Finance and Investing

Study and learn Finance and Investing. Methods, models and theories (A-Z)

Finance and Investing

Abandonment Value

Abnormal Rate of Return

Absorption Costing

Accounting Cycle

Accounting Equation

Accounts Receivable Factoring

Accounts Receivable Financing

Accrual Accounting

Acid Test Ratio

Activity Based Costing ABC ABM

Accounting Earnings EPS

Acquisition Integration Approaches Haspeslagh Jemison

Adjusted Book Value

ADL Matrix Arthur D. Little

Aggregate Demand

Aggregate Supply

Alternative Investments

American-Style Option


Anchoring Bias Tversky Kahneman

Anti Hostile Takeover Mechanisms

Arbitrage Pricing Theory Ross

ARIMA Box and Jenkins

Asian Option

Asset Management

Asset Stripping

Assets Held For Sale

Audit Trail

Average Cost Pricing

Average Rate of Return

Back-End Plan

Balanced Scorecard Kaplan Norton

Bandwagon Effect Bias

Bankmail Engagement


Bass Diffusion Model Bass

BCG Matrix

Behavioral Finance


Beyond Budgeting Fraser

Black-Scholes Model

Black Swan Theory Taleb

Bond Insurance

Book Value

Bounded Rationality Simon

Break-even Point

Business Analytics

Business Angel

Business Assessment Array

Business Bankruptcy

Business Incubator

Business Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

Buy-Side Analyst


Call Option

Capacity Utilization

Capital Asset Pricing Model CAPM

Capital Assets

Capital Budgeting

Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)

Capital Lease

Capital Output Ratio

Capital Turnover

Capitalization Rate

Capitalization Ratio

Cash Accounting

Cash Burn Rate

Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC)

Cash Flow from Operations

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Return on Investment

Cash Asset Ratio

Cash Ratio

Cash Value Added CVA Anelda

Ceteris Paribus


Chaos Theory Lorenz

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chinese Wall

Cognitive Bias

Collection Ratio

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Competitive Pricing

Completed-Contract Method

Concept Statement

Confirmation Bias

Contingent Assets

Contingent Liabilities

Contribution Pricing

Conversion Price

Conversion Ratio

Convertible Bond

Convertible Preferred Stock

Corporate Accountability


Corporate Bond

Corporate Finance

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Transparency

Cost Analysis

Cost-benefits analysis

Cost Center

Cost Drivers

Cost Dynamics

Cost, Insurance and Freight

Cost Leadership Porter

Cost of Capital

Cost of Equity

Cost-plus Pricing

Cost Recovery Method

Credit Rating

Credit Risk Management

Credit Scoring

Crown Jewel Defense


Current Assets

Current Liabilities

Current Ratio

Customer Profitability Analysis

Days Inventory Outstanding

Days Payable Outstanding

Days Sales Outstanding

Debt Restructuring

Debt to Equity Ratio

Deferred Shares



Diamond Model Porter

Direct Costing

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Discounted Cash Flow DCF

Distress Restructuring


Dividend Discount Model

Dividend Payout Ratio


Due Diligence

DuPont Model

Dutch Auction

Dynamic Regression

Earnings Management

Earnings Per Share EPS




Economic Margin EM

Economic Value Added EVA

Economies of Scale

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Elasticity of Demand

Elasticity of Supply

Emerging Markets

Employee Stock Options

Employee Stock Ownership Plan


Environmental Insurance

Equity Method

Errors and Omissions Insurance

ESG Factors

European-Style Option

Excess Return ER

Executive Compensation

Exit Strategy

Expense Center

Exponential Smoothing

Face Value

Factor Endowments

Fair Value accounting

Feasibility Study

Feedback Loops

Financial Assets

Financial Covenants

Financial Lease

Financial Leverage

First-In First-Out

Five Forces Porter

Fixed Assets



Foreign Investment Guarantees

Fox and the Crow, The

Free Cash Flow

Friendly Takeover

Full Costing

Fundamental Analysis

Futures Contract

Game Theory Nash

Gearing Ratio

GE Business Screen


Golden Hello

Golden Parachute

Goodbye Kiss

Grey Knight

Gross Domestic Product

Gross Profit Percentage

Growth Share Matrix BCG

Harvest Strategy



Horizontal Agreement

Horizontal Integration


Impact/Value framework Hammer


Income Effect

Index Fund

Industry Attractiveness

Industry Life Cycle

Inferior Goods

Initial Public Offering

Installment Sales Method

Institutional Investors

Intangible Assets

Integrative Thinking

Interim Management

Internal Rate of Return

Inventory Shrinkage

Investing by Business Firms

Investment Center

Investment Portfolio

Investor Sentiment

Job Order Costing

Joint Venture

Killer Bees

Last-In First-Out

Leveraged Buy-out

Leveraged Recapitalization

Liquidation Value

Liquidity Ratio

Lobster Trap

Loss Aversion Bias

Management Accounting

Management Buy-out

Managing for Value McTaggart

Marginal Cost Pricing

Marginal Costing

Market Cap

Market Perform

Market Value

Market Value Added MVA

Maturity Date

McKinsey Matrix

Mergers and Acquisitions approaches

Microfinance Yunus

Microfinance Channel


Modified Accrual Accounting

Mutual Fund


Net Present Value NPV

Nominal Value

Non-operating Assets

Non-Systemic Risk



NTCP Diamond Model Shenhar Dvir

Nudge Theory

Off-Balance Sheet Financing


Operating Assets

Operating Cash Flow

Operating Lease

Operating Profit

Operating Profit Percentage

Operations Research

Opportunity Cost

Organizational Absorption


P/E ratio

Payback Period

PEG Ratio

Pension Parachute

People Pill

Percentage-of-Completion Method

Performance Management, Business

Performance Prism

PEST Analysis

Phantom Stock Plan

Plausibility Theory

Poison Put

Political Risks

Portfolio Agility

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Insurance

Post-Merger Integration

Preferred Stock

Preventive Composition

Price Setting

Process Costing

Product Life Cycle Levitt

Product/Market Grid Ansoff

Profit Pools Gadiesh, Gilbert

Professional Liability Insurance

Profit and Loss Statement

Profit Center

Pro Forma Earnings

Project Risk Assessment

Proportional Voting


Protective Composition

Put Option

Qualitative Investment Analysis

Quantitative Investment Analysis

Quick Ratio

Recession, Demand-driven

RAROC Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital

Real Options Luehrman

Real Ratio



Redemption Value

Regression Analysis

Relational Capital

Relative Value of Growth Mass

Required Rate of Return

Required Return

Residual Income

Residual Value


Result Oriented Management

Results-Based Leadership Ulrich

Retained Earnings

Retention Ratio

Return on Capital Employed ROCE

Return on Equity ROE

Return on Invested Capital ROIC

Add a method / model

Return on Investment ROI

Rolling Forecast

Return on Net Assets RONA

Revenue Center

Revenue Recognition

Reverse Auction

Reverse Takeover

Ring Fencing

Risk Attitude

Rule of 72

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor Statement

Sale and Leaseback

Sales Lease

Say's Law

Scorched Earth Defense



Sell-Side Analyst

Seven Signs Of Ethical Collapse Jennings


Shared Value Porter

Shareholders’ Equity

Shareholder Value

Shareholder Value Perspective

Short Selling

Simulation modeling

Special Purpose Vehicle


Staggered Board of Directors

Stakeholder Value Perspective

Standard Costing

Standard Cost Pricing

Standstill Agreement

Start-up Company

Stock Dividend

Strategic Fit

Strategic Risk Management Slywotzky

Strategic Synergy


Subscription Right

SWOT Analysis

Systemic Risk

Tangible Assets

Tangible Book Value

Targeted Repurchase

Tax Avoidance

Tax Haven

Technical Analysis

Time-Based Activity Based Costing Kaplan

Time to Market

Time Value of Money

Total Business Return TBR BCG

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Shareholder Return TSR

Trade Finance

Transfer Pricing

Treasury Stock

Triple Bottom Line Elkington

Turnaround Management

Twelve Principles of the Network Economy Kelly

Ultra Vires

Unissued Stock


Value at Risk

Value Based Management

Value Chain Porter

Value Creation Index

Value Disciplines Treacy Wiersema

Value for Money Audit

Value Mapping Jack

ValueReporting Framework PWC

Variable Costing

Venture Capital

Venture Funding

Vertical Agreement

Vertical Integration

Voting Rights Plan

Vulture Capitalist



Whisper Number

Whistle Blower

White Knight

Wolf of Wall Street, The

Working Capital

Working Capital Ratio


Yield Management

Yield to Maturity

Zero Based Budgeting Phyrr

Z-Score Altman



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