Strategic Marketing versus Marketing Strategy?


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Strategic Marketing versus Marketing Strategy?

What is the difference between strategic marketing and marketing strategy?


Strategic Marketing

Interesting question. In my view, MARKETING STRATEGY is one type of functional strategy. Other functional strategies include: HRM strategy, Supply Chain strategy, Financial strategy, Sales strategy, etc. Typically, in large firms, after the business strategy is formulated, the various functions in the firm create their functional strategy to align with the business strategy.
More problematic is the term STRATEGIC MARKETING. This term can best be understood when it is compared with operational marketing, which is about such things as advertising, organising events, PR, customer databases, etc. Strategic Marketing on the other hand is dealing with such things as: product (line) strategy, corporate reputation, branding, strategic planning, etc.


Difference between strategic marketing & marketing strategy

Strategic marketing is related to the corporate le (...)


Strategic Marketing

Acc to me: Strategic Marketing would cover how an (...)


Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing provides direction and analyse (...)

  Rajiv Kuruppu

Marketing Strategy Vs Strategic Marketing

The real question that needs to be answered is "wh (...)

  Andrea Stocchetti

Strategic Marketing vs Operational Marketing

According to general literature strategic marketin (...)

  Nauman Ghauri

Eastern Vs Western strategies

In the present era, where there is only one countr (...)


Marketing Strategy vs Strategy Marketing

After the business plan is made, every department (...)


Strategic Marketing vs Marketing Startegy

From my view, startegic marketing is the overall v (...)

Student (University), United Kingdom

Strategic Marketing and Marketing Strategy

These two topics are very different but interrelat (...)

Director, India

In Short...

Strategic marketing is the process planned to atta (...)

Student (University), United Kingdom

Strategic Marketing versus Marketing Strategy

In my opinion, - Strategic marketing is using id (...)

Teacher, Indonesia

Strategic Marketing versus Marketing Strategy

In my opinion, strategic marketing is a marketing (...)

  Uditha Liyanage

Strategic Marketing versus Marketing Strategy

In my view, - Strategic marketing is about "what (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Marketing Strategy

According to Armstrong & Kotler, marketing strateg (...)

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