63 Ways to Stimulate Employee Creativity and Innovativeness

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elmer palacio, Philippines

63 Ways to Stimulate Employee Creativity and Innovativeness

Apart from a #0. Bottom-up approach,
I. In what other ways can an organization stimulate creativity and innovation in its employees?
II. What conditions and strategies are needed to support these approaches?
Thanks for your ideas...
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  Dr zahra gheidar
Consultant, Iran

#1. Training in Creativity Methods

More than 7 years experience in creativity classes, showed me that in order to maintain and nurture creativity, several issues must be considered. Although elements of creativity are in human nature, they are during life destroyed by training methods.
Creativity can manifest in the conscious and non-conscious. With non-conscience I mean things like children 's creativity or adults when they do something without awareness of related concepts and processes.
One of the most important ways to stimulate creativity and innovation is "training about creativity concepts and methods, because it will open up a new space for discovering creativity.

  Mandy Kendall
CEO, Canada

#2. Appoint a Humble, Central Facilitator
#3. ASK them how THEY believe C and I could be Stimulated

A key prerequisite to the success of stimulating c...

  Tom Wilson
HR Consultant, United States

#4. Implement Lateral Thinking

@Mandy Kendall: I agree with your central facilita...

Accountant, Zambia

#5. Grant Freedom to Employees
#6. Provide Support by Managers

My experience both in business and in teaching sho...

Manager, South Africa

#7. Create an Environment of Inquisitiveness

In reading the responses to the question, it seems...

  Ceferino Dulay, Jr.

#8. Organize Assistance to help Incubation

Throughout my career I have been involved with cre...

  Md Sufyan
Manager, India

#9. Train Only Talented People

The best person for the assigned job should be the...

  pawan jain
HR Consultant, India

#10. Create a Safe, Fearless and Risk Taking Environment

To stimulate employee creativity, provide a fearle...


#11. Do Away with a Blame Culture
#12. Institute Organisational Learning
#13. Reward System

- First and foremost one should do away with a bla...

  Michael Nestor
Management Consultant, United States

#14. Establish a Culture of Playing and Fun

I agree with so many of the points stated. In the ...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

On #3: Ask them

@Mandy Kendall: The big plus that your method (of ...

  Roberta Rizzo
Project Manager, Ireland

#15. Inititate Special Creativity Events, Competitions, Exhibitions, Projects

I reckon creativity is a question of character and...

  Satya Narayan
Strategy Consultant, India

#16. Organize the C&I Effort

We need to also organize this entire effort. The M...

  GJ Tahash, United States

On #2 (Humble Facilitator): You are Right But Humility and Transparency are Rare

@Mandy Kendall: Kendall, any effort where "humilit...

  Alan Kennedy, Canada

#17. Create Trusted Expectations that we're Serious about C and I

I agree with @Martin and @Michael Nestor. We have ...

  Albert Anthony D. Gavino
Analyst, Philippines

#18. Empower Employees
#19. Appoint an Innovation Committee for Best Ideas

By empowering employees, you give them chances to ...

  harish ramakrishnan
Management Consultant

#20. Avoid Rules, Regulations and Restrictions

Avoid restriction and demoralization in an organiz...

  Jean-Marc Guillemette

#21. Listen Actively
#22. Provide Non-judgemental Feedback
#23. Stop Immediate Filtering

As expressed by others, make it clear that contrib...

  Alexander N. Raikov
Director, Russian Federation

#24. Collectively Create an Innovation Strategy

For the purpose of stimulating creativity and inno...

  Marcel Rietmaeker

#25. Visualize the GAP between Current (IST) and Desired (SOLL) Situation

A good start is to visualize (using a process flow...

  Susanne Kanter
Management Consultant

#26. Determine the Focus Areas to Raise the Corporate Creativity Competence

@Marcel Rietmaeker: I agree that to raise corporat...

  Anand Brambha
Consultant, South Africa

#27. Use External People for (Extra) Creativity

The type of leaders within the organization often ...

  Julio Hennings
Professor, Peru

On #7: Inquisitiveness is not Enough for a Creative Solution, but is the First Step

@Herman: I believe that inquisitiveness is NOT eno...

  Erico Ebeling
Consultant, Brazil

#28. Top Management Must Recognize the Relevance of C&I

My understanding is that first of all, the decisio...

  Ching Quek
New Zealand

On #5 and #20: Just Like you Encourage Children...

Just like the way you encourage your children... A...

  Zaynabfaps adeleke
CEO, Nigeria

#29. Delegate Tasks as Much as Possible

Employees of any organisation should be constantly...

  Rodel Carandang
Manager, Philippines

#30. Give Employees Time to Think and Work on own Projects

Give employees time to think. Google give their e...

Consultant, India

#31: Find and Match the Right Employees
#32. Provide Talent Career Development

Employees are creative and innovative by nature. I...

  Ceferino Dulay, Jr.

#33. Look for a Freewheeling, Creative Thinking Mindset

I can understand a process of identifying problems...

Teacher, India

#34. Challenge Employees

According to my point of view - giving challenging...

  Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

#35. Unlearn Past Experiences and Impressions
#36. Welcome and Encourage Diversity of Ideas

What holds back in creating a qualitative creative...

  Feyzal Peeroo
Accountant, Mauritius

#37. Look for Inspiration Outside the Own Company Borders

It is not easy to be creative, unless the end just...

  Harp Minhas, United Kingdom

#38. Encourage All Staff to Do Things Slightly Differently

Everyone is creative, it is not limited to the int...

Management Consultant, Netherlands

#39. See this Change as an Investment and as a Strategy

A condition and strategy you might think of is to ...

Project Manager, Brazil

#40: Try to Focus the Creativity on CLIENT Requirements

Creativity depends on the requirements. The diffic...

  Bernhard Keim
Business Consultant, Germany

#41. Become a Problem-solving Organization

The creative mind tries to solve problems for the ...

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

#42: Listen to Internal Customers too
#43. Establish Informal and Transparent Communication
#44. Establish a Flexi Budget for R&D

Dear all, for creativity to bloom remember: #42: ...

  Tom Wilson
HR Consultant, United States

If Creativity = Problem Solving, How do You Make it Happen?

@Bernhard Keim: I agree with what is desired. The ...

  Nelisa Koti, South Africa

#45. Create a Bottom-up Communication Platform

Bottom up is important. So a firm may establish so...

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

Creativity - the Recipe

Dear all, the barriers – often blinding us complet...

Coach, United States

#46. Create an Innovation Club and give Parties

Innovation is at the heart of an individual's pers...

  Dr zahra gheidar
Consultant, Iran

#47. Make Innovators Rediscover the Creativity in Their Inner Self

Building on my suggestion for @Creativity Training...

CEO, Kenya

#48. Reengineering

I' d like to reinforce the reengineering concept t...

  Ceferino Dulay, Jr.

On #39. See Innovation as a Strategic Effort rather than as Fixing Problems

Although problems present opportunities for innova...

Student (University), Morocco

#49: Prize for Innovation
#50: Avoid Routine Environment
#51: Encourage Visiting Creative Events
#52. Ask for Feedback on Events
#53: Coffee Breaks
#54. Plants in the Office

I suggest to also consider the following measures ...

  Alan Kennedy, Canada

#55. Do not Mandate Creativity; Nurture It

Wow! What a great set of responses to Professor Pa...

  Tom Wilson
HR Consultant, United States

The Skunk Works as Important Metaphor

@Alan Kennedy: Your example of the Skunk Works is ...

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

On #30: Creativity and the Ampersand

Dear all, creativity needs an environment that cat...

  Ofori Cassandra
Teacher, Ghana

#56: Creative and Innovate Efforts Should Not Be Discouraged

@Arif ur Rehman: I am a teacher in a public school...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

On #56: Creativity, Innovation and Discipline

Any innovation that does not start from management...

  Bernhard Keim
Business Consultant, Germany

#57. Creativity is not an Exercise. It's an Attitude

Creativity depends on culture of an organization. ...

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

On #56: Creativity, Democracy, Leadership

@Ofori Cassandra: A ‘true leader’ by definition is...

  Tom Wilson
HR Consultant, United States

Transparency and Democracy are not Synonymous Except in Retrospect

@Arif ur Rehman: I would say that a true leader de...

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

The Leader's Trajectory

@Tom Wilson: Entirely true, Tom. Obviously the tra...

  Tom Wilson
HR Consultant, United States

Management as a Performance Art

@Arif ur Rehman: Relative to your perfectly framed...

  Anneke Zwart
Student (University), Netherlands

#58. Establish Employee-led Innovation

It has been recognized that innovation is not only...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

On #19. Innovation Committees and their Decisions

@Albert Anthony D. Gavino: The only problem with ...

  Ceferino Dulay, Jr.

#61. Ask Many Challenging Questions

Creativity is not something that you plan for and ...

Coach, Russian Federation

#62. Give Innovators a Status they can be Proud Of

@Essentia: I arrange small celebrations of innovat...

  Prabhavathi A
Coach, India

#63. Create an Idea-driven Organization

In India and many other places, people work just t...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

#64. Boredom

Boredom can also be a driver to make an individual...


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