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Should Executives Become More Strategic?
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
A while ago we had 2 interesting discussions at 12manage "Strategic Planning must be Dynamic" and "Developing an Agile Top Management Team". I was made aware of a recent article by McKinsey consultants Birshan and Kar who argue that top executives should become more strategic.
The beginning of the article - rightly - states that that even in today's fast-changing competitive environment, companies still have to timely:
- Capture emerging opportunities
- React to unexpected threats
- Make correct and timely decisions
In other words, corporations need strategic agility. To achieve this, the authors suggest to increase the TIME spent on strategy, involving MORE (top) executives in the strategy process, and also to encourage them to CONSTANTLY DEVELOP their strategic capabilities.

The article gives 3 ...Sign up

How a Decision Maker can Become More Strategic...
Bahri, Consultant, Germany, Member
Feeling the change... is one of the most important features a manager more specifically a decision maker should have.
But for that he should con...Sign up

3 Suggestions to Help Executives to Become More Strategic
Bernard Liebowitz PhD CMC, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Three suggestions in this cause:
- First, create a department devoted to research on disruptive and/or new technology, events, customer ne...Sign up

Everybody Must Become More Strategic
jorge anibal hoyos hoyos, Manager, Colombia, Member
Not only the executives, but all employees at all levels must work focused in a strategic way, everybody must think of creating value all the t...Sign up

What Does 'Strategic' Mean? That's the Issue
Alan Kennedy
I wonder if we have a common understanding of what the question "Should Executives Become More Strategic" even means. That's the whole problem, isn't ...Sign up

Using Scenario Planning for Tactics or Strategy
Dr Gary Jones, Business Consultant, Australia, Member
The ongoing fortunes of the firm is reliant on the decisions of management - or its tactics - to reach the goals of the firms strategy. The strategy (...Sign up

Continually Form, Review and then Re-form Strategy Essential for Executives
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
My area of expertise is small business. This subject applies more specifically to corporate business, but also has relevance in the small business fie...Sign up

Team of Executives Must be Aligned to the Commom Strategic Core of the CEO
John Mafela Dube (MBA,CMILT,MZIM,MIAMZ), Student (University), Zimbabwe, Member
Times, they are changing. Technological changes now affect every aspect of business operations and demand a robust way of execution.
This will o...Sign up

A Lot of Strategic Work is Dominated by Old Timers
leonard haggai oduori, Project Manager, Kenya, Member
The challenge is not every manager is prophetic or has capacity to predict future opportunities and problems. So some top managers need to acce...Sign up

Involving More People in Strategy
S Ganapathy, Management Consultant, India, Member
In India, especially in rural places, there often are light music performances by a small group of musicians. Anybody in the audience sends the reques...Sign up

Should Senior Executives Become More Strategic?
Jan Emerton
Looking at the recent spate (Editor ~abundance) of business failures in the UK (Comet, HMV, Blockbuster), it seems clear that the senior management of...Sign up

Should Senior Executives Be More Strategic
Mohammed Al-Kharusi, Director, Member
The tips offered are very valid and practised in many companies. Strategies should be reviewed annually to see whether the implementation is working o...Sign up

Office of Strategy Management (OSM)
Kelepile Dintwe, Manager, South Africa, Member
@Bernard Liebowitz PhD CMC: I agree with you. The O...Sign up

How to Identify Strategic Thinkers Among Executives
Alessandro Gomes, Member
@John Dube: I agree with my colleague. There's a way that we can use to identify strategic thinking executivesSign up

Strategy is not an End, it is the Means to an End
Purna Chandra, Business Consultant, India, Member
As an executive moves up on the corporate ladder, he has to develop a strategic vision and strategic t...Sign up

Strategic Thinking and Behavior
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
An interesting topic that I would think is at the top of every executives "must" list.
Everyone in my organization must posses this strategic thi...Sign up

Strategic Thinking in the Executive Team
T. Bredewold, Netherlands, Member
Make it simple. Put one off your lower staff in your team, you will be surprised. This way the thinking is less complicated. Now I see a small laugh o...Sign up

Executives Should Be More Strategic
Alice Oludhe, HR Consultant, Kenya, Member
Being strategic helps CEOs to steer their organizations to be more innovative. The organization will be able to enjoy Sign up

Strategy is Part of the Culture of an Organisation
Riphagen, Financial Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Strategy is part of the culture of an organisation, so if there is the need for more strategic agility in a fast changing environment, the top executi...Sign up

Strategic Executices can Share the Burden of Localized Strategies
Kathleen Brush, Business Consultant, United States, Member
To create plans that can't lose today you must have executives that understand that opportunities and threats (O&Ts) vary by country and/or reg...Sign up

Strategic Planning is for Strategic Moments
Denis Hitchens, Business Consultant, Australia, Member
Steve Jobs, in reply to a question about annual strategic planning, responded that he only created a strategic plan at a strategic moment. (Editor: se...Sign up

Should Executives Become More Strategic?
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India, Member
My understanding about 'Top Executives' is they are part of the 'Board of Directors' and about 'Executives' they are members of the 'Senior Management...Sign up

Should Executives Be More Strategic?
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
The answer is a big YES. Executives can no longer depend on short term or tactical moves in planning and operating an enterprise. Competition is becom...Sign up

Laying out the Plan and Implementing the Plan
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Madan Gopal Agarwal: I feel that this response simply adds to the confusion. In life there will always be degrees ...Sign up

Executives Working on Strategy
Jolanta Sz, Professor, Poland, Member
First of all, I am doubtful about strategy itself. Often executives declare that they are working on, let's say, 1 or 2 years strategy. This, because ...Sign up

All Employees Should be More Strategic
Erasmus Agongo, Management Consultant, Ghana, Member
@jorge anibal hoyos hoyos: I agree. It is not only a big YES that senior management should be more strategic, but t...Sign up

Executives Becoming More Strategic has 2 Aspects
GEOFFREY NYAMBANE, Manager, Kenya, Member
Executives becoming more strategic as defined herein is only concentrating on the aspects of planning and reviewing. Being strategic in implementation...Sign up

Involve All Management Levels IS the Strategy
Ali M. Al Alawi, Student (Other), Sultanate of Oman, Member
If we can involve all management levels in strategy planning, that will be the most important strategic move and real strategy, because some managemen...Sign up

Strategy for More than 3 Years?
Istvan Szeman, Consultant, Hungary, Member
@ Jolanta Sz: Thanks for that comment, I agree to a great extent, with one note, nevertheless.
Strategy is cyc...Sign up

Executives Should Consult their Employees More on Strategy
Danai Muteyo, Financial Consultant, Zimbabwe, Member
@Bahri: I agree it's a must, strategy is not a prerogative of executives only. I've heard amazing new business stra...Sign up

Strategy Don't Produce, People Do
Hans Christiaan Meinen
Phd Coos van Tuinen lectured: 'Strategy don't produce, but people do'. The soft side (HRM) looks more beneficial for executives than more strategic ex...Sign up

Executives Should Become More Strategic
Karl Christensen, Strategy Consultant, Mexico, Member
Absolutely. There are executives that focus on the efficiency of operations. However, when they're having no strategic thinking skills and are not dev...Sign up

Should Executives Become More Strategic
Mackinnon, Entrepreneur, United Kingdom, Member
The adjective 'strategic' is used as though its meaning is abundantly clear when it is not. ALL management executives are involved in strategic thinki...Sign up

Executive Should Become More Strategic
Francesco Smeragliuolo, Analyst, Italy, Member
@KARL CHRISTENSEN: I totally agree. Sometimes I meet a CEO that has no strategic vision. And some executives are fo...Sign up

Involving More People in Strategy Planning
LEAH LYNDA I. STA ANA, Student (MBA), Philippines, Member
I agree to involve a large number of more strategic executives. However it would also be better that intended strategies are communicated first to emp...Sign up

Strategy and Suggestions Boxes
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
Every one of us makes our own strategy. Career path planning is strategy, tomorrows program is tactics. The power of Sign up

Managing Strategic Responsibilities
Karl Christensen, Strategy Consultant, Mexico, Member
The top management team is responsible for strategy formulation. But many managers and people at different levels are responsible for implementation. ...Sign up

Should Executives Be More Strategic
DAVIS JN LOUIS, Saint Lucia, Member
Strategic Planning is the fundamental decision and action that shapes and guide an organization to its goals and strategic direction. Team involvement...Sign up

Should Executives Be More Strategic?
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
@LEAH LYNDA I. STA ANA: The fact is in an institution the strategic thinkers/planners are normally found at the top...Sign up

Should Executives Be More Strategic?
Peter A.M. Broosus, Management Consultant, Germany, Member
Strategy making requires a lot of communication and thinking through the vast amount of information to master the meaning and the logic in it. ...Sign up

Meetings... the Hidden Strategies..
Bahri, Consultant, Germany, Member
@Peter A.M. Broosus: Behind the obsolete concept of "the meeting", which is seen from a lot of managers as an exclu...Sign up

Should Executives Be More Strategic?
Istvan Szeman, Consultant, Hungary, Member
@Peter A.M. Broosus: In agreement, to further analyse what you said:
Quality of people is a combination of sk...Sign up

Again About the Strategy
Jolanta Sz, Professor, Poland, Member
Although a lot of wise and well founded and reasonable remarks and opinions can be found in this interesting discussion about the present understandin...Sign up

Strategic Planning may be for Strategic Moments but not only for Top Executives
Istvan Szeman, Consultant, Hungary, Member
@Denis Hitchens: I certainly would keep in mind whatever Steve Jobs said about strategy, also agree with Denis expa...Sign up

Becoming More Strategic
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
The shift from tactical/operational to long-term process-system approach has become a necessity if an enterprise is to survive in a globally competiti...Sign up

Strategic Thinking and Planning
Bernard Liebowitz PhD CMC, Management Consultant, United States, Member
I think there is a distinction between "strategy" (or "strategic planning") versus "strategic thinking", though they do overlap considerably:
- T...Sign up

Tip #3 Developing Communication Tools & Skills
Alan Kennedy
For me, tip #3 offered by Birshan and Kar, (developing communication tools & skills) is the most important tip to become agile in strategy. I think mo...Sign up

Strategic Agility is an Outcome of Structural & Cultural Agility
Purna Chandra, Business Consultant, India, Member
While there is enough appreciation of strategic thinking and agility in strategy formulation, the real challenge is to build the structure and Ssystem...Sign up

Depth of Strategic Participation/Involvement
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
Strategic Planning has historically been an action directed by the Executive Leadership and Board of Directors. Seldom has it been fully implemented a...Sign up

Tip#3: Communications Tools and Skills
Istvan Szeman, Consultant, Hungary, Member
@Alan Kennedy: I fully aggree with you here, even though "just" building the execution mechanism for corporate stra...Sign up

Old Timers and the RC Factor
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Leonard haggai oduori: Hi there Leonard, while I appreciate your viewpoint I would counter with the following:
...Sign up

Culture is a Product of Strategy
Alan Kennedy
@Istvan Szeman: I understand your thinking. We make the case in our book that culture is a product of strategy; do...Sign up

Strategy in the Corporate World
LEAH LYNDA I. STA ANA, Student (MBA), Philippines, Member
Everyone in a corporate world whether you are an ordinary employee or you belong to the middle or topmanagement should not work harder, but smarter.Sign up

Abilities of Strategic Executives
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
Anyone in the executive/leadership position of any organization large or small should be both a strategic thinker as well as a tactical thinker.
...Sign up


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