研究变革与组织 方法、模型与理论(A-Z)



14 Principles of Management 14项管理原则法约尔

7-S Framework 7-S架构麦肯锡

Acquisition Integration Approaches 收购整合法 Haspeslagh Jemison

Action Learning 行动学习法瑞文斯

Adhocracy 灵活型组织

Appreciative Inquiry 肯定式探询库帕瑞德

Ashridge Mission Model Ashridge使命模型坎贝尔

Balanced Scorecard 平衡计分卡 Kaplan Norton

Bases of Social Power 社会权力基础 French Raven

Beyond Budgeting 超越预算 Fraser

BPR 企业流程重组 Hammer Champy

Brainstorming 头脑风暴法

Bridging Epistemologies 桥接认识论 Cook Brown

Business Process Reengineering 业务流程重组 Hammer Champy

Capability Maturity Model CMM 能力成熟度模型

Catalytic Mechanisms 催化机制 Collins

Catastrophe Theory 突变理论 Thom

Causal Model of Organizational Performance and Change 组织绩效与变革因果关系模型伯克-李特文

Centralization and Decentralization 中心化与去中心化

Change Approaches 变革法 Kotter

Change Behavior 变革行为 Ajzen

Change Dimensions 变革尺度 Pettigrew Whipp

Change Equation 变革平衡公式 Beckhard

Change Factors 变革因子 Pettigrew Whipp

Change Management Iceberg 变革管理冰山

Change Phases 变革阶段 Kotter

Changing Organization Cultures 组织文化变革法 Trice Beyer

Chaos Theory 混沌理论 Lorenz

Charismatic Leadership 魅力型领导 Weber

Coaching 教练

CMM model 能力成熟度模型

Co-Creation 共同创造 Prahalad Ramaswamy

Competing Values Framework 竞值架构 Quinn

Contingency Theory 权变理论 Vroom

Core Competence 核心竞争力 Hamel Prahalad

Core Group Theory 核心组理论 Kleiner

Crisis Management 危机管理

CSFs 关键成功因子 Rockart

Cultural Dimensions 文化尺度 Hofstede

Cultural Intelligence 文化智能 Early

Culture Levels 文化层次论 Schein

Culture Types 文化类型 Deal肯尼迪

Decentralization 去中心化

Deming Cycle 戴明循环 PDSA

DICE Framework DICE架构 BCG

Dimensions of Change 变革尺度 Pettigrew Whipp

Dimensions of Relational Work 关系工作类型Butler

Disruptive Innovation 颠覆性创新 Christensen

Distinctive Capabilities 特殊能力 Kay


Enterprise Architecture 企业架构 Zachman

Entrepreneurial Government 企业型政府 Osborne

Expectancy Theory 期望理论 Vroom

Experience Curve 经验曲线

Facilitation Styles 引导类型海荣

Five Disciplines 五项修炼 Senge

Force Field Analysis 力场分析法 Lewin

Forget Borrow Learn 遗忘借用学习法 Govindarajan Trimble

Fourteen Points of Management 质量管理14要点 Deming

Gestalt Theory 格式塔理论

Groupthink 团体迷思 Janis

Growth Phases 成长阶段 Greiner

Hawthorne Effect 霍索恩效应 Mayo

Hierarchical Organization 等级组织 Burns

Hoshin Kanri - Policy Deployment方针管理 政策展开

Implementation Management 执行管理 Krüger

Intellectual Capital Rating 智慧资本评级

Industry Change 产业变革 McGahan

Industry Life Cycle 产业生命周期

Innovation Adoption Curve 创新采用曲线 Rogers

Intangible Assets Monitor 无形资产检测器 Sveiby

Just-in-time JIT 及时生产

Kaizen 改善

Knowledge Management 知识管理 Collison Parcell

KPIs 关键绩效指标 Rockart

Leadership Pipeline 领导补给线德罗特

Leadership Styles 领导风格 Goleman

Learning Organization 学习型组织 Argyris Schön


Level 5 Leadership 第五级领导 Collins

Levels of Culture 文化层次 Schein

Levers of Control 控制杠杆 Simons

Management by Objectives 目标管理 Drucker

Managerial Grid 管理方格理论布莱克&穆顿

Managing for Value 价值管理 McTaggart

Mentoring 启导

Mergers and Acquisitions approaches 并购法

Metaplan 元规划 Schnelle

Modeling Business Processes 业务流程建模

MSP 成功管理计划 OGC

Office of Strategy Management 战略管理办公室 Kaplan Norton

OPM3 组织项目管理成熟度模型 PMI

Organic Organization 有机式组织 Burns

Organizational Configurations 组织构型 Mintzberg

Organizational Learning 组织学习 Argyris Schön

Organization Chart 组织结构图

Outsourcing 外包

PAEI Management Roles PAEI管理角色

Parenting Advantage 母合优势古尔德&坎贝尔

Parenting Styles 母合类型古尔德&坎贝尔

Path-Goal Theory 路径-目标理论


People-CMM 人力资源能力成熟度模式 CM-SEI

Performance Categories 绩效类别 Baldrige

Performance Management 绩效管理

Performance Prism 绩效测量棱镜

PMBOK 项目管理知识体系(PMI)

PMMM 项目管理成熟度模型 Reiss

Portfolio Analysis 业务组合分析


Positive Deviance 正向偏差 Pascale Sternin

Product Life Cycle 产品生命周期 Levitt

Real Options 实物期权 Luehrman

Result Oriented Management 业绩导向管理

Seven Habits 七个习惯 Covey

Scientific Management 科学管理泰勒

Servant-Leadership 仆人式领导格林里夫

Seven Surprises 七大惊奇 Porter

Shared Service Center 共享服务中心

Shareholder Value Perspective 股东价值观

Simulation modeling 仿真建模

Six Thinking Hats 六项思考帽 de Bono

Skandia Navigator 斯堪迪亚导航仪 Edvinsson


Soft Systems Methodology 软系统方法论 Checkland

Stage-gate 阶段-关卡流程 Cooper

Stages of Team Development 团队发展阶段 Tuckman

Stakeholder Value Perspective 利益相关者价值观

Strategic Intent 战略意图 Hamel Prahalad

Strategic Thrusts 战略攻击 Wiseman

Strategic Types 战略类型 Miles Snow

Strategy Maps 战略图表 Kaplan Norton

SWOT Analysis SWOT分析

Systems Thinking/Dynamics 系统思考/系统动力学 Forrester

Team Building 团队建设

Ten Principles of Reinvention 企业型政府重塑10原则 Osborne

Ten Schools of Thought 战略思想十大流派 Mintzberg

Theory of Constraints 约束理论 Goldratt

Theory of Mechanistic and Organic Systems 机械/有机系统论 Burns

Theory of Reasoned Action 理性行为理论 Ajzen Fishbein

Theory X Theory Y X理论-Y理论 McGregor

Theory Z Z理论 Ouchi

Training Within Industry 业内训练

Trajectories of Industry Change 产业变革轨迹 McGahan

Turnaround Management 重建管理

Twelve Principles of the Network Economy 网络经济12法则 Kelly

Value Based Management 价值管理

Value Chain 价值链 Porter

Value Disciplines 价值信条特里西威尔斯马

Value Mapping 价值映射图 Jack

Value Stream Mapping 价值流程图


变革与组织 管理社区

管理社区 (1027名成员)



Levels of Organisation Diagnostic Models
When should a change agent diagnose at individual-level, group-level and organizational level? And what are the strengt (...)
Loops and Mutual Causality in Organizational Change
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Organizational model for International Operations
We are moving our Ops department (IT, Back-office & Organization) from a Local approach to a Regional one, in which the (...)
Change: the Only Constant for Leaders
The constancy of change forces itself into our consciousness because of the dynamism of the human condition. Change is t (...)
Why do Organizations Change?
We all know that organizations change. They have to. But exactly why do organizations change? In other words, what are t (...)
Relevance of Change Management Theories?
My interpretation of change management theory in a practical sense is that change theories are never used, but are more (...)
Total Management Framework
I have devised a totally new framework which covers almost all areas of management and have recently self published a bo (...)
Governance Models for Community Sustainability
I have volunteered to be a member of a community based group that is working through a process for an Integrated Communi (...)
Change Management: Theory versus Practice
I would like to make a comparison between theory and practice in change management. I am writing a paper in which I disc (...)
Are we Managing Change or the Perceptions about Change?
Are we even managing change or are we managing employee feelings about the change? (...)
Agriculture - poor financial modelling
As a management tool agriculture requires better financial modelling and science practice. (...)
Management Theory: So Much To Discover
I believe that management is not a dead block of rules. Management is a living organism. It breaths, eats, drinks and (...)
Books on Change Management Theories
Is there any book to provide all the theories of change management? (...)
3 Factors for Successful Change
In my experience, successful change depends on 3 main factors: 1. Convincing model shaping the future of the organizati (...)
Change in a University
Is there an ideal model when assessing organizational change in a tertiary institution? I am considering ADKAR and compa (...)
Change Management Factors in Technology Transformation
During any technology transformation - like when implementing new technology initiatives or improving over the existing (...)
What is the McKinsey Approach?
In the past two years I have been using the 7-Step change model, combined with the . During the process a new leader cam (...)
Change Management in the Realty Industry
How would you initiate change [management] in the construction industry which generally does not have strategic plans, t (...)
Searching for the General Theory of the Firm
Is it not possible to set up the general theory of the firm? The reason why I raise this question is that there are so (...)
What is an Organization?
Someone asked me the other day: what exactly is an organization? DEFINITION OF AN ORGANIZATION Well, in in simple te (...)
Reframing Organizations (Bolman and Deal)
I would like to know about Framing/Reframing in organizations. What is the model and what are advantages, disadvantages (...)



🔥 我对于组织发展的总结
“组织发展(Organization Development)”一词自1950年代后期渐被引入管理学界,用以描述提高 (...)
🥈 Checklist of Organizational Problem Areas
I discovered the following useful checklist of typical organizational problem areas: 1) Dysfunctional organizational st (...)
🥉 Change: A Challenge and a Necessity
In the past, the field of organizational change and change management turned out problematic and change managers (...)
Can Organizational Change Lead to Extinction?
Is change better if it is revolutionary (i.e. fast and experimental) or evolutionary (slow and steady)? Will change ever (...)
Can Change be in the DNA of an Organization?
Can change become part of the nature (DNA) of the organization or it is a tool the organization should use to interact w (...)
Key Issues of Change Management (at the Executive Level)
The ability to manage organizational change at a high level has become a crucial skill for executives. The times of simp (...)
People Need Some Constancy (Besides Change)
People need some constancy (besides change), so when engaging in extensive change it is important to establish the thing (...)
Change is a Natural Process
If we think about change as a natural process in life... This occurs from two related lines: 1. The theory of chaos an (...)
Change Management Perception
Change management is often perceived as a business need. I don't agree with that. Isn't change everywhere in our lives. (...)
Organisational Ambidexterity
Hello, first of I want to say this is a fantastic forum. I am starting to write my final thesis and I would have some q (...)
Evolution Theory in Organisations?
Having just joined this forum I was surprised that there is no theory or model listed for "evolution theory". Surely thi (...)
Change Needs Dyadic Mapping
Successful change needs the very meaning of change, which is embedded within emotional relations among actors involved i (...)
The Role of Conflicts in an Organisation
A conflict is not necessarily good or bad, but must be evaluated in terms of its individual and organisational functions (...)

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