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What Makes a Leader Effective or Not?
Please help me with this question: What makes a leader (whether in business or elsewhere) effective or not? Thank you. (...)
2 reactions
Where Should I Begin?
Dear all, I am a newbie in forum. Now I am an IT engineer and I want to explore these related documents or (...)
5 reactions
Efficiency and Effectiveness of an Organisation
Does the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation depends on the people who are in an existing organization? Than (...)
5 reactions
Supply Chain Management Courses
As a Logistics Sales Planner at Friesland Campina Wolvega I am looking for a course that learns me more about Supply Cha (...)
4 reactions
Participative Management
I'd like to see information on all aspects of participative management and quotes on participative management please. (...)
1 reactions
How to Manage in Case of a Disaster?
Bonjour, I am looking for a guide on what executive managers should do in case a disaster hits their company. What are t (...)
1 reactions
Sports Management Best Practices and Ideas
Hello. I'm a student of Lomonosov Moscow State University and currently writing a final qualifying work. The work's fiel (...)
1 reactions
Mathematical Model for Success
What would be mathematical model for success in everything in life? Considering every aspect of life form present to fu (...)
1 reactions
🔥 NEW Marketing Models, Methods, Theories and Strategies
What is the difference between Marketing Models, Methods and Theories and Strategies? (...)
3 reactions

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