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O 7-Ps ou o Extended Marketing Mix de Booms e de Bitner são uma ferramenta introduzindo no mercado da estratégia que expanda o número de variáveis controllable dos quatro no modelo original do marketing mix a sete.

Uso do Extended Marketing Mix

O modelo tradicional do marketing mix era dirigido primeiramente e útil para produtos tangible. O modelo 7-Ps é mais útil para indústrias de serviços e arguably também para circunstâncias conhecimento-intensive.

3 p extra

Booms e Bitner adicionaram os seguinte 3 picosegundos adicionais ao marketing mix original:

  1. Povos: Todos os povos que são envolvidos diretamente ou indiretamente no consumo de um serviço são uma parte importante do Extended Marketing Mix. Os trabalhadores de conhecimento, os empregados, a gerência e os consumidores frequentemente adicionam o valor significativo ao produto total ou prestam serviços de manutenção a oferecer.
  2. Processo: O procedimento, os mecanismos e o fluxo das atividades por que os serviços são consumidos (processos da gerência do cliente) são um elemento essencial da estratégia do marketing.
  3. Evidência física: A abilidade e as circunstâncias em que o serviço é entregado. Ambos os bens tangible que ajudam se comunicar e executam o serviço, e a experiência intangível de clientes existentes e a abilidade do negócio de relay essa satisfação de cliente aos clientes potenciais.

Primeiro dois mais picosegundos são explícitos (povos, processo) e terceiro (evidência física) é um fator implícito.

Booms e Bitner sugerem também que o lugar em uma companhia serviço-orientada inclui a acessibilidade do serviço, e que o Promotion em uma companhia serviço-orientada inclui a entrada do pessoal de serviço front-line.

Livro: Nirmalya Kumar - Marketing As Strategy

Livro: David A. Aaker - Strategic Marketing Management

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Use only P's that can be Controlled / Influenced!
Please, when deciding on any P in the marketing mix, it is key to remind marketers to focus on the ability to control the P. Perception is not controllable, but may be influenced by package, product ...
Extra Marketing Mix P - Publicity
Publicity and public relations will also be an extra P in the present day scenario as this will get more professionalised. Corporate image building etc has to be enhanced to attract customers....
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7 P's or Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Maybe we should just be focusing on the things that give our organisations sustainable competitive advantage. This could be anything the organisation has, has access to or that is happening within the...
Extra Marketing Mix P - Performance
I think that performance is the only criteria for judgement pertaining to success or failure. The product performance can be encapsulated on the content of how much value satisfaction is being derived...
Extra Marketing Mix P: Patience
I think in service industry patience is utmost important, because whatever organisation is offering they are intangible things and if it failes to perform (which is often the case), buyer and seller b...
Keep Marketing Plan Simple
Use the most suited P's of the marketing mix for the marketing plan. Using all or too many could complicate the plan. Keep the plan as simple as possible, as it's easier to implement for us, and easie...
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Alternate 7 Ps instead of Those of the Extended Marketing Mix
Proper Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance......
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Extra Marketing Mix P: Planning
An extra P that should be considered is Planning. Planning is involved in each step of the 4P 's or 7P's......
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3 Extra Marketing Mix P's for the Changing World
Planet, Privacy and Poverty are another three P's that I suggest need careful strategies. All these topics materially affect the way in which products and services are produced. They reflect the orien...
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Extra Marketing Mix P - Perception
A possible 9th P could be 'Perception' of interested groups of people, primarily the Customers....
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Extra Marketing Mix P: Positioning
We should add another P: Positioning......
Extra Marketing Mix P - Politics
This P's has grt power and influences the very basics of marketing..What say?...
Marketing Mix - when to choose what??
I think the whole process of marketing revolves around these 7 Ps, but what is more important is to analyze the internal and external environments, your strengths and weaknesses, and then prioritize h...
Extra Marketing Mix P: Power
Physical Power acquired by a company from one of its resources can not be overlooked as a strong P....
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Extra Marketing Mix P - Principles
There is a basic misunderstanding by some of the commentators. The Ps are internal factors in control of the business and an error in one of them can cause failure of the whole mix. For example get th...
Extra Marketing Mix P - Product Innovation
To be successful in the market,every company should concentrate on Product Innovation that best suit the customers. Many companies are spending a huge sum in new innovation....
Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing
Service-Dominant Logic is a new logic in marketing in which a service view substitutes the traditional, historic goods view. Service-Dominant (S-D) Logic is a mindset for a unified understanding of t...
Addition of PEOPLE to the Marketing Mix is Important
Indeed the extended 3Ps are important, especially PEOPLE. They are perhaps the most unreliable "P". By including it in the marketing mix, people can understand the market in a better way....
Extra Marketing Mix P: Positive
I suggest to add an 8P to the marketing mix: POSITIVE that stands for: Positive Marketing (Market Sustainability). I believe Positive Marketing can contribute to business' social responsibility, envi...

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🥇 From 7 P's to 7 C's of Marketing
Anyone who has taken a marketing course learned about the 4Ps and later 7Ps of Marketing. They are Place, Price, Promotion, Product. Later People, Physical Evidence and Process were added. However, t...
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🥈 What is Physical Evidence in Extended Marketing Mix?
I've read and re-read the meaning of Physical Evidence but it's still gobbledigook. "The ability and environment in which the service is delivered": Who can give some further explanation and examples...
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🥉 Which Marketing Mix P is most Important? Prioritising the 7 P's...
Could someone please prioritise the 7 P's for me in order of importance?...
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When Should we Use the Extended Marketing Mix (7Ps) instead of the Traditional Marketing Mix (4Ps)?
Basically you could just go away with the 4Ps even when it comes to the services, however just having those 7Ps in mind is a good idea, but its not really something to focus on. The Physical Evidence...
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Extra Marketing Mix P - Packaging
Another P should be added - Packaging. The rationale is that it is very important how the product is presented to the customer, and the packaging is often the first contact that a customer has with a ...
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P's of marketing mix
Why we are stuck in the web of P's only? Just to continue with the single alphabet will not solve the problem...we have another 25 alphabets ...and marketing can be known by combining all of them...an...
Is the Customer Always Right?
1. The customer is always right. 2. The customer comes second. Which position do you agree with? Why?...
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Extra Marketing Mix P - Pace
How about Pace? I.e. The speed of introduction of new products. Won't pace be a factor to be considered to get the First Mover Advantage? Marketing success is a function of Pace in a big way....
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What about Customers??
Sometimes I think marketers can get too hanged up with theories, that we forget the ' Customer Experience'. Though it doesn't start with a "P" per say but essentially they are the core of the Marketin...
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Mindmap of Extended Marketing Mix

Mindmap of Extended Marketing Mix....

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