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Cambiamento graduale (incrementale) e continuo (miglioramento). Spiegazione di Kaizen.


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Struttura di Kaizen 5SKaizen Che cosa è il Kaizen? Definizione

Il metodo del Kaizen sul miglioramento incrementale continuo è un concetto originario giapponese di gestione del cambiamento graduale (incrementale) e di miglioramento continuo.

Il Kaizen è veramente una filosofia sullo stile di vita. Suppone che ogni funzione della nostra vita si merita di essere migliorata costantemente. La filosofia del Kaizen si trova dietro a molti concetti di gestione giapponesi come: Il Total Quality Control, i Cerchi del Controllo Qualitàtivo, i piccoli lavori di gruppo, i rapporti di lavoro.

Gli elementi chiave del Kaizen sono: qualità, sforzo, partecipazione di tutti gli impiegati, compiacenza al cambiamento e comunicazione.

Le aziende giapponesi si distinguono tra: Innovazione, una forma radicale di cambiamento e Kaizen, una forma continua di cambiamento. Kaizen significa letteralmente: cambiare (kai) per diventare buono (zen).

I cinque elementi fondamentali del Kaizen

  1. Lavoro di squadra.
  2. Disciplina personale.
  3. Morale migliorata.
  4. Cerchi di qualità.
  5. Suggerimenti per il miglioramento.

secondo questo fondamento, tre fattori chiave nel Kaizen sono

  • Eliminazione dello spreco (muda) e della inefficienza.
  • La struttura a cinque S del Kaizen per un buon governo della casa.
  •       1. Seiri - ordine
  •       2. Seiton - buona condotta
  •       3. Seiso - pulizia
  •       4. Seiketsu - pulizia standardizzata
  •       5. Shitsuke - disciplina
  • Normalizzazione.

Quando dovrebbe essere applicata la filosofia del Kaizen? Anche se è difficile esprimere pareri generici è chiaro che si adatta bene nelle situazioni di cambiamento graduale e incrementale che richiedono un cambiamento nel lungo termine e nelle culture collettive. Le culture più individualistiche che sono concentrate di più sul successo nel breve termine sono spesso favorevoli a concetti come la Riprogettazione del Processo di Business.

Kaizen paragonato a Business Process Reengineering

Quando il Kaizen è paragonato al metodo del BPR è chiaro la  Filosofia del Kaizen è più orientata alle persone, più facile da implementare, ma richiede disciplina nel lungo termine e fornisce soltanto un piccolo passo del cambiamento. Il metodo di Riprogettazione del Processo di Business d'altra parte è più duro, orientato alla tecnologia, esso permette il cambiamento radicale ma richiede considerevoli abilità manageriali di cambiamento.

Referenza Bibliografica: Masaaki Imai - Kaizen -

Metodo del Kaizen | Filosofia del Kaizen Forum
  Kaizen Prerequisites
I believe self-discipline is a mandatory prerequisite before one can hope to achieve success with Kaizen, just as it is in martial arts. The focus and 'stillness' of thought required in martial arts helps with the implementation of Kaizen. Wha...
  Kaizen is Based on Kata
Kaizen is more than we can think in Japanese culture. Everything is based on 'Kata*' in their culture, so no one is supposed to do things outside of the context of the Kata.
Through Kata we reach Kaizen, which is the state of mind to ...
  Formal Kaizen Programs
Kaizen should be practised within a formal program with reward or recognition for successful efforts lest it may do in disarray. It was proven as a very successful way of doing our daily jobs as had been done in my 12-year experience in a Japanese MN...
  Start the Change Within Yourself
The most important thing before starting Kaizen is, start the change within yourself. You cannot educate others about Kaizen if you yourself are not well educated enough about it....
  Kaizen and Quality and Toyota
Small incremental changes in quality can be accomplished through solid statistical analysis. Through the use of p-charts and other variable control charts a narrowing of the upper and lower limits incrementally can bring about long term kaikaku, I be...
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  Linking Kaizen to Goals of the Organization
Linking Kaizen to goals is a sure way to ensure improvement within each process of the organization. These projects are reviewed internally and any boondoggle projects are canceled. The out of the box thought of identifying the area of improvement an...
  Kaizen is a Philosophy | Kaizen Background
I am led to believe Kaizen is more of a philosophy than it is a management 'tool' - the description above may wish to include the definition of Kaizen as it is understood with a Taoist appreciation of mutual benefit "on-going goodness / benefit, n...
  The Kaizen Philosophy
Kaizen is really a way of life philosophy. It is change for betterment. We have to inculcate this concept in every student in different streams to make them understand the inevitable of change. Even we shall follow this in our home and ...
  Building Blocks of Kaizen, Continual Improvement
It's interesting to see the clarification we received from Anthony from India about continually improving quality, cost and delivery.
The key word is continually (for the broad scope of the whole organization for example), since the littl...
  Kaizen is More than the Housekeeping techniques (5S) !
Kaizen 5S is not just housekeeping techniques...
We should always link it with performance and productivity enhancement....
  One of the Best Management Practice that anyboy could have.
Kaizen is one of the excellent management practice which especialy could use by Anybody in the world as it showcases the right, easy and most cost effective way to improve the business proccesses, people, procedures etc....
  Kaizen in my Company
We use Kaizen to improve continuously. We also hang the tools on a board, but someone is working with it and they have to report to me. As a lean manager I follow up on them and facilitate them. We work with a quick Kaizen sheet as we call it for the...
  Kaizen in Human Resources
I agree that Kaizen is the right way to increase organizational efficiency... Recently, an article came in my hands about Kaizen applied to human resources of organizations.... Reading that article the term "people positioning into the organization" ...
  Kaizen basis for Lean Six Sigma
I think the Kaizen is the same as Lean Six Sigma, if we want to get more sucessful in the manufacturing field, we need start from the Kaizen....
  Loss Function Analysis
Loss function analysis can be used for controling loss incurred during production, the smaller the tolerance the less is the loss in production....
  Kaizen vs Business Process Reengineering
In ideas companies like film production, television etc, business process re-engineering has been found very applicable because it involves the fundamental realignment of resources and rethinking the organizational processes to enable it move in tand...
  Kaizen and Organisational Culture
Kaizen is indisputably one of the best methods of increasing efficiency and of introducing organizational change in an organization. However it requires organizational cultural change before it is implemented for people to be disciplined and to embr...

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  Kaizen is a Way of Life
I believe that Kaizen has not been well understood by most of the occidental companies; Kaizen is not a specific program, Kaizen is not a special project, Kaizen is not a quality circle activity... Kaizen is a way of life, a super4 source of motivati...
  Quotes on Kaizen. Quotations
Do you know some deep, famous or funny quotes on Kaizen? Quotations? Proverbs? Please share them as a reaction to this posting and mention the author. To get started, here's my favorite: 'Constant dripping hollows out a stone.' - Lucretius 98-55 BC, ...

Expert Tips (ENG) - Kaizen Method | Kaizen Philosophy Premium

Comparison Kaizen vs. Innovation

In 1992, A. Meckel made this useful comparison of Kaizen (K) versus Innovation (I):
1. EFFECT - K: long term and continuous, but not dramatic; I:...
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Before you try to implement these lean tools you have to train your associat...
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Building blocks of Kaizen: QCD

Imai mentions three main building blocks of Kaizen, known as QCD:
1. A continually improving Quality assurance system;
2. A co...
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Leadership Strategies for Change

In response to the high rate of change failure, Ken Blanchard and his team have developed the Blanchard Leading Through Change program, in whic...
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Benefits of Kaizen

There are several benefits of using Kaizen or Kaizen events. These benefits can be categorized as either quantitative or qualitative. Unfortuna...
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The 8 Wastes of Lean Explained

T - Transport - Moving people, products & information
I - Inventory - Storing parts, pieces, documentation ahead of requirements
M - Motion ...
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Alternate Process Improvement Model

The IDEAL Model.
Originally, the IDEAL model was a life-cycle model for software process improvement based upon the Capability Maturity Mo...
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Why Kaizen is Needed for Wastefree and Flexible Manufacturing

According to Masaaki Imai, founder and chairman of the KAIZEN Institute:
"Why can humans walk upright and apes cannot, although the skeletons are...
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Types of Change. Classification

Organizational change varies along at least to dimensions (expected-unexpected and incremental-radical) and can be managed by classifying it in one of...
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Kaizen The Keys to Continuous Improvement

This learning package provides you with everything you need to facilitate a learning group in your company.
The basic approach to this type of l...
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How to Focus your Improvement Efforts?

Very often organizations consider continuous improvement as committing on improvement efforts, and thus creating projects to implement them, in all ar...
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Kaizen Best Practices

When starting a Kaizen program, remember to:
A. Establish the QCD processes
B. Ensure top management commitment
C. Plan the program (yo...
Usage (application): Preparing a Kaizen program

Kaizen: An Essential Tool

According to Imai, founder and chairman of the KAIZEN Institute (1986), Kaizen means “continuous improvement”. Not just a philosophy of the workplace,...
Usage (application): Kaizen = Continuous Improvement in Every Facet of Life

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