Decision-making and Valuation

Study and learn Decision-Making and Valuation. Methods, models and theories (A-Z)

Decision-making and Valuation

14 Principles of Management Fayol

3 A's of Metrics

5 Whys

Abandonment Value

Abductive Reasoning Pierce

Abilene Paradox Harvey

Abnormal Rate of Return

Absorption Costing

Accelerated Depreciation

Activity Based Costing ABC ABM

Action Learning Revans

Action Priority Matrix

Action Research Lewin

Adjusted Book Value


Analogical Strategic Reasoning Gavetti Rivkin

Anchoring Bias Tversky Kahneman

Art of War Sun Tzu

Asian Option

Attribution Theory Heider

Average Cost Pricing

Average Rate of Return

Balanced Scorecard Kaplan Norton

Bandwagon Effect Bias


Bases of Social Power French Raven

Bass Diffusion Model Bass


Big Data Analytics

Bisociation Koestler

Black-Scholes Model

Black Swan Theory Taleb

Bond Insurance

Book Value

Bottom-up Approach

Bounded Rationality Simon


Brand Asset Valuator

Brand Identity Prism Kapferer

Brand Management

Brand Personality Aaker


Break-even Point

Business Analytics

Business Angel

Business Bankruptcy

Business Insurance

Business Intelligence

Business Interruption Insurance

Buy-Side Analyst

Capital Asset Pricing Model Sharpe

Capital Assets

Capital Budgeting

Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)

Capital Lease

Capitalization Rate

Cash Flow Return on Investment

Cash Value Added CVA Anelda

Causal Ambiguity

Cause and Effect Diagram Ishikawa

Centralization and Decentralization

Ceteris Paribus


Chairman of the Board

Chaos Theory Lorenz

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Procurement Officer


Cognitive Bias

Collection Ratio

Commercial Property Insurance

Concept Statement

Confirmation Bias

Contingency Theory Vroom

Conversion Ratio

Corporate Bond

Corporate Charter

Corporate Finance

Corporate Sustainability

Cost-benefits analysis

Cost Center

Cost of Capital

Cost of Equity

Covert Leadership Mintzberg

Credit Rating

Credit Risk Management

Crisis Management

Critical Chain Goldratt

Cross-Functional Team

CSFs Rockart

Cultural Intelligence Early

Culture Types Deal Kennedy

Cynefin Framework Snowden, Boone

Data Visualization


Decision-making Environments Snowden, Boone

Decision Tree

Delphi Method Helmer




Design Thinking

DICE Framework BCG

Direct Costing

Discounted Cash Flow DCF

Dividend Discount Model

Due Diligence

DuPont Model




Economic Margin EM

Economic Value Added EVA

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Eisenhower Matrix


Evidence-Based Management Pfeffer Sutton

Excess Return ER

Executive Compensation

Expense Center

Face Value

Fair Value accounting

False Consensus Bias

Feasibility Study

Feedback Loops

First-In First-Out

Five Forces Porter

Force Field Analysis Lewin

Free Cash Flow

Full Costing

Functional Team

Fundamental Analysis

Game Theory Nash

Garbage Can Model Cohen March Olsen

General Management

Gestalt theory

Groupthink Janis

Halo Effect

HBDI Model

Hierarchical Organization Structure

Hierarchy of Needs Maslow

Hindsight Bias

Horn Effect

Illusion of Control Bias

Impact/Value framework Hammer


Industry Life Cycle

Informal Organization

Intangible Assets

Intangible Assets Monitor Sveiby

Integrative Thinking

Intellectual Capital Rating

Interbrand Brand Valuation

Interim Management

Internal Rate of Return

Investment Center

Investor Sentiment

Judgement, Good

Judgement Noise

Kepner-Tregoe Matrix

KISS Principle

KPIs Rockart

Last-In First-Out

Lateral Thinking

Leadership Continuum Tannenbaum

Liquidation Value

Loss Aversion Bias

Machine Learning

Management Accounting

Management by Objectives Drucker

Managerial Grid Blake Mouton

Managing for Value McTaggart

Market Value

Market Value Added MVA

Marginal Costing

Maturity Date

Metaplan Schnelle


Mind Mapping

Modeling business processes

Multitasking Behavior

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


Net Present Value NPV

Nominal Value


Nudge Theory

Objective Analysis Tree

Online Corporate Reputation

Operating Lease

Operations Research

Opportunity Cost

Add a method / model

Organizational DNA

Organizational Resilience

Organization Chart

Paralysis by Analysis

Pareto Principle Juran

Payback Period

PEG Ratio

P/E ratio

Performance Management, Business

Personal Belief Bias

Planning Fallacy Bias

Plausibility Theory

Political Risks

Portfolio Agility

Portfolio Analysis

Preferred Stock

PRIMO-F Model Morrison

Problem Analysis Tree

Product Life Cycle Levitt

Professional, A

Profit and Loss Statement

Profit Center

Profit Pools Gadiesh, Gilbert

Project Planning Matrix


Qualitative Investment Analysis

Quantitative Investment Analysis


RAPID Approach

Reflective Urgency

RAROC Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital

Rätselvermehrung Heinsohn

Real Options Luehrman

Relative Value of Growth Mass

Redemption Value

Relational Capital

Required Rate of Return

Required Return

Residual Income

Residual Value

Retained Earnings

Return on Investment ROI

Revenue Center

Root Cause Analysis

Rule of 72

Sale and Leaseback

Scenario Planning

Sell-Side Analyst

Shared Value Porter

Shareholder Value Perspective

Simulation modeling

Six Thinking Hats de Bono

Skandia Navigator Leif Edvinsson

SMART Drucker

Social Facilitation Triplett

Social Intelligence

SOFT Model Humphrey

Spiral Dynamics Graves

Spiral of Silence Noelle-Neumann

Stacey Matrix

Stage-Gate Cooper

Staggered Board of Directors

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder Value Perspective

Statistical Significance

Strategic Agility

Strategic Risk Management Slywotzky

Strategic Thrusts Wiseman

Strategy Analysis

Strategy Dynamics Warren

Strategy Map Kaplan Norton


SWOT Analysis

Synectics Gordon

Systems Thinking / Dynamics Forrester

Tangible Assets

Tangible Book Value

Tax Haven

TDC Matrix Internet

Technical Analysis

Technological Forecasting

Ten Schools of Thought Mintzberg

Theory of Constraints Goldratt

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving Altshuller

Time-Based Activity Based Costing Kaplan

Time Management

Time Value of Money

TIPS Altshuller

Top-down Approach

Total Business Return TBR BCG

Total Cost of Ownership

Treasury Stock

TRIZ Altshuller

Twelve Principles of the Network Economy Kelly

Type 1 and Type 2 Decisions Bezos

Ultra Vires

Unissued Stock

Validated Learning

Validity Effect

Value at Risk

Value Based Management

Value Creation Index

Value Disciplines Treacy Wiersema

Value Engineering Miles

Value for Money Audit

Value Mapping Jack

Variable Costing

Voting Rights Plan


Whisper Number

Whole Brain Model Herrmann

Working Capital

Yield to Maturity

Zero Based Budgeting Phyrr

Zero-sum Game



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