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Definindo objetivos para empregados e direção de seu performance de encontro a estes objetivos. Explanação de Management by Objectives de Peter Drucker. ('54). SMART.


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Peter Drucker - Management by ObjectivesQue é Management by Objectives? Descrição

O MBO confia em definir dos objetivos para cada empregado e para comparar e dirigir então seu performance de encontro aos objetivos que foram ajustados. Aponta aumentar o performance da organização combinando objetivos organizational com os objetivos dos subordinados durante todo a organização. Idealmente, os empregados recebem a entrada forte para identificar seus objetivos, tempo alinham para a conclusão, etc.
O MBO inclui seguir contínuo dos processos e fornecer o gabarito para alcançar os objetivos.

Peter Drucker

Management by Objectives foi esboçado primeiramente por Peter Drucker em 1954 em seu livro “a prática da gerência”. De acordo com Drucker as gerente devem evitar “a armadilha da atividade”, começando envolvida assim em suas atividades do dia a dia que se esquecem de seu finalidade ou objetivo principal. Um dos conceitos do MBO era aquele em vez apenas de algumas alto-gerente, todas as gerente de uma empresa deve participar no processo do planeamento estratégico, a fim melhorar o implementability da planta. Um outro conceito de Management by Objectives era, esse gerente deve executar uma escala dos sistemas do performance, que são projetados ajudar à organização funcionar bem. Claramente, Management by Objectives enlata seja visto assim como um predecessor de Value Based Management.

Princípios de Management by Objectives

  • Ser conectado em cascata de objetivos e de objetivos organizational,

  • Objetivos específicos para cada membro,

  • Tomada de decisão Participative,

  • Período de tempo explícito, e

  • A avaliação de performance e fornece o gabarito.

Management by Objectives introduziu também o método do SMART para verificar a validez dos objetivos, que devem ser “SMART”:

  • Específico

  • Measurable

  • Achievable

  • Realístico, e

  • Time-related.

Nos 90's, Peter Drucker pôs o significado deste método da gerência da organização no perspective, quando disse: “É justo uma outra ferramenta. Não é a cura grande para o inefficiency da gerência… Management by Objectives trabalha se você souber os objetivos, 90% do tempo onde você não.”

Fórum de Management by Objectives, SMART
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Advantages of Management by Objectives for the Organization

MBO has many benefits for the various parties concerned.
Some benefits of MBO for the organization are:
1. The effectiveness of the m...
Usage (application): Benefits of MBO at Firm Level

Advantages of Management by Objectives for the Employee

MBO has many benefits for the various parties concerned.
Some benefits of MBO for the employee are:
1. He knows what he has to do
Usage (application): Benefits of MBO for Employees

Advantages of Management by Objectives for the Manager

MBO has many benefits for the various parties concerned.
Some benefits of MBO for the manager are:
1. Motivates the subordinates
Usage (application): Benefits of MBO for Managers

Guidelines for Managing by Objectives

W. A. Danny developed 10 rules for MBO systems to be effective:
1. The boss must be devoted to and involved in the MBO program.
2. Goals mus...
Usage (application): Implementing Management by Objectives, Best Practices

How Management By Objectives Establishes Buy-In, Commitment and Engagement

The most critical obstacles in managing is none other than the buy-in or commitment of the team. Or what the newly fad term calls 'en...
Usage (application): Employee Participation

Other Versions of SMART Method: SMARTIE

We often use 2 extra terms in SMART and then call it SMARTIE:
- Inspiring
- Enthousiasm.
It puts the word SMART into another perspectiv...
Usage (application): MBO

Best Practices to Better Target Setting

In most organizations it is very common to specify organizational targets with the aim of increasing performance. This seems to be a successful way to...
Usage (application): Management by Objectives, SMART, Business Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard, KPIs, CSFs

Management by Dynamic Objectives (MBDO)

Normally MBO works with a particular time frame in mind. Over that period, various kinds of objectives are set and strived after, each achievable with...
Usage (application): Implementing a Flexible MBO System

Managing Intelligent People

Remember it's best to tell clever people WHAT you want, not HOW to do it...
You will find these people more responsive and less defensive if you ...
Usage (application): People Management

Fairness of Managers and Leaders: are Fair Leaders More Effective?

In many studies the relationship between fairness and effective leadership is studied. Managers and leaders are often responsible for decisions direct...
Usage (application): Management, Leadership, HR, Performance Appraisals

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Objectives Drucker


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Objectives Drucker


Smart Management


Objectives Drucker


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Objectives Drucker


Smart Management

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