Marketing. Methods, Models and Theories (A-Z)


10 Commandments for Media Consumers Hamerlink

3C's Model Ohmae

4 P's of Persuasion

4S Web Marketing Mix Constantinides

5 C's of Marketing Strategy

7 Ps Booms Bitner

8 Hidden Needs Packhard

Abductive Reasoning Pierce

Activity Based Costing ABC ABM

ADL Matrix Arthur D. Little


Affiliate Marketing

Agenda Setting Theory McCobs Shaw


Ambient Advertising

Analytical CRM

ARIMA Box and Jenkins

Attention Model McQuail

Attribution Theory Heider

Bait and Switch Joule

Balance Theory Heider

Bandwagon Effect Bias

Barriers to Entry

Bass Diffusion Model Bass

BCG Matrix


Blue Ocean Strategy Kim

Bottom of the Pyramid Prahalad

BPR Hammer Champy

Brand Asset Valuator

Brand Identity Prism Kapferer

Brand Loyalty

Brand Management

Brand Personality Aaker

Brand Recognition


Break-even Point

Breakaway Positioning Moon

Bricks and Clicks

Business Assessment Array

Business Incubator

Business Intelligence

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Process Reengineering Hammer Champy


Channel Management

Chief Operating Officer

Clicks and Mortar

Co-Creation Prahalad Ramaswamy

Cognitive Dissonance Festinger



Competitive Advantage framework Porter

Competitive Environment

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Position

Competitive Pricing

Concentrated Marketing

Concentration Strategy

Concept Statement

Congruity Theory Osgood Tannebaum


Consumption Behavior

Contribution Pricing

Co-opetition Brandenburger

Core Competence Hamel Prahalad

Corporate Reputation Quotient Harris-Fombrun

Corporate Responsibility

Cost Leadership Porter

Cost-plus Pricing

Crisis Management


Cross-Functional Team


Cultivation Theory Gerbner

Cultural Dimensions Hofstede

Customer Experience Management Schmitt

Customer Loyalty

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Satisfaction Model Kano

Customer Value, 30 Elements

Database Marketing

Dependency Theory Ball-Rokeach DeFleur

Design Thinking

Differentiated Marketing

Direct Marketing

Direct Response Marketing

Discount Pricing

Disruptive Innovation Christensen

Distinctive Capabilities Kay

Door in the Face Cialdini

Dynamic Regression



Environmental Insurance

Exclusive Distribution

Exploratory Factor Analysis

Exponential Smoothing

Extended Marketing Mix 7P's

Feasibility Study

First-mover Advantage

Five Forces Porter

Five W's Laswell

Focus Group Merton

Foot in the Door Freedman Fraser

Forced Compliance Zimbardo

Framing Tversky


Functional Team

GE Business Screen



Groupthink Janis

Growth Share Matrix BCG

Hierarchy of Needs Maslow

Horizontal Agreement

Hospitality Management


Hypodermic Needle Theory

Impression Management Goffman

Income Effect

Industry Attractiveness

Industry Change McGahan

Industry Life Cycle

Inferior Goods

Influencer Marketing


Innovation Adoption Curve Rogers

Integrative Thinking

Internet Reputation


Jobs to be Done

Limited Effects Theory Lazarsfeld

Low Ball Technique Cacioppo

Loyalty Program

Management Metaphors

Marginal Cost Pricing

Market Segmentation

Marketing Mix 4P's 5P's McCarthy

Marketing Plan

Mass Communication Theories

Mass Customization

McKinsey Matrix


Microfinance Channel

Mirroring and Matching

Multi Channel Marketing

Multitasking Consumer

Niche Marketing

Nielsen Ratings

Non-Governmental Organization



One-to-one Marketing

Online Corporate Reputation

Operational CRM

Operations Research

Opinion Leader

Pareto Principle Juran

PARTS Brandenburger

Penetration Pricing

Perceived Value Pricing

Permission Marketing Godin

Persuasion Techniques

Persuasion Theory

PEST Analysis

Physical Evidence

Play Theory of Mass Communication Stephenson

Portfolio Analysis

Positioning Trout

Pressure Group

Price Skimming

Product Life Cycle Levitt

Product/Market Grid Ansoff

Professional Networking

Profit Pools Gadiesh, Gilbert

Promotional Pricing

Psychological Pricing

Public Relations

Quality Function Deployment Akao

Regression Analysis

Relational Capital

Relationship Marketing Levitt

Relative Value of Growth Mass

Retail (Marketing) Mix

Reverse Positioning Moon

Rule of Three Sheth

Say's Law

Scenario Planning



Second-mover Strategy

Selective Distribution

Search Engine Optimization

Service-Dominant Logic

Add a method / model


Shopping Cart, Abandonment

Simulation modeling

Sleeper Effect Hovland

Social Judgment Theory Sherif

Social Marketing

SOFT Model Humphrey

SOSTAC Model Smith

Stage-Gate Cooper

Stakeholder Value Perspective

Standard Cost Pricing

Stealth Positioning Moon


Strategic Marketing

Strategic Synergy

Strategic Triangle Ohmae

Strategic Window


Subliminal Advertizing

Substitution Effect

SWOT Analysis


Target Marketing

Target Pricing

TDC Matrix Internet


Theory of Constraints Goldratt

Theory of Planned Behavior Ajzen

Theory of Reasoned Action Ajzen Fishbein

Three Dimensional Business Definition Abell

Tie-in Marketing

Time to Market

Total Cost of Ownership

Trade Marketing Mix

Trajectories of Industry Change McGahan

Twelve Principles of the Network Economy Kelly

Two Step Flow Model Lazarsfeld Katz

Unaided Recall



Undifferentiated Marketing

Unique Selling Proposition

Uses and Gratifications Theory Blumler Katz

Validity Effect

Value Based Management

Value Chain Porter

Value Disciplines Treacy Wiersema

Value Net Brandenburger

Value Profit Chain Heskett

Value Proposition

Values and Lifestyles

Value Stream Mapping

Vertical Agreement

Virtual Business

Wheel of Consumer Analysis Peter Olson

Word of Mouth Marketing

Yield Management



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