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Strategically monitoring and managing the performance of a company. Explanation of Performance Management.

Performance Management

PM is a strategic management approach for monitoring how a business is performing. It describes the methodologies, metrics, processes, systems and software which are used for monitoring and managing the business performance of an enterprise. Business Performance Management, and Strategic Performance Management, and Enterprise Performance Management and Corporate Performance Management are all variations of the terminology. Do not confuse this subject with employee performance management.

Benefits of Performance Management

Main benefits of CPM are:

  • PM helps to maximize value creation consistently.
  • PM helps to increase corporate transparency.
  • PM facilitates communication with investors, analysts and with stakeholders.
  • PM improves internal communication on strategy.
  • PM facilitates the improvement of decision-making.
  • PM helps to balance short-term, middle-term, and long-term trade-offs.
  • PM encourages value-creating investments.
  • PM improves the allocation of resources, streamlines planning and budgeting.
  • PM helps to better deal with increased complexity and greater uncertainty and risk.

Special Interest Group - Performance Management

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Forum - Performance Management  

Here you will find interesting and educational discussions.

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Best Practices - Performance Management

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Expert Tips - Performance Management

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Corporate Performance Management Best Practices

CPM Best Practices...

Best Practices to Better Target Setting

Management by Objectives, SMART, Business Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard, KPIs, CSFs...

Organodynamics: the 3 Laws at the Basis of Performance in Organizations

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3 Steps in Solving Problems with Data Credibility

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Corporate Performance Management Role and Steps

Implementing CPM Processes...

Resources - Performance Management

Here you will find powerpoint presentations, micro-learning videos and further information sources.

Establishing a Performance Management Framework for Government

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The Design and Use of Management Control Systems

Performance Management & Control...

Controlling as a Management Function

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KPIs and KPI Management

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News about Strategic Performance Management


News about Corporate Performance Management


Videos about Strategic Performance Management


Videos about Corporate Performance Management


Presentations about Strategic Performance Management


Presentations about Corporate Performance Management


Books about Strategic Performance Management


Books about Corporate Performance Management


More about Strategic Performance Management


More about Corporate Performance Management


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