Gestione della Conoscenza e degli Intangibili

Studiare e apprendere Gestione della Conoscenza e degli Intangibili. Metodi, modelli e teorie (A-Z)

Gestione della Conoscenza e degli Intangibili

Acquisition Integration Approaches (Approcci per la Integrazione nelle Aquisizioni) Haspeslagh Jemison

Action Learning Revans

Ashridge Mission Model (Modello della Mission di Ashridge) Campbell

Balanced Scorecard Kaplan Norton

Bass Diffusion Modello Bass

Brand Asset Valuator

Brand Identity Prisma Kapferer

Brand Personality Aaker

Bridging Epistemologies (Collegare le Epistemologie) Cook Brown

Business Intelligence

Capability Maturity Model (Modello di Maturità delle Capacità) CMM

Centralizzazione e Decentralizzazione

Chaos Theory (Teoria del Caos) Lorenz

CMM model (modello CMM)

Contingency Theory (Teoria della Contingenza) Vroom

Core Competence Hamel Prahalad

Corporate Reputation Quotient (Quoziente di Reputazione Aziendale) Harris-Fombrun

Cost-benefits analysis (Analisi costi-benefici)

Customer Satisfaction Modello di Kano

Diamond Model (Modello del Diamante) Porter

Dimensions of Change (Dimensioni del Cambiamento) Pettigrew Whipp

Distinctive Capabilities (Capacita`Distintive) Kay

Earnings Per Share (Guadagni per Azione) EPS

Enterprise Architecture (Architettura di Impresa) Zachman

Stili di Facilitazione Heron

Growth Phases (Fasi di Crescita) Greiner

Hawthorne Effect (Effetto Hawthorne) Mayo

Hierarchy of Needs (Gerarchia dei Bisogni) Maslow

Human Capital Index (Indice del Capitale Umano) HCI

Impact/Value framework (Struttura Impatto/Valore) Hammer

Inclusive Value Measurement (Misurazione del Valore Inclusiva) IVM

Intangible Assets Monitor (Controllo delle Attività Intangibili) Sveiby

Intellectual Capital Rating (Valutazione del Capitale Intellettuale)

Johari Window (Finestra di Johari) Luft Ingham

Knowledge Management (Gestione della Conoscenza) Collison Parcell

Learning Organization Argyris Schön


Mergers and Acquisitions approaches (Metodi di Fusioni ed Acquisizioni)

Mind Mapping (Mappe Mentali)

OODA Loop Boyd

Organizational Learning (Apprendimento Organizzativo) Argyris Schön

Organizational Memory (Memoria Organizzativa) Walsh Ungson


Performance Categories Baldrige

Performance Prism (Prisma delle Performance)

PEST Analisi

Plausibility Theory (Teoria della Plausibilità)

Portfolio Analysis (Analisi del Portafoglio)

Posizionamento Trout


Pyramid Principle (Principio della Piramide) Minto

RAROC Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital

Real Options (Opzioni Reali) Luehrman

Resource-Based View Barney

Risk Management

Gestione Scentifica Taylor

SECI model Nonaka Takeuchi


Skandia Navigator Leif Edvinsson

Soft Systems Methodology (Metodologia dei Sistemi Soft) Checkland

Spiral Dynamics (Dinamiche a Spirale) Graves

Stakeholder Value Perspective (Prospettive di Valore per gli Stakeholder)

Strategic Alignment (Allineamento Strategico) Venkatraman

Strategic Risk Management (Gestione Strategica del Rischio) Slywotzky

Strategic Thrusts (Spinte Strategiche) Wiseman

Strategy Dynamics (Dinamiche della Strategia) Warren

Strategy Map (Mappe Strategiche) Kaplan Norton

TDC Matrice Internet

Team Management Profile (Profilo del Team Management) Margerison McCann

Ten Schools of Thought  (Le Dieci Scuole di Pensiero) Mintzberg

Theory of Mechanistic and Organic Systems  (Teoria del Sistemi Meccanicistici ed Organici) Burns

Aggiungi un metodo/modello

Total Cost of Ownership

Twelve Principles of the Network Economy (Dodici Principii della Network Economy) Kelly

Two Factor Theory (Teoria dei Due Fattori) Herzberg

Value Based Management

Value Creation Index

Value Mapping Jack

Value Profit Chain (Catena del Profitto) Heskett

ValueReporting Framework PWC

VRIN Barney



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🔥 NUOVO Fasi di Sviluppo e Condivisione delle Conoscenze
Ho scoperto questo acronimo facile da ricordare: il modello DICK di Sanjay Anand. Evidenzia 4 fasi evolutive nella creazione e condivisione della conoscenza: 1. DATA/Dati - Raccolta o compilazione di...
Recognize/Reward People that are Sharing Knowledge
Knowledge is found everywhere in organizations. A successful organization has knowledge on how to use pertinent knowledge spread over different heads for the benefit of the organization. One of such ...
2 commenti
Importance of Knowledge Management. Value for Organizations
Companies face a paradigm shift: from productive management to talent management. Since the end of the 20th century to date, the main source of wealth creation has become knowledge. In organizational...
2 commenti
Is Business Education Useful?
25,000 new business books are published annually along with millions of business articles. Thousands of business schools graduate over a million MBA students each year. Still I wonder: is all this kn...
23 commenti
Definition of Knowledge Management (KM)
There is no exhaustive definition for knowledge management, as there is no crystal clear definition for the concept of knowledge. The mere use of information from various sources does not form the kno...
5 commenti
Knowledge Management Still Remains a Victim of Technology
I believe current knowledge management concepts still remain a victim of technologies particularly data and document management technologies. The rich reservoir of knowledge that is now accessible ove...
22 commenti
Business Schools and MBA - Value, PROs and CONs
Management researcher Yehuda Baruch has analyzed benefits and costs of MBA degrees. He classifies the impacts of an MBA in three categories: the individual level, company level and society as a whole...
14 commenti
Learning Effectively: Dale's Cone of Experience (Pyramid of Learning)
Confucius (±550 BC, Chinese philosopher) taught mankind: "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Perhaps this pearl of wisdom inspired Edgar Dale in 1947 to conceive ...
7 commenti
DICK and DICKS concept by Anand
I found out about this easy to remember acronym: the DICK model by Sanjay Anand. It highlights 4 evolutionary steps in knowledge creation and sharing: 1. Data - Collection or compilation of disorgani...
10 commenti
From Knowing to Finding and Using Information
I think we will soon see a big shift in learning from a focus on "knowing" information to a focus on "finding and using". This shift will mean that research methods and critical thinking will be most ...
10 commenti
Education and Learning Without a Degree
The education system has converted knowledge to a set of degrees which are put in hierarchy. Quite often it is so strong that we tend to assume that degree is knowledge. But a degree at best can be a ...
7 commenti
Sharing Environments in Knowledge Management
Knowledge management (KM) is a dynamic process. Information comes from various stakeholders but is often lost before something is done. If an organization offers a 'sharing environment', then some of ...
6 commenti
How to Make a Person Really Learn?
I think people often understand, and even comprehend the message of the lessons, but just a few really transform the lessons in deep learning and start putting them into practice. Teaching is not o...
2 commenti
Are Current Education Systems Stifling Initiative?
Has the standardisation and testing regime in schools, and the demise of the tutorial systems (small group intellectual questioning/challenging and rigour etc.) in universities produced team players w...
1 commenti
Knowledge Sharing in Projects
Please give me your proofread and your comments about the following text: In today's highly competitive global knowledge economy, all organizations need to manage projects effectively. Evidence from...
2 commenti
Imagination and Knowledge
As very rightly pointed out by Einstein, "Imagination" is more important than knowledge. It's simply because knowledge has limits, while imagination is unlimited. Most inventions come through the imag...
3 commenti
Does Education Lead to People Becoming more Selfish?
I have seen that nowadays people are more intellectual and concerned with education, acquiring more and more knowledge. But on the other side they are becoming more individual and selfish. It seems l...
3 commenti
The Value of your Knowledge, Skills and Experiences
How much are my knowledge, skills and experiences worth? This question was prompted today by a musician who requested and expected free marketing services for a concert. When he finally got an approx...

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🥇 Knowledge Capturing Process and Methods
Who can share a more detailed documentation on the knowledge capture process and methods?...
5 commenti

🥈 Conditions for Knowledge Management
Everyone speaks about knowledge management, what are the conditions that must be met? Why? Thank you....
22 commenti

🥉 Implementation of Knowledge Management. Roadmap and Steps
Why Knowledge Management (KM) Matters Firms do not only compete to sell their product, but also to acquire the best resources/inputs. One of these resources is the acquisition of skilled labour. Lab...
1 commenti

Communities of Practice
FORMAL COMMITTEES VERSUS COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE Formal committees and communities of practice are similar groups in an organization. They are both made of delegates who collaborate in a transversal ...
8 commenti

Knowledge Management in the Public Sector
Retirees in our public sector ministries, departments and agencies are a typical example of "knowledge walking out of the door" due to the absence of any systematic way of capturing, storing and trans...
5 commenti

Wisdom Management: Can Wisdom be Managed?
In the discussion of the DICK and DICKS concept by Anand, the conclusion was reached that the highest level of knowledge is Wisdom. That then leads to a logical quest of what's next to Knowledge Mana...
20 commenti

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