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Preventing common mistakes in change processes. Explanation of Change Phases of John Kotter. ('90)



Often, creating value requires significant change. John Kotter concluded in his book "A force for Change: How Leadership Differs from Management" (1990) that there are eight reasons why many change processes do not succeed:

Eight reasons why many change processes don't succeed

  • Allowing too much complacency.

  • Failing to build a substantial coalition.

  • Not understanding the need for a clear vision.

  • Failing to clearly communicate the vision.

  • Permitting roadblocks against the vision.

  • Not planning for short term results and not realizing them.

  • Declaring victory too soon.

  • Fail to anchor changes in corporate culture.

The change phases model

To prevent making these mistakes, Kotter created the following Change Phases model. It consists also out of eight steps:

  1. Establish a sense of urgency (more).
  2. Create a coalition (more).
  3. Develop a clear vision (more).
  4. Share the vision (more).
  5. Empower people to clear obstacles (more).
  6. Secure short-term wins (more).
  7. Consolidate and keep moving (more).
  8. Anchor the change (more).

According to Kotter, it is crucial to follow the eight phases of change in the above exact sequence.

Book: John Kotter - A force for Change -

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