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Making better business decisions through the use of timely and accurate information. Explanation of Business Intelligence.


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What is Business Intelligence? Definition

Business Intelligence (BI) aims at making better business decisions through the use of a broad category of Management Information Systems, applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data. BI uses timely and accurate information to make decisions.

Typical BI activities

Typically, BI activities include decision support, query and reporting, online analytical processing, statistical analysis, forecasting, and data mining. BI represents those systems that help companies understand what makes the corporation successful, and to help predict the future impact of current decisions. These systems play a key role in strategic planning process of the corporation.

Typical Business Intelligence Applications

Typical BI systems are: customer profiling, market basket analysis, anti money laundering, anti fraud, customer contact analysis, market segmentation, credit scoring, product profitability, inventory movement as well as certain risk related applications.

Business Intelligence software

BI software provides better steering information to managers, enabling them to make better business decisions, ultimately leading to increased shareholder and stakeholder value creation. BI systems play a key role in strategic planning process of the corporation.

Business Intelligence - Process
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Business Analytics Best Practices / Business Intelligence Best PracticesSign up

Babson-Professor Thomas H. Davenport in the Harvar...
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Competitive Intelligence Best PracticesSign up

According to Liam Fahey in the article “The Fut...
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Using BI for Competitive Advantage - Best PracticesSign up

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Common Business Intelligence PitfallsSign up

In a recent white paper by QlikView titled "BI for...
Usage (application): Investing in BI, Avoiding Pitfalls, Getting Full Value out of Business Analytics

Limitations of Real-time Business IntelligenceSign up

- Cost - The costs of real-time BI are very high. ...
Usage (application): Decision-making, Business Analytics, Decision Support

Generic Benefits of Real-time BISign up

- Real-time BI dramatically reduces the latency of...
Usage (application): Decision-making, Business Analytics, Decision Support

What are the Main Categories of BI Tools?Sign up

It is essential that any organization understands ...
Usage (application): BI Types, BI Categories

Preparing for Implementation of BI systemsSign up

According to Tad Leahy in the article “The right B...
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3 Steps in Solving Problems with Data CredibilitySign up

The problem of data credibility
Data c...
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Using BI for Competitive Advantage - Focus AreasSign up

According to the report "Levelling the Playing Fie...
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Relevance of BI to Strategy and Decision-makingSign up

A research study conducted by Business Week Resear...
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Defining Real-time Business IntelligenceSign up

Real-time Business Intelligence, in contrast to bu...
Usage (application): Decision-making, Business Analytics

Resources - Business Intelligence Premium

Performance Management with Business IntelligenceSign up

Paper by Luminita Hurbean. In today’s highly compe...
Usage (application): Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management, Key Performance Indicators, ERP, Predictive Analysis

Implementation of a Business Intelligence Strategy. StepsSign up

This presentation is about BI and the steps that n...
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BI Overview: the Concept and Main TrendsSign up

Presentation that provides an overview of Business...
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How DSS, AI and IT can aid the Transformation Process of KnowledgeSign up

Paper by Saadat Alhashmi. Competitive organisation...
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Using Big Data for Competitive AdvantageSign up

Presentation about unstructured consumer informati...
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KPIs and KPI ManagementSign up

Introduction by expert Joe Panebianco gives a firs...
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Business Intelligence DiagramSign up

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Usage (application): Business Intelligence

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