Gestione delle Risorse Umane


Gestione delle Risorse Umane. Metodi, Modelli e Teorie (A-Z)

Gestione di Risorse Umane

14 Principii del Management di Fayol

Appreciative Inquiry (Inchiesta Elogiativa) Cooperrider

Ashridge Mission Model (Modello della Mission di Ashridge) Campbell

Attributi di Eccellenza della Gestione Peters

Attribution Theory (Teoria della Attribuzione) Heider

Balanced Scorecard Kaplan Norton

Belbin Team Roles (Ruoli del Team di Belbin)


Bridging Epistemologies (Collegare le Epistemologie) Cook Brown

Catalytic Mechanisms (Meccanismi Catalitici) Collins

Change Approaches (Approcci al Cambiamento) Kotter

Change Behavior (Comportamenti del Cambiamento) Ajzen

Change Equation (Equazione del Cambiamento) Beckhard

Change Management Iceberg

Change Phases  (Fasi del Cambiamento) Kotter

Changing Organization Cultures (Cambiare la Cultura Organizzativa) Trice Beyer


Competing Values Framework (Struttura dei Valori Competenti) Quinn

Core Competence Hamel Prahalad

Core Group Theory (Teoria del Gruppo Centrale) Art Kleiner

Crisis Management (Gestione delle Crisi)

FCS Rockart

Cultural Dimensions (Dimensioni Culturali) Hofstede

Cultural Intelligence (Intelligenza Culturale) Early

Culture Levels (Livelli Culturali) Schein

Tipi Culturali Deal Kennedy

Customer Satisfaction Modello di Kano

Dimensions of Change (Dimensioni del Cambiamento) Pettigrew Whipp

Dimensions of Relational Work (Dimensioni del Lavoro Relazionale) Butler

Distinctive Capabilities (Capacita`Distintive) Kay

Economic Value Added EVA


Emotional Intelligence (Intelligenza Emotiva) Goleman

ERG Theory Alderfer

Expectancy Theory (Teoria della Aspettativa) Vroom

Experience Curve (Curva di Apprendimento)

Exploratory Factor Analysis (Analisi Fattoriale Esplorativa)

Stili di Facilitazione Heron

Five Disciplines (Cinque Discipline) Senge

Force Field Analysis (Analisi del Campo di Forza) Lewin

Fourteen Points of Management (Quattordici Punti del Management) Deming

Groupthink (Pensiero di Gruppo) Janis

Growth Phases (Fasi di Crescita) Greiner

Modello del Potere Personale di Hagberg

Hawthorne Effect (Effetto Hawthorne) Mayo

Hierarchy of Needs (Gerarchia dei Bisogni) Maslow

Human Capital Index (Indice del Capitale Umano) HCI

Instrumental Approach of Stakeholder Theory (Approccio Strumentale della Teoria dello Stakeholder)

Intangible Assets Monitor (Controllo delle Attività Intangibili) Sveiby

Intellectual Capital Rating (Valutazione del Capitale Intellettuale)

Intrinsic Stakeholder Commitment (Impegno Intrinseco degli Stakeholder)

Johari Window (Finestra di Johari) Luft Ingham

Kaizen philosophy (Filosofia Kaizen)

Knowledge Management (Gestione della Conoscenza) Collison Parcell

IPC Rockart

Leadership Continuum

Leadership Pipeline Drotter

Leadership Styles (Stili di Leadership) Goleman

Learning Organization Argyris Schön

Management by Objectives (Gestione per Obiettivi) Drucker

Managerial Grid Blake Mouton

Managing for Value McTaggart


Normative Approach of Stakeholder Theory (Approccio Normativo della Teoria dello Stakeholder)

Office of Strategy Management (Ufficio di Gestione della Strategia) Kaplan Norton

Operations Research (Ricerca Operativa)

Organizational Configurations (Configurazioni Organizzative) Mintzberg

Organizational Learning (Apprendimento Organizzativo) Argyris Schön

Organizational Memory (Memoria Organizzativa) Walsh Ungson

Organization Chart (Organigramma)


PAEI management roles (ruoli manageriali PAEI)

Path-Goal Theory (Teoria Percorso-Obiettivo) House


Performance Categories Baldrige

Performance Prism (Prisma delle Performance)

Portfolio Analysis (Analisi del Portafoglio)

Result Oriented Management (Gestione Orientata ai Risultati)

Results-Based Leadership (Leadership Basata sui Risultati) Ulrich

Gestione Scentifica Taylor

Seven Habits (I Sette Pilastri del Successo) Covey

Situational Leadership (Leadership Situazionale) Hersey Blanchard

Skandia Navigator Leif Edvinsson

SMART Drucker

Social Intelligence

Spiral Dynamics (Dinamiche a Spirale) Graves

Stages of Team Development (Fasi di Sviluppo del Gruppo) Tuckman

Stakeholder Value Perspective (Prospettive di Valore per gli Stakeholder)

Strategic Intent (Intento Strategico) Hamel Prahalad

Strategic Stakeholder Management (Gestione Strategica degli Stakeholder)

Strategy Map (Mappe Strategiche) Kaplan Norton

Systems Thinking / Dynamics (Pensiero Sistemico/Dinamica) Forrester

Aggiungi un metodo/modello

Team Management Profile (Profilo del Team Management) Margerison McCann

Ten Principles of Reinvention (Dieci Principii di Reinvenzione) Osborne

Theory of Constraints (Teoria dei Vincoli) Goldratt

Theory of Mechanistic and Organic Systems  (Teoria del Sistemi Meccanicistici ed Organici) Burns

Theory of Needs (Teoria dei Bisogni) McClelland

Theory of Planned Behavior (Teoria del Comportamento Pianificato) Ajzen

Theory of Reasoned Action (Teoria della Azione Ragionata) Ajzen Fishbein

Teoria X Teoria Y McGregor

Teoria Z Ouchi

Training Within Industry

Two Factor Theory (Teoria dei Due Fattori) Herzberg

Value Based Management

Value Creation Index

Value Mapping Jack

Value Profit Chain (Catena del Profitto) Heskett

Whole Brain Model Herrmann


Gestione delle Risorse Umane Forum
  Schein e Gestione delle Risorse Umane
Secondo E. Schein la Gestione delle Risorse Umane si concretizza nell’insieme dei processi negoziali tra l’organizzazione e gli individui.. Le varie attività che caratterizzano l’area della gestione delle risorse umane (analisi del carico di lavoro i...
  Definizione di Gestione delle Risorse Umane
Sto cercando una buona definizione di GRU… Wikipedia dice che la Gestione delle Risorse Umane è il metodo strategico e coerente per la gestione delle attività di maggior valore di un'organizzazione - la gente che ci lavora, chi individualmente e coll...
  Modelli di Selezione…
Vorrei conoscere i principali Modelli di Selezione del Personale usati nella pratica della GRU? Fornite per favore Nome, Autore e Riassunto. Grazie…!...
  Upcoming HR Trend: Retirement of Baby Boomers
I watched a recent news item by CBC Canada on the upcoming retirement tsunami of the Baby Boomer Generation (1946-1964). May or may not be good news for generations X and Y.
The experts referenced noted that many companies are replacing full-tim...
  Impact of Fallen Oil Prices on HR Policy
In my country, as a result of falling oil prices, a number of private and public-sector organizations (especially those in the resource sector) are reviewing their revenues, future budgets and workforce.
If your budget and/or revenues were being...
  Salary Policy on Natural Disasters ('Acts of Nature')
Dear All, I recently joined a non-profit organization, which deals in animal welfare. I am responsible for re-framing HR & Compliances policies as per current corporate benchmarks.
The organization deals mainly in project-based work assignments ...
  Should a HRM Organization be Different for Certain Industries or Sectors?
Is Human Resource Management industry agnostic? In other words, should a HR organization be designed differently for different industries or domains?
For example,
Should the HR design for an IT Services Organization be distinct?...
  Psychological Contract
What is a psychological contract? How can it be of help in the organization when the management of an organization understands the term psychological contract? How can it help them to improve the relationship they have with their employees? And how c...
  Job Evaluation Systems
Organizations use a range of simple (i.e. market comparison) to complex job evaluation systems (i.e. point factor) to determine the compensation for their positions.
In one organization I worked for, 1% was added to payroll every 5 years as a re...
  Crucial Things to Know for a Starting HR Manager
I am studying HR. What are the first few things which I should understand well if I become the HR manager of a company?...
  Analytical Model Used to Determine Numbers and Types of Staff
Does your organization use an organizational model where position ratios are predetermined by the number of FTE (Full Time Equivalents) and job types?
As an example: ten front-line workers require one supervisor, plus one secretary; every 10 fro...
  Ratio of Number of HR Positions to Staff Numbers
Based on my experience, the ratio of HR positions in an organization appears to vary from 1:50 to 1:250. I suspect that the ratio varies based on the organization's scope, size, complexity, and industry. There may also be other factors that influence...
  Differences of Human Resource Practices in Small and Large Organizations
What are the main differences between HR practices in a small versus a large firm? Thank you for your suggestions......
  New Employee Orientation
I am beginning with my master thesis. The subject is developing a New Employee Orientation (NEO) design:
- What topics should be included in NEO?
- Why is NEO an important issue to address?
- Who is responsible for NEO?
- Giving a...

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  Ideas for Improving HR Programs and HR Service Delivery
Related Learning
  Employee Induction, Orientation and Onboarding. Do they Mean the Same?
Hi all, the terms induction, orientation and on boarding are widely used when orientating new employees to the company and to the job. Is there a clear definition (somewhere in theory) of these terms or do they mean the same?...
  HR Challenges in the 21st Century
The current global economy appears to be a major challenge to organizations and job seekers. The difficulty in finding work is faced by many people, including young and older workers.
What do you see as the primary challenge for HR in the next 5...
  Favorite HR Phrases :-)
What is your best HR phrase?...
  Which Background is Preferable for a Manager?
Selecting candidates for a job is never easy. Certainly when we're talking about managers, considering they are going to play an important role in your organization...
What is the optimal manager profile... 
  Line Managers Knowledge in HR
(Why) Should all line managers have basic knowledge in HR?...
  Follow-up of Job Evaluation
My organisation carried out a job evaluation. We changed the grading structure and the salary structure. Long-serving employees are not satisfied, because they are on the same grade with new employees having the same qualifications (but no len...
  Human Resources Management: Art or Science?
Is the human resources management field a science or an art?...
  Introducing New Policies
Am working for a young company, I have been asked to come up with some policies which can be adopted to run a company. Policies on staff management and administration. Could anyone assist me please?...
  Multi Skilled, Proactive and Customer Focused Staff
In a constantly changing and ever more competitive environment, work organisations require multi skilled, proactive and customer focused staff in order to be successful. Please comment....
  Role of the HR Manager in the financial crisis
What is the role of the HR Manager in this global financial crisis and has it changed in past years to now?...
  Core functions of HR?
What are the core functions of human resource management? What should be considered its main purpose?...
  Methods to Create Task Descriptions
Hi! I search a method or a step of analysis to create descriptions of tasks. Can you help me?
Thank you!...
  Introduction of a HR System in a Family Business
I have been directed to set up a HR system in my company. Recently the management of the company has been switched over to a foreign owner.
I am facing tremendous problems to change the existing work culture to give a proper shape to the organi...
  HR as a Strategic Business Partner
I am carrying out a diagnosis on my organisation to find out how HR as a strategic business partner can lead to competitive advantage. Does anyone have an idea how to go about it?...
  Definition of Human Resources Management
I am looking for a good definition of HRM... Wikipedia says Human Resource Management is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively...

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