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12manage é uma plataforma global de conhecimento em gestão e administração de negócios. Em 12 idiomas e em 12 disciplinas.

  • Tudo o que você precisa aprender sobre gestão.

  • Encontre rapidamente soluções e dicas para cada problema de gerenciamento.

  • Discuta situações com gerentes, consultores e acadêmicos.

  • Eduque-se em administração de empresas e gestão de negócios.


Métodos de Gestão e Modelos de Gestão

Mudança e Organização

14 princípiosBPRChaos TheoryKaizen mais...

Comunicações e Habilidades

Attribution TheoryCoachingSeven HabitsStrategy Maps mais...

Tomada de Decisão e Avaliação

Discounted Cash FlowMind MappingStage-GateWACC mais...


Ética e Responsabilidade

Intrinsic Stakeholder CommitmentMoral PurposeStrategic Intent mais...

Finanças e Investimentos

ABCCAPMEarnings per ShareEBITDAEVAManagement Buy-out mais...

Recursos Humanos

Expectancy TheoryHierachy of NeedsTheory X Theory Y mais...


Conhecimento e Ativos Intangíveis

Balanced ScorecardBridging EpistemologiesIAM SECI mais...


ContingencyTheoryLeadership StylesSituational Leadership mais...

Marketing e Vendas

Brand PersonalityMarketing mixProduct Life CycleRelationship Marketing mais...


Gerenciamento de Projetos e Programas

Force Field AnalysisSix Change Approaches mais...

Estratégia e Inovação

7-S FrameworkBCG MatrixVantagem de o competidorCore CompetenceCinco Forças mais...

Cadeia de Fornecimento e Qualidade

Deming CycleSix SigmaSERVQUALValue Chain mais...

Tópicos Recentes

Boa Fonte de Pesquisa para Consultores de Gestão  |  Que é o Marketing  |  DICE - Contagem do Tempo  |  Utilização do CAGR para Crescimento de Vendas Físicas  |  Prazo Aceitavel para Break Even Point


Opiniões sobre o 12manage. Qual é a sua opinião sobre o 12manage?

Qual é a sua opinião sobre o 12manage?


Ótima Ferramenta de Gestão para Estudantes de Administração
Este site me apareceu em uma das melhores horas, sou estudante de Administração, estou no quarto período do curso, o pouco que pude navegar nesse site, pude ver que proporciona aos estudantes Universi...
Excelente Site para o Desenvolvimento Profissional de Gerentes
Excelente site para o nosso desenvolvimento profissional, gostei bastante das informações contidas. Sou professor universitário e muitas informações são excelentes para dinamizar as aulas....
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Excelente Site para Preparar Aulas para Gestão e Administração
Excelente site para pesquisar e desenvolver habilidades e competências profissionais nas áreas de gestão. Utilizo para preparar aulas para alunos dos cursos de administração....
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🔥 NOVO Boa Fonte de Pesquisa para Consultores de Gestão
Acho o 12manage um muite bom lugar para pesquisar sobre metodologias e ferramentas uteis para a gestão. Minha única observação é que deveriam haver mais formas de filtrar, como metodologias adicionada...
Dynamic Source of Management Knowledge and Wisdom
I find 12manage a very different model of propagation of knowledge and wisdom. It is useful, refreshing, different and always giving something new. A traditional pedagogic education has advantages as...
21 comentários
Premium Membership of 12manage is Fantastic
I have also taken up the 12manage premium membership for 6 months and feel ecstatic to have access to even more interesting and relevant resources and material....
21 comentários
12manage is Highly Relevant for Practicing Managers
It is a forum of practising managers - unlike others which are indulged in theoritical jargon which rarely works in a practical situation....
37 comentários
Splendid for Management Consultants
Splendid is the word to describe 12manage. I have always argued against Francis Bacon's submission that 'Knowledge is power'. Knowledge is power only when profitably and successful applied. The capac...
47 comentários
Exceptional Management Content
12manage is a wonderful site. Thank you so much for creating this forum. The content is exceptional and the bantering between members on so many diverse business topics is educational and entertaining...
17 comentários
12manage Very Helpful Sources for MBA Students
12manage has helped me to do better in my MBA program because I get all I want from 12manage thanks so much......
38 comentários
Great Management Forums
12manage is a genius idea and in my opinion a great success on the net in the area of management forums. For me it is definitely the best in terms of content....
37 comentários
Great Continuous Learning Site on Management
I like to share my knowledge and in doing so, I learn more. With this perspective, I am drawn closely to and its efforts in online learning and sharing and spreading knowledge....
22 comentários
Exchange Managerial Knowledge Globally
I want to congratulate you for this terrific initiative that is join and move managerial knowledge around the world. The experience and acquaintance exchanging will certainly bring news horizons to ma...
29 comentários
Fantastic Tool for Management Executives
Thanks for providing such an intriguing online management learning website for managers and executives! The articles and discussion topics are very interesting and educative....
17 comentários
A Dream for All Lovers of Management and Administration
A unique site, the dream of all lovers of administration and management. This is my way to thank for it in the middle of as much information and as much experience. My greater recognition for this wor...
5 comentários
Best Management Science Open Knowledge Base
I've been an attendee of 12manage for about 1,5 years. To be honest, 12manage is the best 'management science' open knowledge base of its kind, both for its structuring and professional contents. Cong...
10 comentários
12manage, many thanks...!
Warm wishes to Jaap and the 12manage team. The site is incredible. This virtual platform is the meeting of "great minds", if I may call it, in a common venue. The site covers most of the management th...
6 comentários
Incredibly Useful Social Network for Managers
12manage is simply awesome! It stands out from any other network I belong to: valuable insights, great advice from other professionals, site's ease-of-use and, more importantly, a content refresher, a...
19 comentários
Key Role of 12manage in Facilitating Management Sciences Globally
Since I have been a member of this global and unique network of managers, business students, academics, and professionals, I have realised that 12manage plays a key important role as globalized academ...
5 comentários
A Compendium of Knowledge
I see 12manage as a compendium of knowledge, a didactic rendezvous packaged in a modest and compelling village square pattern of ideas such that anyone who cares to learn can readily have access to wh...
7 comentários
Excellent Source for Preparing any Management Project
12manage is an excellent resource to prepare for the use of a management approach or concept in some business project. There is a summary of all major concepts and you can contribute and raise issues...
3 comentários
Contributing to 12manage is Fun
I enjoy contributing to 12manage and appreciate your efforts in creating this forum for practitioners like myself to share thoughts and ideas. I like to support 12manage through adding comments and gi...
3 comentários
Great E-Learning Platform on Business and Management
A great e-learning network on management and/or business. Glad to be sharing know-how and meeting you here!...
14 comentários
12manage Gives Quick Access to your Interest Area
What I like so far is the seamless interface to one's specialty... Compared to other business networks. What's crucial is "time"... I like the fact I can get in and out of this portal (12manage) quick...
7 comentários
12manage Very Good PhD / Research Source
12manage is a very good research engine that can give you unconventional understanding of various topics. Once you become a member, you'll always be looking forward to share your very fresh thoughts a...
17 comentários
12manage Highly Recommended for Teachers, Lecturers and Professors
Excellent. Recommended for those who teach or research in organizational field. As a lecturer I will use these summaries for developing our teaching materials in the class room, and as a researcher I...
18 comentários
Sounding Board for Management Ideas and Concepts
I am finding 12manage to an interesting sounding board for ideas and concepts. The remarkable thing I see is the global response rate is very good. And that you have thinking professionals as members....
13 comentários
12manage Also Helpful for Beginners
Besides for managers, students, academics, and experts, 12manage is also the greatest sharing and online education site for beginners in managing businesses and non-profit organizations....
4 comentários
Everybody Manages Each Day!
It is more than 5 years since I started with 12manage, I gained a lot of knowledge in different aspects of business and management terms and models. But not not only that, 12manage gave me chances to...
2 comentários
12manage is Hard to Find in Google
I stumbled across this site when googling a theorist for my MBA - why could I not find it earlier as it is an ace at getting information in a quick format without having to trail through the libraries...
4 comentários
Learn Management from Many Perspectives
12manage lets me learn different perspectives and trends in M. I have found some of the entries and comments on managing useful. They allow me to check my knowledge and add to it. Reading the differ...
6 comentários
12manage Reveals and Helps with the Complexity of Management
I find the website most intriguing in that the points raised quite often seem simple at first glance, but are then exposed as being significantly more complex in reality by the contributors. This is...
2 comentários
Great Sources for University Students
As a university student, I found 12manage's explanations about finance concepts enabled me to think about homework problems differently. The additional insight offered by other members enhanced my per...
15 comentários
12manage Encourages Learning on Management
12manage is a tool that encourages learning at the comfort of your home. The wealth of experiences and knowledge it exposes one to on a daily basis is out of this world... It invites you to daily rese...
1 comentários
Management Education for Those with Lower Financial Capacity
I love the concept of 12manage. It brings management education to the reach of those with lower financial capacity. That is impressive in my opinion. Well done....
Methodologies for Managing Different Situations
12manage is a good help to understand that there are structured methodologies for managing different situations and what skills are needed....

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