研究沟通与技能 方法、模型与理论(A-Z)


14 Principles of Management 14项管理原则法约尔

4 Dimensions of Relational Work 关系工作的四个类型巴特勒

Action Learning 行动学习法瑞文斯

Analogical Strategic Reasoning 战略类推伽威梯&里弗金

Ashridge Mission Model Ashridge使命模型坎贝尔

Attributes of Management Excellence 卓越管理的八个属性彼得

Attribution Theory 归因理论海德

Balanced Scorecard 平衡计分卡 Kaplan Norton

Bases of Social Power 社会权力基础 French Raven

Belbin Team Roles 贝尔宾团队角色

Brainstorming 头脑风暴法

Catalytic Mechanisms 催化机制 Collins

Cause and Effect Diagram 因果图石川

Change Behavior 变革行为 Ajzen

Change Management Iceberg 变革管理冰山

Changing Organization Cultures 组织文化变革法 Trice Beyer

Charismatic Leadership 魅力型领导 Weber

Coaching 教练

Competing Values Framework 竞值架构 Quinn

Clarkson Principles 克拉克森原则

Contingency Theory 权变理论 Vroom

Core Group Theory 核心组理论 Kleiner

Corporate Reputation Quotient 企业声誉商数 Harris-Fornbrun

Crisis Management 危机管理

Cultural Dimensions 文化尺度 Hofstede

Cultural Intelligence 文化智能 Early

Culture Types 文化类型 Deal肯尼迪

Customer Relationship Management 顾客关系管理

Delphi Method 德尔菲法 Helmer

Dialectical Inquiry 辩证探询法

DICE Framework DICE架构 BCG

Dimensions of Change 变革尺度 Pettigrew Whipp


Emotional Intelligence 情感智能 Goleman

Enterprise Architecture 企业架构 Zachman

ERG Theory ERG理论 Alderfer

Facilitation Styles 引导类型海荣

Five Disciplines 五项修炼 Senge

Force Field Analysis 力场分析法 Lewin

Framing 心理定格 Tversky

Gestalt Theory 格式塔理论

Growth Phases 成长阶段 Greiner

Groupthink 团体迷思 Janis

Hagberg Model of Personal Power 哈格伯格个人力量模型

Hierarchy of Needs 需求层次理论马斯洛(Maslow)

Johari Window 乔哈里资讯窗 Luft Ingham

Kaizen 改善

Kepner-Tregoe Matrix KT矩阵

Knowledge Management 知识管理 Collison Parcell

Leadership Continuum 领导连续体 Tannenbaum

Leadership Pipeline 领导补给线德罗特

Leadership Styles 领导风格 Goleman

Leadership Styles 领导风格(豪斯)

Level 5 Leadership 第五级领导 Collins

Levers of Control 控制杠杆 Simons

Management by Objectives 目标管理 Drucker

Managerial Grid 管理方格理论布莱克&穆顿

Marketing Mix 营销组合 4P's 5P's McCarthy

Mentoring 启导

Metaplan 元规划 Schnelle

Mind Mapping 心智图法

Moral Purpose 道德目的 Mourkogiannis

Multi Channel Marketing 多渠道营销


Office of Strategy Management 战略管理办公室 Kaplan Norton

OODA Loop 包以德循环

Operational CRM 运营型顾客关系管理

Organizational Configurations 组织构型 Mintzberg

Organization Chart 组织结构图

Parenting Advantage 母合优势古尔德&坎贝尔

Parenting Styles 母合类型古尔德&坎贝尔

Perception 感知力

Performance Management 绩效管理

Portfolio Analysis 业务组合分析

Positioning 定位 Trout

Positive Deviance 正向偏差 Pascale Sternin

Pyramid Principle 金字塔原则 Minto


Result Oriented Management 业绩导向管理

Results-Based Leadership 业绩导向领导 Ulrich

Root Cause Analysis 根本原因分析

Scenario Planning 情境规划

Seven Habits 七个习惯 Covey

Seven Surprises 七大惊奇 Porter

Situational Leadership 情境领导 Hersey Blanchard

Six Thinking Hats 六项思考帽 de Bono

Social Intelligence 社会智能

Soft Systems Methodology 软系统方法论 Checkland

Spiral Dynamics 螺旋动力学 Graves

Spiral of Silence 沉默的螺旋 Noelle-Neumann

Stakeholder Analysis 利益相关者分析

Stakeholder Mapping 利益相关者分析图

Stakeholder Value Perspective 利益相关者价值观

Strategic Intent 战略意图 Hamel Prahalad

Strategy Maps 战略图表 Kaplan Norton

Team Management Profile 团队管理剖面 Margerison McCann

Theory of Needs 需求理论麦克利兰

Theory of Planned Behavior 计划行为理论 Ajzen

Theory of Reasoned Action 理性行为理论 Ajzen Fishbein

Theory X Theory Y X理论-Y理论 McGregor

Theory Z Z理论 Ouchi

Twelve Principles of the Network Economy 网络经济12法则 Kelly

Value Mapping 价值映射图 Jack

Value Reporting Framework 企业价值报告架构 PWC

Value Stream Mapping 价值流程图

Whole Brain Model 全脑模型 Herrmann




沟通与技能 管理社区。

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Understanding Perceptions of Other People and Yourself
I am looking for models or frameworks to help me understand and manage the perceptions other people and myself have but I am unable to find any?...
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How to Give a Powerful 5-Minute Presentation
Short and more focused speeches can be more effective than lengthy ones that introduce too much information and delve into unhelpful detail. A five-minute presentation can be more captivating than a t...
8 Resolutions for Difficult Interpersonal Conversations
Sometimes a conversation (at work) can be awkward, difficult or not effective, despite of good intentions. Monique Valcour describes 8 practical techniques you can apply to get a difficult interper...
Types of Communication
What are the types of communication? A. Interpersonal Communication (between two people/small group, feedback is instant, audience is homogeneous and known to the source) B. Intrapersonal Communicat...
The Impact of Culture on Communication
Communication styles can mean different things to different people particularly when the cultural impact comes into play. This is important for expatriate roles where some period of adjustment is nece...
Tips for Questioning: Asking Questions and Responding to Them
Questioning is an underrated tool of communication, and people usually don't ask enough questions in conversations. Among various reasons behind the resistance of enquiring, Wood Brooks and John (2018...
Communication in Management
This entire area of communication is very important and much is written on the subject. I believe that in the context of manager - subordinate, knowing enough about your employee to allow you to commu...
Problems with Communication in Other Language
Hi there, I'm in a team of 4 with one manager. 3 out of the 4 members plus the manager are French speaking guys. I am the only one non-French speaking, so I use only English. My team members always ta...
Not Invited... Should you Attend a Meeting?
Imagine yourself being part of a cross-functional team, working on a major project (e.g., a revamp of your company's website). The work is happening smoothly, but one day you find out that you have no...
Role of Communication in New Companies
Evaluating the role of communication in a turbulent business environment, what are the key elements to consider for boosting the performance of the performance of new companies?...
How to Organize a Meeting? Best Practices
Many people are considering meetings a waste of time. Sometimes we might even have thought ourselves that the last meeting we attended was unproductive. However meetings are not a waste of time, but p...
The Impact of Gender on Communication Styles
Research shows that communication styles are relatively different for men and women. This is because using language is a learned social behaviour: How we talk and listen are influenced by our experien...
ABC of Good Communication
- Be yourself - Remove communication noises and biases - Create a communicative environment - Learn to listen (and ask questions) - Don't be single minded (no prejudices) - Take risk (it makes th...
Interaction versus Communication
What is the difference between communication and interaction? Often people use it together but if one defines each of the terms, in what situation are they most suitable to be used? Thank you....
Managing a Personal Dispute at Work
It's happened to all of us - a business argument that got personal, or a fierce personal disagreement in your team, or anywhere in the work environment There are many causes but the end result is a...
Morals and Communication
Communication can be a great tool if used with good morals. Excluding the details, we all have learned pretty much the same ideology of good morals. We are supposed to work together and build each ot...
Textbook on Manageral Communication
Can anyone recommend a very good book on managerial communication? Please give name of the book, author and the year of publication. Thanks....



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How to Disagree with a Superior: Recommendations
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Communication Channels: What is Grapevine Communication? Definition and Importance
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10 Tips and Ethics for Attending Business Meetings
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What are the Skills a Management Consultant Should Have?
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How to Manage (Insidious) Insubordination?
Insubordination is the act or behavior of refusing to obey orders from a person in a position of authority (power). Insidious insubordination is the malignant, malicious, vicious, malign, nasty, evil ...

Morgan's 4 Underlying Intents (Aims) to Become an Authentic Speaker
The abilityofcommunicatingauthentically (and being perceived as authentic person) isa very important leadership skill. When they possess it, leaderscanrelatively easily move others to a position...

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