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Definition Empowerment of Employees. Description.

Empowerment of employees is the process of distributing power, decision-making responsibilities, discretion and/or resources to subordinates, employees or workers.

Nowadays, knowledge-based enterprises are characterized by a flat hierarchical structures and a multi-skilled workforce.

Managers assume leadership and coaching tasks and provide employees (knowledge workers) with the resources and working conditions they need to accomplish the goals they've agreed to. In brief, managers work for their staff, and not the reverse. Empowerment is the oil that lubricates this process.

Empowerment can contribute to the performance of organizations in a number of ways:

  1. Motivate (knowledge) workers to work harder.

  2. Improve the level or competences of employees.

  3. Decrease the need for indirect staff (when direct staff takes on certain responsibilities previously performed by indirect staff).

Empowerment of Employees Forum
  Deepak Chopra's LEADERS Approach
I love Deepak Chopra's approach "L.E.A.D.E.R.S":
L = Look and see
E = Emotional bound
A = Awareness
D = Dream & Do
E = Empowerment
R = Responsability
S = Synchronicity
To carry this out you must become a whole ...
  Employee Empowerment versus Self Leadership
How do you see empowerment of staff versus taking leadership as an employee?
In the first approach you give them a chance to grow, but in the latter concept they take responsibility and take a chance to grow.
And what should go first?...
  The Objectives of Empowerment
Companies focus on ROI and to engage employees we have to ensure there is a positive return on the employees' investment of time and effort. So monetary motivation remains the base for both the firm and the employee.
But the different...
  Empowerment Requires Motivation!
Empowering employees is effective when it is entrusted to workers with full dedication. Empowerment is not passing the bulks to others and is not by leaving the job to be handled without appreciation. Motivation and empowerment are two inseparable th...
  Empowerment also decreases Attrition!
I believe empowerment is the most important tool to reduce a high attrition rate....
  Empowerment Must Be Genuine and Noticeable
Empowerment is not about rhetoric, it is not about copying what others are doing just for the sake of it.
It must genuinely have the interest of the employee at heart and it must have the long term interest of the organisation at heart.
  Empower Employees to Appraise Managers
While management is about getting things done through people, my experience says that many modern managers are not necessarily skilled in their area. This results in them applying the theory to get subordinates to do it for them while they sit back, ...
  Success of Empowerment Depends on Rewards
The success of empowerment greatly depends on the financial rewards or compensation to fulfill the basic desires of humanity....
  4 Characteristics of Empowerment
What are the four characteristics of empowerment? Thanks for your suggestions......
  The Gentle Art of Non-Doing Leadership
Leading others is more about following them than forcing them.
Managing people without doing anything is a strange concept for some people who believe that, to get a group of people to work, you have to direct them, control them, and push them. ...

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Best Practices - Empowerment of Employees Premium
  Peter Block's Six Conversations
Conversation is one of the most natural things people do, regardless of their status or level of intellect. Peter Block developed an empowerment methodology leveraging certain types of conversations.
The method is aimed at mobilizing p...

Expert Tips - Empowerment of Employees Premium

Enterprise 2.0: Integration of Internal and Public Social Media in the Organization

Companies more and more often implement Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0), which means implementing either social media tools internal in the company’s intranet (...
Usage (application): Enterprise 2.0, Social Media Integration, Business Process Management

Resources - Empowerment of Employees Premium

Employee Empowerment, Teamwork and Communication

Colorful presentation with speaking notes about 3 tools to improve organizational performance: Teamwork, Communication and Empowerment. The presentati...
Usage (application): Performance Management, Employee Empowerment

Managing Psychological Well-being in Workplaces

This presentation elaborates on the developing of efficient workplaces through mental well-being. The presentation includes the following sections: Usage (application): Organizational Commitment, Performance Management, Stress Management, Workplace Management

How to Develop Effective Workplace Relationships?

This presentation discusses the development of efficient workplace relationships in detail. The presentation includes the following sections:
1. ...
Usage (application): Relationship Management, Employee Relationship,

Strategies for Empowerment: Theory and Practices

Presentation about strategies and theories of empowerment. The presentation includes the following sections:
1. Four dimensions of individual-lev...
Usage (application): Empowerment

Employee Empowerment and Interpersonal Interventions

Detailed Presentation about Employee Empowerment and Interpersonal Interventions, including the following sections
1. Introduction
2. Case S...
Usage (application): Employee Empowerment, Participative Mangement

Fighting Stress with Employee Resilience

Employee resilience
This presentation is about employee resilience and includes the following sections:
1. Agenda
2. The changing face ...
Usage (application): Employee Resilience, Multitasking, Absenteism, Employee Involvement, Dual Commitment, Work/Life Balance

Involving Employees to get their Commitment

In this short video Brian Parsley reveals a secret of how to get more commitment out of your employees: involvement. Involve people in the things that...
Usage (application): Employee Commitment, Employee Participation, Participative Management

The X Model of Employee Engagement

Organizations aim for success. And so do employees. But individuals (employees, executives, managers) have their own definition of success, goals, str...
Usage (application): Employee Engagement, Organizational Commitment, Amployee Attitude

How to Achieve Employee Engagement

Tom Peters gives a short, but fundamental advice on how you can accomplish his 3rd and 4th principle (3. Autonomy and Entrepreneurship, and 4. Product...
Usage (application): Employee Empowerment, Employee Participation, Participative Management, Participative Leadership


Empowerment Of Employees


Empowerment Of Employees


Empowerment Of Employees


Empowerment Of Employees

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