Marknadsföring. Metoder-, modeller- och teorier (A-Ö)


12 Principer för Nätverksekonomin Kelly

3C Modellen av Ohmae

4S Webb Marknadsmixen Constantinides

5 Krafter Porter

7P:n, Utökad Marknadsmix Booms och Bitner

ABC-Kalkyl, ABC-Metoden

ADL-matris Arthur D. Little


Analytisk CRM

ARIMA-modellen Box och Jenkins

Attributionsteori Heider

Bass Diffusionsmodell

BCG Matrisen

Begränsningsteorin, Teorin om Begränsningar Goldratt


Behovshierarki av Maslow

Blåa Oceanens Strategi Kim

Botten på Pyramiden Prahalad

Bryta sig loss/upp Positionering Moon

Business Intelligens

Business Process Reengineeringmetoden Hammer och Champy

Co-opetition, Värdenätet Brandenburger





Dynamisk Regression

Exponentiell Utjämning

Fem Krafter Porter

Flerkanalsmarknadsföring, Multikanalsmarknadsföring

Frågeundersökningsanalys (Exploratory Factor Analysis)

Företagets Anseendekvot Harris-Fornbrun

GE Matrisen

Grupptänkande Janis

Industriförändring McGahan

Innovationsspridningsteorin, Innovationsadoptionskurvan Rogers

Inramning, Framing Tversky

Konkurrensfördel Porter


Kulturdimensioner Hofstede

Kundnöjdhetsmodell Kano

Kundrelationshantering, Kundrelationsmarknadsföring

Kärnkompetens Hamel och Prahalad

Marknadsföringsmix, Marknadsmix, 4P-modellen McCarthy

McKinsey Matrisen


Nyckelpersoners Värdeperspektiv

Omvälvande Innovation Christensen

Omvänd Positionering Moon


Operativa CRM


Placering, Placera Trout


Produktlivscykler (Produktlivscykel) Levitt

Produkt/Marknadsmatris Ansoff

Quality Function Deployment, QFD-metod, QFD-process Akao

Regeln om Tre Sheth


Relationsmarknadsföring Levitt

Relativ Värdetillväxten Mass

Samskapande Prahalad och Ramaswamy


SERVQUAL-metoden Zeithaml

Simulering av Processer

Steg-Grind-modellen Cooper

Strategiska Triangeln Ohmae

STRATPORT-modellen Larreche


Särskiljande Förmågor (Distinctive Capabilities) Kay

Lägga till en metod / modell



Teori om Planerat Beteende Ajzen

Teori om Redogörat Aktion Ajzen

Traditionell Handel och Internet

Tredimensionella Affärsdefinitionsmodellen Abell

Totalkostnad för en Tillgång (Total Cost of Ownership)

Tolv Principer för Nätverksekonomin Kelly

Utvecklingsvägar för Förändring Inom en Industri

Utökad Marknadsmix

Varumärkes Identitetsprisma Kapferer

Varumärkespersonlighet Aaker


Vinstpooler (Profit Pools) Gadiesh och Gilbert

Värdebaserad Styrning

Värde Discipliner Treacy och Wiersema


Värdekedjan Porter

Värdenätet Brandenburger

Värdfördelskedja, Värdevinstkedjan Heskett


Marknadsföring Forumet
  What is More Important in Marketing? Sales Volume or After Sales Service?
I think after sales service is more important in marketing than initial sales volume. So then why are marketing people always given the pressure of reaching sales targets?...
  Sales Strategies | Selling Strategies
Moghareh and Haghighi (2009) discuss the various selling strategies and how each strategy affects sales performance. The author mentions three selling strategies that would have a positive effect on sales performance:
  Is Marketing Management an Art or a Science?
Marketing management represents creativity rooted and augmented by data for strategic decision-making and so must it remain. This article presents contending arguments as to the nature of marketing managementm - whether it is an art or a science - w...
  Six Deadly Small Business Marketing Mistakes
Six deadly small business marketing mistakes:
1. Not having a marketing plan.
2. Not differentiating your business from your competition.
3. Not having a systematic referral generating program.
4. Neglecting to communicate and mar...
  What is B2B? Precise Definition of B2B
Dear all, what is B2B may seem obvious at first sight.
However, take the case of office furniture or even office supplies. These are sold to companies and nonprofit organizations for use in their own offices. As per the definition of B2B it must...
  Marketing Strategy Must be Dynamic
Our marketing strategy is never completed!
As per my observation I can state this with confidence that every time we target any customer segment or we try to understand any market, we have to come up with new strategies.
We can not replicat...
  Sales Methods, Models and Theories
I say with a profound bitterness that so far we haven't found a way yet of transforming sales into a science. And it should be...
I've been a student of sales for the past 21 years. I try to read every author who becomes a best seller, every int...
  I Love Marketing. Marketing is to love
Hi Everybody!
I verily believe that marketing is to love! You first have to feel it, to understand it, to live it and finally do it.
If one is capable of feeling the needs of the market, the appropriate strategy will emanate naturally from ...
  Sales versus Business Development
What exactly is the difference between a sales executive and a business development executive? Any suggestions welcome......
  Marketing a Holistic Approach
Marketing doesn’t have a constant definition. It evolves with its environment. Marketing is very diverse and can have many definitions. In general marketing is a subset of organization strategy.
The ultimate aim or objective of marketing is to k...
  Marketing is Pathway for Strategic Management
Marketing has been like a road for a journey rather than a destination. marketing provides a pathway for tomorrows strategic management. Marketing can learn from the recession elements of the market of sales which have been lost - the importan...
  What is Lean Marketing? Definitions
What is lean marketing? Can you give some explanation / information? Thanks......
  International Marketing
To what extent should governments control industry and other factors of production in order to promote international business growth....
  What is Social Media Marketing?
Hey guys I need your opinion about social media marketing, what do you think what is it, is it a new strategy of marketing or is it just a new concept and related to web technology. ...
  Hard and Soft Marketing Styles... :-)
These are the various styles of a marketer:
-Hard style: tells he is going to take your money
-Soft style: does not tell he his going to take your money, but at the end he his taking it
-In between: contractual agreement....
  Effect of Culture on Market Plan
Culture is the foundation of human behaviour. It serves as the benchmark or reference point for one's decision torwards a purchase. Culture moulds one's behaviour....

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  Do Big Companies Depend too much on Marketing, Finance, Lobbying and Tax Rules?
In his book Antifragile, Taleb stated that the core of business is offering an honest and decent product or service that gives your customers value for money.
If this is not the case, then it's likely that we're dealing with a  
  Marketing Ethics are Forgotten
Many companies have completely forgotten the fact that marketing involves telling potential clients the TRUTH about a product. This is part of of marketing ethics.
I have seen brewery companies encouraging people to take alcoholic drinks for a g...
  Sales versus Marketing
Most or all of the MBA institutes teach marketing in their programs.
Today's corporate world emerges as sales-oriented with both marketing and sales playing a major role. Many people seem to be recruited for sales jobs.
There seems to be a...
  Marketing a Company in Decline
How can one market a company in decline though it still produces good quality. I need assistance as to how to communicate to lost customers as I am slightly technically disadvantaged at the production stage....
  Why is Marketing Hard?
Why is marketing for many firms such a challenge? Here are a few reasons I found:
1. Continuous change of marketing: marketing asks from businesses to change their products all the time, because customers demand changes all the time. New ...
  Common Marketing Strategy Mistakes?
Hi, I am looking for the problems experienced by marketing managers in setting up and implementing marketing strategies. What are the most common mistakes in setting up a marketing strategy?...
  What is Green Marketing? Definitions
What is green marketing? I need any researches regarding the green marketing subject....
  Marketing Communications as the Nerve of Marketing
Dear all! Do you have some comments on marketing communications as it is called the nerve of marketing, because it is getting directly in touch with your target group!...
  Strategic vs Operational Marketing
What are the differences between operational and strategic marketing and some examples of these differences? I can't find the answer anywhere....
  Starting a new plant in Romania
At the moment I'm working on my thesis. The main question is, is it interesting for the greenery b.v. to open a new plant in Romania. (trade in fruit and vegetables) At the moment we import for example melons from brazil, and we transport them to r...
  What is Marketing? (Kotler)
It was Philip Kotler who said: "Authentic marketing is not the art of selling what you make but knowing what to make. It is the art of identifying and understanding customer needs and creating solutions that deliver satisfaction ...
  The Future of Marketing
What is the future of marketing? A Dutch marketing magazine (Tijdschrift voor Marketing, October 2007) reported that the position of the marketing function in corporations is poor:
- Finance, HRM, and Strategy are more important, and Sales is se...
  Strategic Marketing versus Marketing Strategy?
What is the difference between strategic marketing and marketing strategy?...
  Marketing plan - Key elements?
What are the key elements of a marketing plan? Based on real example - welcome ;-) thnx 4 help!...

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