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Bottom up...Definition Bottom-up Approach? Meaning.

Bottom-up Approach is a democratic, involving and consultative style of Decision-Making, Organizational Change, Leadership and Strategy Formation, in which employee participation is promoted at all levels the organization. This approach to leadership is associated with Flat Organization Structures.

Advantages of the bottom-up approach include:

  • Participation of employees (this is likely to influence the implementation of the plans in a positive way).

  • Motivation of employees.
  • Empowerment of Employees - Encourages creativity at lower levels
  • Ownership of employees (even if things initially don't work as expected, there is no blaming or pointing of fingers, but instead there is a willingness to be creative and get it right this time).

  • Does not require a lot of knowledge at the top level.

  • Leverages specialized knowledge which is present in the lower echelons of the organization.

Disadvantages of the bottom-up approach include:

  • Complexity (making a decision with just a few people is more simple).

  • Time-consuming (making a decision with just a few people will typically be faster).

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