研究供应链与质量管理 方法、模型与理论(A-Z)



3Cs Model 3C模型大前

3rd Party Logistics 3PL 第三方物流

8D Problem Solving 8D问题求解福特

Absorption Costing 吸收式成本法

Activity Based Costing ABC 作业成本法

BPR 企业流程重组 Hammer Champy

Benchmarking 标杆分析

Break-even Point 收支平衡点

Bricks and Clicks 砖块加鼠标

Business Process Reengineering 业务流程重组 Hammer Champy

Capability Maturity Model CMM 能力成熟度模型

Cause and Effect Diagram 因果图石川

Clicks and Mortar 鼠标加水泥

Clusters 集群 Porter

CMM model 能力成熟度模型

Co-Creation 共同创造 Prahalad Ramaswamy

Competitive Advantage Nations 国家竞争优势 Porter

Competitive Advantage framework 竞争优势架构 Porter


Customer Satisfaction Model 顾客满意度模型

Delta Model 金三角模型 Hax

Deming Cycle 戴明循环 PDSA

Diamond Model 钻石模型 Porter

Direct Costing 直接成本法

DuPont Model 杜邦模型


Experience Curve 经验曲线

Five Forces 五力模式

Fourteen Points of Management 质量管理14要点 Deming

Full Costing 全部成本法

Game Theory 博奕论 Nash

Growth Phases 成长阶段 Greiner

Horizontal Integration 横向整合

Hoshin Kanri - Policy Deployment方针管理 政策展开

Industry Change 产业变革 McGahan

Industry Life Cycle 产业生命周期

Just-in-time JIT 及时生产


Kaizen 改善

Kraljic Model 卡拉杰克模型

Lean Manufacturing 精实制造 (JIT)

Marginal Costing 边际成本法

Marketing Mix 营销组合 4P's 5P's McCarthy

Modeling Business Processes 业务流程建模

Operations Research 运筹学

Organizational Configurations 组织构型 Mintzberg

Organization Chart 组织结构图

Outsourcing 外包

Parenting Advantage 母合优势古尔德&坎贝尔

Parenting Styles 母合类型古尔德&坎贝尔


Portfolio Analysis 业务组合分析

Product Life Cycle 产品生命周期 Levitt

Profit Pools 利润池 Gadiesh, Gilbert

Quality Function Deployment 质量功能展开 Akao

Relationship Marketing 关系营销 Levitt

RFID Technology 无线射频识别技术

Scientific Management 科学管理泰勒


Simulation modeling 仿真建模

Six Sigma 六西格玛 GE

Stakeholder Value Perspective 利益相关者价值观

Strategic Triangle 战略三角大前

Strategic Thrusts 战略攻击 Wiseman

TDC matrix TDC矩阵

Theory of Constraints 约束理论 Goldratt

Theory X Theory Y X理论-Y理论 McGregor

Theory Z Z理论 Ouchi

Total Quality Management 全面质量管理

Training Within Industry 业内训练

Trajectories of Industry Change 产业变革轨迹 McGahan

Twelve Principles of the Network Economy 网络经济12法则 Kelly

Value Chain 价值链 Porter

Value Disciplines 价值信条特里西威尔斯马

Value Engineering 价值工程马尔斯

Value Stream Mapping 价值流程图

Variable Costing 变动成本法

Vendor Managed Inventory 供应商管理库存

Vertical Integration 垂直整合


供应链与质量管理 管理社区

管理社区 (710名成员)



我正在收集有关新近发展起来的电子信息技术和方法如互联网、EDI、APS、CPFR、JIT等对于供 (...)
🔥 采购的决策,在于先期对成本的分析.
总成本的概念非常重要.供应链中的总成本怎么做到最低,才是所有的人应该考虑的问题.总成 (...)
Ethical Supply Chain Managemant
What can be considered principles and standards of ethical supply management conduct? Thank you for your input! (...)
Impact of Climate Change on Logistic Management?
What is the impact of climate change on logistic management? Both in general and in particukar for green house gases, CO (...)
Can Wal-Mart SCM Model be Exported?
Can Wal-Marts supply chain model be copied in other countries or by other retailers? Why (not)? (...)
Typical Enablers of Supply Chain Management
Can anyone tell me what are typical enablers of supply chain management (SCM)? (...)
Operations Management
What is operations management? Is there a difference between supply chain management and operation management? (...)
Quality Philosophies & Approaches
Hi I'm a Btech Quality student doing research on Quality Philosophies and Quality Approaches. I've been searching (...)
Influence of EDI, JIT, etc on SC Trust
I am looking for information on the influence of recent electronic supply chain methods and technologies such as the Int (...)
The 5 R's of Supply Chain Management
The main aim of SCM is a continuous supply of materials at 5 R which are: 1. The Right Place 2. The Right Time 3. The (...)
Dealing with Conflict Minerals in the Supply Chain
Conflict minerals entering a legitimate SC are going to come under increasing scrutiny. What steps are your company ta (...)
The Big five Metrics for Operations: QCDSM
The Toyota Way: Measuring the Big Five in Metrics Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Moral (QCDSM) (...)
Typical Supply Chain Management Challenges
Please explain to me what are typical challenges of supply chain management? (...)
Why is Supply Chain Management Important?
Can anyone explain to me why SCM is important? (...)
Typical Supply Chain Management Opportunities
Please explain to me what are typical opportunities of supply chain management? (...)
Integrated Supply Chain Concepts: Theory Versus Reality
Tons of books and articles appear on various aspects of global supply chains and their integration to achieve perfection (...)
Supply Chain Mapping Methods and Software
I am looking for suggestions on the best methods for mapping Bulk Commodity Supply Chains. I am trying to map some Coal (...)
Methods for Analyzing a Supply Chain
Hi, I'm searching for a investigation method to capture the current situation of a Supply Chain. Are there any methods t (...)
When is Supply Chain Management More Important? Under what Circumstances?
Please explain in what circumstances SCM is more important? Thank you. (...)
Organizational Network versus Supply Chain
Can anyone tell me what are differences between organizational networks and supply chains? (...)
Calculation of the Inventory Cost in a Supply Chain
Hi, I'm trying to calculate the costs involved with keeping stocks in a supply chain. Who can help me? Im looking at di (...)
Fill Loss Analysis
Kindly inform about the Fill Loss Analysis method adopted in SCM: what is it and what is it used for? How can one increa (...)
Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR Model)
May anyone share with us how to conduct SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference Model) for a courier company? SCOR is a (...)



🥇 Why does Supply Chain Management have such a Low Profile?
Supply chain management and logistics are major part of most organisations activities and yet they have a low profile in (...)
🥈 Supply Chain Management Implementation Strategies
What are the strategies for implementing SCM and what are their merits and demerits? (...)
🥉 Core Elements of the Supply Chain?
I am conduting some research regarding what are the core elements of a supply chain and I will then also critically revi (...)
What is Service Management?
What is service management? What is the role of technology in service management? (...)
What is Trade Finance?
What is trade finance, what are TF methods, and what is the role of banks in trade finance? (...)
Typical Barriers of Supply Chain Management
Can anyone tell me what are typical barriers of supply chain management? (...)
Supply Chain Management versus Logistics
What is the difference between supply chain management and logistics? (...)
Advantages and Disadvantages of Supply Chain Management
What are key advantages and disadvantages of SCM? (...)
Types of Logistics Strategies? Classifications
What kind of logistics strategies can be adopted? How can they be classified into types of logistic / supply chain stra (...)
How to Create a Logistics or Supply Chain Management Vision?
I am looking for some examples of a Vision of Logistics. Most companies publish their company vision. But are divisions (...)
It is is Not the Strongest that Survives in Supply Chain Management
In the past people believed that the company with the strongest supply chains would be the leaders. But Darwin was right (...)

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