Human Resources Management

Study and learn Human Resources Management. Methods, models and theories (A-Z)

Human Resources Management

14 Principles of Management Fayol

360-Degree Feedback

3P Framework Gulati

7 G Framework of HRM Dharmasiri

8 Hidden Needs Packhard

Abilene Paradox Harvey

Accelerated Depreciation

Action-Centered Leadership

Action Priority Matrix

Active Listening

Appreciative Inquiry Cooperrider

Art of War Sun Tzu

Ashridge Mission Model Campbell

Attributes of Management Excellence Peters

Attribution Theory Heider


Balance Theory Heider

Balanced Scorecard Kaplan Norton

Bandwagon Effect Bias


Behavioral Observation Scales

Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales Smith Kendall

Belbin Team Roles


Boss, Disgreeing with

Boss, Don't Getting Along with

Bradford Factor

Bridging Epistemologies Cook Brown



Business Analytics

Career Management

Catalytic Mechanisms Collins

Chain of Command

Change Approaches Kotter

Change Behavior Ajzen

Change Equation Beckhard

Change Management Iceberg

Change Phases Kotter

Changing Organization Cultures Trice Beyer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer


Code of Ethics

Cognitive Dissonance Festinger

Collective Bargaining

Commercial Auto Insurance



Competency-based Approach

Competing Values Framework Quinn

Congruity Theory Osgood Tannebaum

Constructive Feedback

Continuous Learning, Importance

Core Competence Hamel Prahalad

Core Group Theory Art Kleiner

Corporate Culture, Components

Corporate Responsibility

Cost Center

Crisis Management

Cross-Functional Team

CSFs Rockart


Cultural Dimensions Hofstede

Cultural Intelligence Early

Culture Levels Schein

Culture Types Deal Kennedy

Culture Types Groysberg

Customer Satisfaction Model Kano

Dimensions of Change Pettigrew Whipp

Dimensions of Relational Work Butler

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Distinctive Capabilities Kay

Diversity Management


Dual Commitment

Economic Value Added EVA

Efficiency Wage


Eisenhower Matrix

Emerging Markets

Emotional Intelligence Goleman


Employee Attitude Survey

Employee Benefits

Employee Commitment

Employee Compensation

Employee Development

Employee Engagement

Employee Feedback

Employee Furlough

Employee Productivity

Employee Selection

Employee Stock Options

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Empowerment of Employees



ERG Theory Alderfer

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Execution as Learning Edmondson

Executive Compensation

Expectancy Theory Vroom

Expense Center

Experience Curve

Exploratory Factor Analysis

Facilitation Heron

False Consensus Bias

Feedback, Giving

Feedback, Receiving

Fight / Dispute at work

Five Disciplines Senge

Flat Organizational Structure

Flex Working

Force Field Analysis Lewin

Formal Organization

Fourteen Points of Management Deming

Functional Team

Gender Diversity in Board

General Manager

Gig Economy


Golden Handcuff

Golden Handshake

Golden Hello

Golden Parachute


Green HRM

Groupthink Janis

Growth Phases Greiner

Hagberg Model of Personal Power

Hawthorne Effect Mayo

Hay Factors

HBDI Model

Hierarchical Organization Structure

Hierarchy of Needs Maslow

Hiring Employees

Horn Effect

HR Strategy, Integrative Model

Human Capital Index HCI


Human Motivation Principles

Human Resources Audit

Human Resource Management Roles

Impression Management Goffman


Inclusion and Diversity

Informal Organization

Instrumental Approach of Stakeholder Theory

Intangible Assets

Intangible Assets Monitor Sveiby

Integrative Model of HR Strategy

Integrative Thinking

Intellectual Capital Rating

Intervention Styles Heron

Intrinsic Motivators

Intrinsic Stakeholder Commitment

Investment Center

Job Characteristic Model Hackman Oldham

Job Design

Job Enlargement

Job Enrichment

Job Rotation

Johari Window Luft Ingham

Joint Venture

Kaizen philosophy

Knowledge Management Collison Parcell

KPIs Rockart

Labor Productivity

Leadership Continuum

Leadership Pipeline Drotter

Leadership Styles Goleman

Learning Organization Argyris Schön

Lifelong Learning, Importance

Management Levels

Management by Objectives Drucker

Management Development

Management Plasticity

Management Succession Planning

Manager, Disgreeing with

Managerial Grid Blake Mouton

Managing for Value McTaggart

Managing from Home


Motivating Knowledge Workers

Multi Culturals

Multitasking Behavior

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


Normative Approach of Stakeholder Theory

Objectives and Key Results Grove


Office of Strategy Management Kaplan Norton

Operational Agility

Operations Research

Opinion Leader

Organizational Agility

Organizational Commitment

Organizational Configurations Mintzberg

Organizational Justice

Organizational Learning Argyris Schön

Organizational Memory Walsh Ungson

Organizational Resilience

Organization Chart



PAEI management roles

Paperless Office, Transition to

Pareto Principle Juran

Parkinson's Law

Path-Goal Theory House

Pay Structure


Pension Parachute


People Pill

Performance Appraisal

Performance Categories Baldrige

Performance Management, Employee

Performance Prism

Performance Review

Personality Traits, Big Five

Personnel Management Types Tyson Fell

Personnel Marketing

Persuasion Techniques

Persuasion Theory

Peter Principle

Phantom Stock Plan

Poor Performance of Employee

Portfolio Analysis

Post-Merger Integration

Pre-Employment Screening

PRIMO-F Model Morrison

Professional, A

Professional Liability Insurance

Profit Center

Pyramid of Maslow

Recruiter, Role


Relational Capital

Remote Working

Result Oriented Management

Results-Based Leadership Ulrich

Revenue Center

Roles of Employees vs. Jobs

Safety Management

Salary System

Scientific Management Taylor



Self-Directed Team

Self-Efficacy Theory Bandura



Service-Profit Chain

Seven Habits Covey


Situational Leadership Hersey Blanchard

Skandia Navigator Leif Edvinsson

Skeleton Staff

Sleep Deprivation

SMART Drucker

Social Capital

Social Facilitation Triplett

Social Intelligence

Social Loafing, Managing

Spiral Dynamics Graves

Staff Management

Stages of Team Development Tuckman

Staggered Board of Directors

Stakeholder Value Perspective

Status Quo Bias

Strategic Change Momentum

Strategic Fit

Strategic Intent Hamel Prahalad

Strategic Stakeholder Management

Strategic Synergy

Strategic Vision

Strategy Map Kaplan Norton

Stretch Goals Welch

Superior, Disgreeing with

Systems Thinking / Dynamics Forrester

Add a method / model

Talent Management

Task Design

Team Management Profile Margerison McCann

Ten Principles of Reinvention Osborne

Theory E and Theory O Beer Nohria

Theory of Constraints Goldratt

Theory of Mechanistic and Organic Systems Burns

Theory of Needs McClelland

Theory of Planned Behavior Ajzen

Theory of Reasoned Action Ajzen Fishbein

Theory X Theory Y McGregor

Theory Z Ouchi

Time Management

Toxic Employees

Training Within Industry

Two Factor Theory Herzberg

Unfreezing, Moving, Refreezing Lewin

Universal Compensable Factors

Value Based Management

Value Creation Index

Value for Money Audit

Value Mapping Jack

Value Profit Chain Heskett

Wage Drift

Warwick Model

Whistle Blower

Whole Brain Model Herrmann

Women in Board

Work Absenteeism

Work Design

Workforce Diversity

Work From Home

Work-Life Balance

Work Presenteeism

Workers’ Compensation Insurance



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Psychological Contract
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Salary Policy on Natural Disasters ('Acts of Nature')
Dear All, I recently joined a non-profit organization, which deals in animal welfare. I am responsible for re-framing HR (...)
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Collection of Training Theories
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Managing the Human Resource Function is Most Important
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Employee relations - Frames of Reference
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Human RELATIONSHIP Management
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Ratio of Number of HR Positions to Staff Numbers
Based on my experience, the ratio of HR positions in an organization appears to vary from 1:50 to 1:250. I suspect that (...)
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