研究知识与无形资产管理 方法、模型与理论(A-Z)



Acquisition Integration Approaches 收购整合法 Haspeslagh Jemison

Action Learning 行动学习法瑞文斯

Ashridge Mission Model Ashridge使命模型坎贝尔

Balanced Scorecard 平衡计分卡 Kaplan Norton

Bass Diffusion Model 巴斯扩散模型 Bass

Brand Asset Valuator 品牌资产标量

Brand Identity Prism 品牌识别棱镜 Kapferer

Brand Personality 品牌个性 Aaker

Bridging Epistemologies 桥接认识论 Cook Brown

Business Intelligence 商业智能

Capability Maturity Model CMM 能力成熟度模型

Centralization and Decentralization 中心化与去中心化

Chaos Theory 混沌理论 Lorenz

CMM model 能力成熟度模型

Contingency Theory 权变理论 Vroom

Core Competence 核心竞争力 Hamel Prahalad

Corporate Reputation Quotient 企业声誉商数 Harris-Fornbrun

Cost-Benefits Analysis 成本效益分析

Customer Satisfaction Model 顾客满意度模型

Diamond Model 钻石模型 Porter

Dimensions of Change 变革尺度 Pettigrew Whipp

Distinctive Capabilities 特殊能力 Kay

Earnings Per Share EPS 每股盈利

Enterprise Architecture 企业架构 Zachman

Facilitation Styles 引导类型海荣

Growth Phases 成长阶段 Greiner

Hawthorne Effect 霍索恩效应 Mayo

Hierarchy of Needs 需求层次理论马斯洛(Maslow)

Human Capital Index HCI 人力资本指数

Impact/Value framework 影响/价值框架图 Hammer

Inclusive Value Measurement 包含价值管理 IVM

Intangible Assets Monitor 无形资产检测器 Sveiby

Intellectual Capital Rating 智慧资本评级

Johari Window 乔哈里资讯窗 Luft Ingham

Knowledge Management 知识管理 Collison Parcell

Learning Organization 学习型组织 Argyris Schön


Mergers and Acquisitions approaches 并购法

Mind Mapping 心智图法

OODA Loop 包以德循环

Organizational Learning 组织学习 Argyris Schön

Organizational Memory 组织记忆 Walsh Ungson

People-CMM 人力资源能力成熟度模式 CM-SEI

Performance Categories 绩效类别 Baldrige

Performance Prism 绩效测量棱镜

PEST Analysis PEST分析

Plausibility Theory 可能性理论

Portfolio Analysis 业务组合分析

Positioning 定位 Trout

PRVit PRVit公式

Pyramid Principle 金字塔原则 Minto

Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital RAROC 风险调整资本回报率

Real Options 实物期权 Luehrman

Resource-Based View 企业资源观 Barney

Risk Management 风险管理

Scientific Management 科学管理泰勒

SECI model SECI模型 Nonaka Takeuchi


Skandia Navigator 斯堪迪亚导航仪 Leif Edvinsson

Soft Systems Methodology 软系统方法论 Checkland

Spiral Dynamics 螺旋动力学 Graves

Stakeholder Value Perspective 利益相关者价值观

Strategic Alignment 战略策应 Venkatraman

Strategic Risk Management 战略风险管理 Slywotzky

Strategic Thrusts 战略攻击 Wiseman

Strategy Dynamics 战略动力学 Warren

Strategy Maps 战略图表 Kaplan Norton

TDC matrix TDC矩阵

Team Management Profile 团队管理剖面 Margerison McCann

Ten Schools of Thought 战略思想十大流派 Mintzberg

Theory of Mechanistic and Organic Systems 机械/有机系统论 Burns


Total Cost of Ownership 总体拥有成本

Twelve Principles of the Network Economy 网络经济12法则 Kelly

Two Factor Theory 二因素理论 Hertzberg

Value Based Management 价值管理

Value Creation Index 价值创造指数

Value Mapping 价值映射图 Jack

Value Profit Chain 价值利润链 Heskett

Value Reporting Framework 企业价值报告架构 PWC

VRIN VRIN观点 Barney


知识与无形资产管理 管理社区

管理社区 (269名成员)



🔥 DICK模型
我发现桑伽·阿南德(Sanjay Anand)的DICK模型——运用首字母缩写来阐述知识创造与分享的四 (...)
Communities of Practice
FORMAL COMMITTEES VERSUS COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE Formal committees and communities of practice are similar groups in an (...)
How Much are your Knowledge and Experiences Worth?
This question was prompted today by a musician who requested and expected free marketing services for a concert. When fi (...)



🥇 Knowledge Management Still Remains a Victim of Technology
I believe current knowledge management concepts still remain a victim of technologies particularly data and document man (...)
🥈 MBA? PROs and CONs for Individuals, Companies and Society
Management researcher Yehuda Baruch has analyzed benefits and costs of MBA degrees. He classifies the impacts of an MBA (...)
🥉 DICK and DICKS concept by Anand
I found out about this easy to remember acronym: the DICK model by Sanjay Anand. It highlights 4 evolutionary steps in k (...)
Is Business Education Useful?
25,000 new business books are published annually along with millions of business articles. Thousands of business schools (...)
Knowledge and Information
Knowledge is in someone's head and information is stored in databases. Information is easily acessibe to everyone but kn (...)
Poor Knowledge Management in the Public Sector
Retirees in our public sector ministries, departments and agencies are a typical example of "knowledge walking out of th (...)
Constant Practice and Training
Knowledge and Intangibles Management should be bases equally on constant PRACTICE and TRAINING which could easily enhanc (...)
How to Manage Knowledge from Experiences?
After World War II the global economy collapsed due to the heavy expenditure that most of the country had to bear in the (...)
From Knowing to Finding and Using Information
I think we will soon see a big shift in learning from a focus on "knowing" information to a focus on "finding and using" (...)
Wisdom Management: Can Wisdom be Managed?
In the discussion of the by Anand, the conclusion was reached that the highest level of knowledge is Wisdom. That then (...)
Definition and Meaning of Knowledge Management (KM)
There is no exhaustive definition for knowledge management, as there is no crystal clear definition for the concept of k (...)
The Knowledge Management Road Map of Tiwana
Firms do not only compete to sell their product, but also to acquire the best resources/inputs. One of these resources i (...)
MBA is Becoming a Rat Race
I talk about india.. Before independence it was the profession of law which attracted the best brains because it meant m (...)
How to Judge Education Without Degree
The education system has converted knowledge to a set of degrees which are put in hierarchy. Quite often it is so strong (...)
Knowledge Management and Achieving Excellence
As we evolve, knowledge management is one of the elements for increasing the complexity of our minds. This continuous pr (...)
Does Education Lead to People Becoming more Selfish?
I have seen that nowadays people are more intellectual and concerned with education, acquiring more and more knowledge. (...)
Imagination and Knowledge Management
Imagination is like the way you predict tomorrow by creating it today. Knowledge management will help you to plan, coord (...)
Knowledge Sharing in Projects
Please give me your proofread and your comments about the following text: In todays highly competitive global knowledg (...)
Imagination and Knowledge
As very rightly pointed out by Einstein, "Imagination" is more important than knowledge. It's simply because knowledge h (...)
Knowledge Management is Important
Knowledge management is vital in any organization for it to survive in today's ever changing marketplace, especially as (...)
How to Make a Person Really Learn?
I think people often understand, and even comprehend the message of the lessons, but just a few really transform the les (...)
Are Current Education Systems Stifling Initiative?
Has the standardisation and testing regime in schools, and the demise of the tutorial systems (small group intellectual (...)
Sharing Environments in Knowledge Management
Knowledge management (KM) is a dynamic process. Information comes from various stakeholders but is often lost before som (...)
An MBA is necessary for any business
MBA is the only program which is the combination of theory and practical according to the business principals. It gives (...)
Knowledge-based Economy versus Network Economy
What is the knowledge-based economy (KBE)? What type of theories are involved, and how can we narrate and interpret it? (...)
Know your Enemy Within - Bridging Knowledge and Practice of Management
Demonstrated experience compels one to believe that individual traits overshadow academic credentials in determining ach (...)
Why does University Life Scare New Students?
Why is it that students who are about to join university feel a bit scary about university life? I feel it is because o (...)

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