研究决策与评估 方法、模型与理论(A-Z)


14 Principles of Management 14项管理原则法约尔

Absorption Costing 吸收式成本法

Activity Based Costing ABC 作业成本法

Action Learning 行动学习法瑞文斯

Analogical Strategic Reasoning 战略类推伽威梯&里弗金

Attribution Theory 归因理论海德

Balanced Scorecard 平衡计分卡 Kaplan Norton

Bases of Social Power 社会权力基础 French Raven

Bass Diffusion Model 巴斯扩散模型 Bass

Benchmarking 标杆分析

Brainstorming 头脑风暴法

Brand Asset Valuator 品牌资产标量

Brand Identity Prism 品牌识别棱镜 Kapferer

Brand Personality 品牌个性 Aaker

Break-even Point 收支平衡点

Business Intelligence 商业智能

Capital Asset Pricing Model 资本资产计价模型 Sharpe

Cash Flow Return on Investment 现金流投资回报

Cash Value Added CVA 现金增值 Anelda

Cause and Effect Diagram 因果图石川

Centralization and Decentralization 中心化与去中心化

CFROI 现金流投资回报

Chaos Theory 混沌理论 Lorenz

Contingency Theory 权变理论 Vroom

Cost-Benefits Analysis 成本效益分析

Cost of Capital 资本成本

Cost of Equity 股本成本

Crisis Management 危机管理

Critical Chain 关键链 Goldratt

CSFs 关键成功因子 Rockart

Cultural Intelligence 文化智能 Early

Culture Types 文化类型 Deal肯尼迪

Decentralization 去中心化

Delphi Method 德尔菲法 Helmer

DICE Framework DICE架构 BCG

Direct Costing 直接成本法

Discounted Cash Flow DCF 贴现现金流

DuPont Model 杜邦模型

EBIT 息税前利润

EBITDA 息税、折旧及摊销前利润

Economic Margin EM 经济利润

Economic Value Added EVA 经济增值

Excess Return ER 额外回报

Fair Value accounting 公允价值会计

Free Cash Flow 自由现金流

Five Forces 五力模式

Force Field Analysis 力场分析法 Lewin

Full Costing 全部成本法

Game Theory 博奕论 Nash

Gestalt Theory 格式塔理论

Groupthink 团体迷思 Janis

Hierarchy of Needs 需求层次理论马斯洛(Maslow)

Impact/Value framework 影响/价值框架图 Hammer

Industry Life Cycle 产业生命周期

Intangible Assets Monitor 无形资产检测器 Sveiby

Intellectual Capital Rating 智慧资本评级

Internal Rate of Return 内部收益率

Kepner-Tregoe Matrix KT矩阵

KPIs 关键绩效指标 Rockart

Leadership Continuum 领导连续体 Tannenbaum

Liquidation Value 清算价值

Management by Objectives 目标管理 Drucker

Managerial Grid 管理方格理论布莱克&穆顿

Managing for Value 价值管理 McTaggart

Market Value Added MVA 市场增加值

Marginal Costing 边际成本法

Metaplan 元规划 Schnelle

Mind Mapping 心智图法

Modeling Business Processes 业务流程建模

Net Present Value NPV 净现值

Operations Research 运筹学


Organization Chart 组织结构图

P/E ratio 市盈率

Payback Period 投资回收期

PEG Ratio 市盈率与增长比率

Performance Management 绩效管理

Plausibility Theory 可能性理论

Portfolio Analysis 业务组合分析

Product Life Cycle 产品生命周期 Levitt

Profit Pools 利润池 Gadiesh, Gilbert

PRVit PRVit公式


Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital RAROC 风险调整资本回报率

Real Options 实物期权 Luehrman

Relative Value of Growth 增长相对价值 Mass

Return on Investment ROI 投资回报率

Risk Management 风险管理

Root Cause Analysis 根本原因分析

Scenario Planning 情境规划

Shareholder Value Perspective 股东价值观

Simulation modeling 仿真建模

Six Thinking Hats 六项思考帽 de Bono

Skandia Navigator 斯堪迪亚导航仪 Leif Edvinsson


Social Intelligence 社会智能

Spiral Dynamics 螺旋动力学 Graves

Spiral of Silence 沉默的螺旋 Noelle-Neumann

Stage-gate 阶段-关卡流程 Cooper

Stakeholder Analysis 利益相关者分析

Stakeholder Mapping 利益相关者分析图

Stakeholder Value Perspective 利益相关者价值观

Strategic Risk Management 战略风险管理 Slywotzky

Strategic Thrusts 战略攻击 Wiseman

Strategy Dynamics 战略动力学 Warren

Strategy Maps 战略图表 Kaplan Norton


SWOT Analysis SWOT分析

Systems Thinking / Dynamics 系统思考/系统动力学 Forrester

TDC matrix TDC矩阵

Ten Schools of Thought 战略思想十大流派 Mintzberg

Theory of Constraints 约束理论 Goldratt

Time-Driven Activity Based Costing 时间驱动作业成本法 Kaplan

Total Business Return TBR 总营业回报率 BCG

Total Cost of Ownership 总体拥有成本

Twelve Principles of the Network Economy 网络经济12法则 Kelly

Value Based Management 价值管理

Value Creation Index 价值创造指数

Value Disciplines 价值信条特里西威尔斯马

Value Engineering 价值工程马尔斯

Value Mapping 价值映射图 Jack

Variable Costing 变动成本法

WACC 加权平均资本成本

Whole Brain Model 全脑模型 Herrmann




决策与评估 管理社区。

管理社区 (646名成员)





🔥 理性的决策?
The Role of Optimism in Decision-Making
How does optimism influence decision-making?...
Why a Leader Must Make Informed Decisions
Ramos said: 'No authority shall rule over reason, on the contrary the mind must prevail over the authority to manage it'.
Therefore a wise leader should consider others' opinion, especially the v...
Avoid These Common Decision Traps and Errors
Making decisions is your most critical job as a leader. The more high-stakes a decision is, the more likely you are to get stuck. Here's how to avoid three of the most common traps:
1. Anchoring ...
Decision Making Process not Only for Managers
Decision making processes are not only for managers, they work in all fields of the organization......
Conscious and Unconscious Decision-making
A decision is a neurological process taken individually, collectively, or with a cyber brain that results in an action. The decision and hence actions can be taken consciously or unconsciously and the...
Individual versus Organizational Decision-making
We should distinguish between two basic levels (or types) of decision-making when studying the above methods and theories:
1. Individual decision-making - Historically viewed as a relative simple...
Decision-making Reviews?
Jerome Groopman says it's about time that managers make themselves more vulnerable by organizing formal decision-making reviews when a poor decision has been made, or when a particularly important de...
The Role of Opinions in Decision-making
Opinions play a major role in decision making in the absence of sufficient management information and lack of analytic skills.
Although modern management tools emphasize that management informat...
Making no Decision at All
Should the Indian way of decision making - "no decision at all" be construed as a decision?...
Good Judgment in Decision Making
We are often in a situation where there are no right or wrong answers when we must make a decision. In such situations we need "good judgment". Good judgment is the ability to combine personal qualiti...
What Makes a Manager Into a Good Decision-maker? 10 Traits for Decision Making
Decision making is vital in our life, be it workplace or home. My long experience in industry and thirty years of marriage say decision making needs the following traits in a 'manager':
1. Knowl...
Avoid Hasty Decision-making
Life itself is the ultimate school for making decisions. We make them constantly when faced with any situation.
However, we need not be hasty about making them (although some are required on the ...
The Role of Religion in Decision Making
Do Religion, Yoga, Meditation play any role in correct decision making?
Our religions preach many virtues which are age old and long lasting. They are playing a vital role in many people's lives....
Silence Following a Decision is Sometimes Seen as Agreement
Some individuals/organizations/cultures will perceive/treat silence following a decision as agreement.
The other party should be aware of that....
What is Institutional Theory?
Has anyone got any information or pointers to this theory? Thanks......
Reasoning in Decision Making
In a business decision making process, an aspect of 'Reasoning' is involved. Reasoning is the process of using existing knowledge to draw conclusions, make predictions, or construct explanations. Ther...
Artificial Intelligence in Strategic Decision-making
Do you think Artificial Intelligence (big data, self-learning software, digital networks, algorithms) represents an entirely new way of strategic decision-making?
Or is it just a very powerful op...
Apps for Decision-making
Are there any systems or intelligent apps to help make the most appropriate decision among a set of alternatives by choosing the best solution alternatives to a problem based on some analysis?...



Rational Decision-making
I don't believe in any rational decision-making methods for managers. The complexity of most management decisions is big, and the circumstances change quickly.
As a result, many executives prefer...

Decision-making According to Peter Drucker
Definition of a Decision
A decision is a choice whereby a person performs a conclusion about a situation. This represents a course of behavior about what must or what must not be done. It is th...

5 Steps to Learn from your Mistakes
We all know that making mistakes is needed to learn from them, in order to do things better in the future. Indeed, people are often told to learn from mistakes, to maximize return on failure. But how ...

15 Obstacles to Making Decisions
What kinds of obstacles do you know to making (correct) decisions?
Here is my collection of common reasons which may or will lead to bad decisions. I am looking forward to hearing your further ob...

Improving the Decision-making by Managers: Choice Architecture
A different approach towards improving decision making is 'Choice Architecture'.
In every organization, employees tend to make decisions that will neither benefit their employer nor themselves. A...

How to Choose the Appropriate Decision-making Method
Most decision makers in organizations rely on conventional decision-making tools - even in situations of high complexity and uncertainty. However, these basic tools are based upon the assumption that ...

6 Ways of Dealing with Uncertainty at Work
Have you ever wondered if and how you should start a new job at a new organization? Are you considering the option of a transfer to a new team or department? Do you have jitters about the new project ...

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