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Mission: To achieve the Vision
Sean Smith
How's this for a novel approach. Every organisation, the world over, has the same Mission. It's simply 'To achieve the Vision'....Sign up

Vision and Mission
Barad, Contract Advisor, United Arab Emirates, Member
I agree with this statement, although the way it was constructed makes the issue seem simple and straight forward. Which neither one of them are....Sign up

I Agree but put it Differently …
Julius Nyangaga, Consultant, Kenya, Member
The Mission is ‘How you intend to achieve the V...Sign up

Mission and Vision
Rapiah Mohamed
Mission statement is similar to beliefs control system. It is something that organisation wants to use to inspire its employees to achieve its objecti...Sign up

Missions & Mantras
Julian Beggs
I really like the approach of Guy Kawasaki to the whole thing: blog.guykawasaki.com/2006/01/mantras_versus_.html He takes a mission statement like “Th...Sign up

Mission and Vision
Nelson Waweru, Manager, Kenya, Member
I like Julian's analysis. In other words A MISSION defines your existence. What makes you different from others? On the other hand, a VISION...Sign up

Mission & Vision are Different
Amey Bhide
Vision is a very high level goal (dream), the way a visionary will want his dream to take shape.
Mission is anything and everything one does (act...Sign up

Mission & Vision
Sallmann, Manager, Belgium, Member
Could we summarize as follows: vision is the state considered as a success of the predefined purpose, and mission is the route to reach this state?...Sign up

Mission versus Vision
karan thakur, Consultant, India, Member
Vision clarifies "where we are going", whilst mission clarifies "what we are doing"......Sign up

Vision and Mission
Co van Leeuwen, Business Consultant, Netherlands, Member
To me a good mission describes the value and the way you deliver the value to your customer.
Vision is about how this value is going to change in...Sign up

Vision and Mission
John Henry, Manager, United States, Member
To me, the visioning process is the way to get the entire company looking toward the same goal, striving for the same end point. A clear vision is ...Sign up

Mission and Vision
Manu Bashir, Business Consultant, Ghana, Member
To me a mission statement tell a lot about what an organisation is set up to do or provide. It establishes the purpose of existence and seeks t...Sign up

Vision and Mission
Azhar Kazmi, Professor, Saudi Arabia, Member
My vision is what I want to be. Mission is what I am doing / want to do to be what I want to be....Sign up

Vision and Mission
william burckson, CEO, Ghana, Member
Mission essentially addresses the question why? The reason for an entity or a person. Vision tackles how an entity or person will look like when the m...Sign up

Vision and Mission
Warren Miller, CFA, CPA, United States, Member
Most folks here have the 'vision' side of the issue down pat. The mission side, however, is all over the map. Some are making it too complicated, and ...Sign up

Vision and Mission
Alan Kennedy
I make the case in my book, The Alpha Strategies, that vision a...Sign up

Difference Between Vision and Mission
Nay Min Aye, Teacher, Myanmar, Member
Vision and mission are different, vision is a desired future state of a person or organization and mission is what the person or organization does to ...Sign up

Of Course NOT Every Company Should Have the Same Mission Statement!
Warren Miller, CFA, CPA, United States, Member
Only people with no clue about the definition of 'mission' would make a statement that dumb. A mission statement comprises three components:
1. T...Sign up


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