mission, vision and corporate values that the company will adopt; in anot (...)
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Implementation/Formulation Strategy Matrix
Properly formulated strategies that are actively managed lead to success. The Implementation/Formulation Strategy Matri (...)
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Strategic Marketing Decision
What are the elements of a strategic marketing decision? (...)
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What is Strategic Quality Planning?
I am a student researching about strategic quality planning. How do we develop a strategic quality plan? What are the pr (...)
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Main Factors of Strategy Formulation
Question. What are the main factors that needed to be considered during the formulation of strategy? (...)
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Customer Attractiveness Matrix
This is an important method for customer segmentation. I missed this method in the dictionary. Maybe it is in there unde (...)
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What is Strategy?
If creativity is making the complicated simple, then we can see strategy as the process of transforming creativity into (...)
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Standardization: Tactic or Strategy?
Question, is standardization a strategy or a tactic and why? (...)
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Is Strategy Development a 'Chaotic' Process?
According to Stacey (1993) 'organisations are complex adaptive systems and the patterns in the actions of organisations, (...)
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What Makes a Person Into a Strategist?
It is really difficult to become a strategist without having the personality / behavior that makes a person into a strat (...)
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What is a Strategy?
Unless a definition of "a strategy" is agreed upon by those who will have to use it and act by it, no "strategic plannin (...)
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The Role of the Board of Directors in the Strategy Process
If strategy is to guide the organization, then it certainly must be guided by what by law, if not actual fact, is the or (...)
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