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Quinn and Bottom-up Change
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, Premium Member
Quinn in his 1996 book "Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within" identifies that change occurs when you find the source of trouble. He also suggests that cultural change needs to start with personal change, even for the CEO. Quinn suggests organizations need to undo forces that want to preserve the status quo, especially if they involve the maintenance of hierarchies. He also suggests promoting technically competent and innovative people may not help change, if they do not understand the culture or politics of the organization.
Is it possible for the power of the leader to poison the workplace environment? I think it may. Sometimes resistance or barriers are created by a leader, who is not trusted or respected. Qui...Sign up

Bottoms Up!
cheryl yamazaki, Business Consultant, Australia, Member
Wonderful - it's about time, someone is singing my tune! When individuals understand that the real power lies with them and begin to take responsibili...Sign up

sheeja, Professor, India, Member
Change often starts from the top to the middle to the bottom. The top level puts forth the requirement of change. Middle level tries to implement it a...Sign up

The Nature of Hierchical Effects
Marcus Webber, Strategy Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
The issue is that of the fundamental instability that attends the nature of hierarchical power.
See Sumantra Ghoshal, John Seddon and my writings...Sign up

Bottom-up in Practice
dagmar kokavcova, Professor, Slovakia, Member
As a good example of this approach I consider the Brazilian company Semco where Ricardo Semler implemented a succesful democratization model of modern...Sign up

Involving the Bottom Level in the Implementation
Sankaran Nambissan Poozhikunnath, Manager, Sultanate of Oman, Member
Change will be decided by the top level. They are successful if they can implement from the bottom level. An important thing is the bottom level has t...Sign up

Managing and Leading Change
Johnny Michael Tan, Management Consultant, Malaysia, Member
Change starts from the top... Must involve top / middle management... Then cascade to the rank and file. Must have imperatives:
1. A frame for th...Sign up

Bottom-up or Top-Down Approach
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India, Member
In certain situations, 'bottom-up approach' is more appropriate, in certain other situations, 'top-down' is more appropriate, both have their u...Sign up

Achieving Consensus
Ron White, Teacher, United Kingdom, Member
I agree with Madan Gopal Agarwal that, basically, different situations call for different approaches to managing change. There is no doubt that in any...Sign up

Combine Bottom-up and Top-down Approach
Barbara Wilson, Coach, France, Member
I like this approach and remember it from my MBA study, and on the whole would support it. When I have been involved with introducing and implementing...Sign up

Quinn and Bottom-up Change
Ian Straus, Analyst, United States, Member
@David, re. "is it possible for the power of a leader to poison the workplace environment?" - of course it is. I have lived through that.
When yo...Sign up

Merger of Top Down and Bottom- Up Approaches
Rixon Campbell, United States, Member
One of the characteristics of a transformational leader is to share the vision, and then lead by example. Without top management or the ...Sign up

All Levels are Needed
Cindy Palomo, Manager, United States, Member
I don't think it's a question of one or the other (top-down or bottom-up). Each level within the organization has an important role to play in any ...Sign up

Participation of All Levels
Motsi, Accountant, Zimbabwe, Member
In my view, organisations must espouse the spirit of interdependence in order to secure synergistic advantages in any change initiative. This m...Sign up

A Warning Word About Employees Participation
Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico, Member
Employees participation is good, but shall be focused on the HOW (how to implement),
Asking WHAT (business goals) to employees is a way to avoid...Sign up

Bottom - Up and Top Down Approaches Both Obsolete
Charles Peter, CEO, Kenya, Member
My conviction is that both these approaches are becoming obsolete in the age we are in. Open door communication laterally across the organizati...Sign up

Change or Be Changed
James Saw, Analyst, Malaysia, Member
Like it or not, every organization is like a living organism, it transforms and must transform according to its life cycle - conceived, growth, maturi...Sign up

Ripples Approach
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Bottom up or top down approaches have their due roles and applicability; however what I see is if an organization applies open communication and has r...Sign up

Choose One Approach
SANKHA SUBHRA RAKSHIT, Manager, India, Member
Both approaches are having advantages as well as disadvantages. But I believe that if in a particular organization cannot judge which approach they wi...Sign up

Gaps in Bottom up
Serkalem G.Kirstos, CEO, Ethiopia, Member
I do agree with a bottom-up approach but not in its entirety since people at the lower echelon of the company generally lack the understanding of the ...Sign up

Bottom-up Approach and Fear
Nasir Cader, Student (Other), Member
Information and suggestions should flow from the counter to the ivory tower. However, those working at the counter are sometimes reluctant to express ...Sign up

Bottom-up Approach Should be Systematically Applied
Odufowokan Adesina, Teacher, Nigeria, Member
It`s an instrument for solving organizational problems to an extent but to a greater extent will be more effective and relevant if systematically appl...Sign up

Combine Bottom Up and Top Down
David Whitfield, Professor, United States, Member
I totally agree with Barbara Wilson regarding both top and bottom because when it comes to discussing, accepting, and implementing change, we need ...Sign up

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Brett E Holdeman
Student (University)

Bottom-up Approach
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