研究营销 方法、模型与理论(A-Z)



3Cs Model 3C模型大前

4S Web Marketing Mix 4S网络营销组合康斯坦丁尼德斯

7Ps 7P营销组合布姆斯&毕特纳

Activity Based Costing ABC 作业成本法

ADL Matrix ADL矩阵亚瑟·D·利特尔

Affiliate Marketing 联盟营销

Analytical CRM 分析型顾客关系管理

ARIMA 自回归整合移动平均模型博克斯&詹金斯

Attribution Theory 归因理论海德

Bass Diffusion Model 巴斯扩散模型 Bass

BCG Matrix BCG矩阵

Benchmarking 标杆分析

Blue Ocean Strategy 蓝海战略 Kim

Bottom of the Pyramid 金字塔底层 Prahalad

BPR 企业流程重组 Hammer Champy

Brand Asset Valuator 品牌资产标量

Brand Identity Prism 品牌识别棱镜 Kapferer

Brand Personality 品牌个性 Aaker

Break-even Point 收支平衡点

Breakaway Positioning 分离定位 Moon

Bricks and Clicks 砖块加鼠标

Business Assessment Array 业务评估矩阵

Business Intelligence 商业智能

Business Process Reengineering 业务流程重组 Hammer Champy

Clicks and Mortar 鼠标加水泥

Co-Creation 共同创造 Prahalad Ramaswamy

Coopetition 合作竞争 Brandenburger

Competitive Advantage framework 竞争优势架构 Porter

Core Competence 核心竞争力 Hamel Prahalad

Corporate Reputation Quotient 企业声誉商数 Harris-Fornbrun

Crisis Management 危机管理

Cultural Dimensions 文化尺度 Hofstede

Customer Relationship Management 顾客关系管理

Customer Satisfaction Model 顾客满意度模型

Database Marketing 数据库营销

Direct Marketing 直销

Direct Response Marketing 直接反应营销

Disruptive Innovation 颠覆性创新 Christensen

Distinctive Capabilities 特殊能力 Kay

Dynamic Regression 动态回归

Exploratory Factor Analysis 探索性因子分析

Exponential Smoothing 指数平滑法

Extended Marketing Mix 扩展的营销组合 7P's

Five Forces 五力模式

Framing 心理定格 Tversky

GE Business Screen GE业务荧屏

Groupthink 团体迷思 Janis

Growth Share Matrix 增长份额矩阵 BCG

Hierarchy of Needs 需求层次理论马斯洛(Maslow)

Industry Change 产业变革 McGahan

Industry Life Cycle 产业生命周期

Innovation Adoption Curve 创新采用曲线 Rogers

Marketing Mix 营销组合 4P's 5P's McCarthy

McKinsey Matrix 麦肯锡矩阵

Multi Channel Marketing 多渠道营销

One-to-one Marketing 一对一营销

Operational CRM 运营型顾客关系管理

Operations Research 运筹学

PARTS PARTS模型 Brandenburger

PEST Analysis PEST分析

Portfolio Analysis 业务组合分析

Positioning 定位 Trout

Product Life Cycle 产品生命周期 Levitt

Product/Market Grid 产品市场方格 Ansoff

Profit Pools 利润池 Gadiesh, Gilbert

Quality Function Deployment 质量功能展开 Akao

Regression Analysis 回归分析

Relationship Marketing 关系营销 Levitt

Relative Value of Growth 增长相对价值 Mass

Reverse Positioning 逆向定位 Moon

Rule of Three 三强鼎立法则 Sheth

Scenario Planning 情境规划


Simulation modeling 仿真建模

Stage-gate 阶段-关卡流程 Cooper

Stakeholder Value Perspective 利益相关者价值观

Stealth Positioning 隐匿定位 Moon


Strategic Triangle 战略三角大前


SWOT Analysis SWOT分析

TDC matrix TDC矩阵

Telemarketing 电话营销

Theory of Constraints 约束理论 Goldratt

Theory of Planned Behavior 计划行为理论 Ajzen

Theory of Reasoned Action 理性行为理论 Ajzen Fishbein

Three Dimensional Business Definition 三维商业定义 Abell

Total Cost of Ownership 总体拥有成本

Trajectories of Industry Change 产业变革轨迹 McGahan

Twelve Principles of the Network Economy 网络经济12法则 Kelly

Value Based Management 价值管理

Value Chain 价值链 Porter

Value Disciplines 价值信条特里西威尔斯马

The Value Net 价值网 Brandenburger

Value Profit Chain 价值利润链 Heskett

Value Stream Mapping 价值流程图


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🔥 市场营销为何物?(科特勒)
菲利普·科特勒(Philip Kotler)说:“真正的市场营销不是销售你所生产产品的艺术,而是知 (...)
What is Marketing? (Kotler)
"It was Philip Kotler who said: "Authentic marketing is not the art of selling what you make but knowing what to make. I (...)
谁能谈一谈一份市场营销规划(Marketing Plan)的关键元素有哪些?能够基于真实案例更好。 (...)
市场战略是一回事,成功的执行却是另一回事!有谁能够推荐一种较好的市场操作理论,或 (...)
Marketing Implementation
A marketing strategy is one thing, successfully implementing it is another! Who knows a good generic marketing implement (...)
Strategic Marketing versus Marketing Strategy?
What is the difference between strategic marketing and marketing strategy? (...)
What is Marketing? (Kotler)
It was Philip Kotler who said: "Authentic marketing is not the art of selling what you make but knowing what to make. It (...)
Are Monopoly Industries Unaffected by Marketing?
Businesses in a monopoly market pay less attention to the contribution marketing can make to create and meet the needs o (...)
Why is Marketing Hard?
Why is marketing for many firms such a challenge? Here are a few reasons I found: 1. Continuous change of marketing: ma (...)
Common Marketing Strategy Mistakes?
Hi, I am looking for the problems experienced by marketing managers in setting up and implementing marketing strategies. (...)
Effect of Culture on Marketing Plan
How do culture, subculture and core values effect the marketing plan? (...)
Strategic vs Operational Marketing
What are the differences between operational and strategic marketing and some examples of these differences? I can't fi (...)
The Study of Consumer Behaviour
The study of consumer behaviour helps firms to align their product / service offerings to the strongest consumer signals (...)
Effect of Culture on Market Plan
Culture is the foundation of human behaviour. It serves as the benchmark or reference point for one's decision torwards (...)
Do Big Companies Depend too much on Marketing, Finance, Lobbying and Tax Rules?
In his book Antifragile, Taleb stated that the core of business is offering an honest and decent product or service that (...)
Tips for Preparing a Business Plan
Can anyone please inform the main steps to be considered in preparing a business plan? Please reply and mention tips to (...)
Marketing Weaknesses
In his book Ten Deadly Marketing Sins: Signs and Solutions, Philip Kotler mentions ten deadly sins that identify weakn (...)
Marketing Strategy Must be Dynamic
Our marketing strategy is never completed! As per my observation I can state this with confidence that every time we ta (...)
What is Social Media Marketing?
Hey guys I need your opinion about social media marketing, what do you think what is it, is it a new strategy of marketi (...)
Change your Company from Sales Driven into Marketing Driven
Benefit of being a market driven company rather than one driven by sales.Far too many companies maintain an antiquated m (...)
What is Lean Marketing? Definitions
What is lean marketing? Can you give some explanation / information? Thanks... (...)
What is Neural Marketing? Definitions
I want to know what exactly is neural marketing? And is it different from any other way of marketing? (...)
Impact of Internet on Marketing
How has internet affected the marketing practices of big companies? Which industry or sector is affected the most? Why? (...)
Hard and Soft Marketing Styles... :-)
These are the various styles of a marketer:
  • Hard style: tells he is going to take your money.
  • S (...)
Emergence and Acceleration of the Marketing Profession
According to you, what year or period of time might be considered as a crucial catalysis or acceleration for marketing a (...)
PITA Measurement model?
Has anyone ever heard of or used the PITA model (population*incidence*times*amount)? I've used it extensively in retail (...)
Six Deadly Small Business Marketing Mistakes
Six deadly small business marketing mistakes: 1. Not having a marketing plan. 2. Not differentiating your business fro (...)
How to Attract Companies for a Marketing Firm?
I'm a recent MBA Marketing and want to setup my own marketing and promotions business. I would like your help in what ar (...)
Marketing a Holistic Approach
Marketing doesnt have a constant definition. It evolves with its environment. Marketing is very diverse and can have ma (...)
Audio Branding: a Sound Solution?
WHAT IS AUDIO BRANDING? DEFINITION Audio branding can be described as the process of brand development and brand manage (...)
Linking Consumer behaviour with Marketing
I have a small question.. If we could really link the consumer behavior and marketing ... we are assuming that the marke (...)
I Love Marketing. Marketing is to love
Hi Everybody! I verily believe that marketing is to love! You first have to feel it, to understand it, to live it and f (...)
Consumer Buying Process
Any info on the consumer buying process? (...)
What is B2B? Precise Definition of B2B
Dear all, what is B2B may seem obvious at first sight. However, take the case of office furniture or even office suppli (...)
International Marketing
To what extent should governments control industry and other factors of production in order to promote international bus (...)



🥇 Marketing plan - Key elements?
What are the key elements of a marketing plan? Based on real example - welcome ;-) thnx 4 help! (...)
🥈 The Future of Marketing
What is the future of marketing? A Dutch marketing magazine (Tijdschrift voor Marketing, October 2007) reported that the (...)
🥉 Marketing a Company in Decline
How can one market a company in decline though it still produces good quality. I need assistance as to how to communicat (...)
What is Green Marketing? Definitions
What is green marketing? I need any researches regarding the green marketing subject. (...)
Marketing Ethics are Forgotten
Many companies have completely forgotten the fact that marketing involves telling potential clients the TRUTH about a pr (...)
Radical Marketing Approach
In their book "Radical Marketing: From Harvard to Harley, Lessons From Ten That Broke the Rules and Made It Big", Glenn (...)
Marketing Communications as the Nerve of Marketing
Dear all! Do you have some comments on marketing communications as it is called the nerve of marketing, because it is ge (...)
Starting a new plant in Romania
At the moment I'm working on my thesis. The main question is, is it interesting for the greenery b.v. to open a new plan (...)
Is Marketing Management an Art or a Science?
Marketing management represents creativity rooted and augmented by data for strategic decision-making and so must it rem (...)
What is More Important in Marketing? Sales Volume or After Sales Service?
I think after sales service is more important in marketing than initial sales volume. So then why are marketing people a (...)

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