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Strategically monitoring and managing the performance of a company. Explanation of Performance Management.


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Performance Management

PM is a strategic management approach for monitoring how a business is performing. It describes the methodologies, metrics, processes, systems and software which are used for monitoring and managing the business performance of an enterprise. Business Performance Management, and Strategic Performance Management, and Enterprise Performance Management and Corporate Performance Management are all variations of the terminology.

Benefits of Performance Management

Main benefits of CPM are:

  • PM helps to maximize value creation consistently.
  • PM helps to increase corporate transparency.
  • PM facilitates communication with investors, analysts and with stakeholders.
  • PM improves internal communication on strategy.
  • PM facilitates the improvement of decision-making.
  • PM helps to balance short-term, middle-term, and long-term trade-offs.
  • PM encourages value-creating investments.
  • PM improves the allocation of resources, streamlines planning and budgeting.
  • PM helps to better deal with increased complexity and greater uncertainty and risk.

Performance Management Forum
  Limitations of Traditional Performance Management
What are the limitations of traditional measures of performance measurement and management in organizations?...
  How Role Clarity and Employee Performance Management can help with Strategic Focus
Leadership teams often face the challenge that the majority of jobs in the business defaults mainly in the first level or other lower levels in the organisation, focusing on the execution of similar, predictive and concrete tasks with little uncertai...
  Overview of Performance Measurement Systems
I would like to create an overview in this forum of all performance measurement systems / theories / methods existing today, including the most recent ones.
If you know one that isn't mentioned yet, please add it as a reply (use the simple form...
  Measure the Performance of Logistics and Warehousing
With my new role as logistics and warehouse manager for a major clothing retailer, I am mandated to measure the performance of logistics & warehouse function. Which areas should I focus on? Any example out there?...
  Performance Measurement: Realistic?
How practical and realistic is performance measurement in organisations. In most cases, it looks very juicy on paper yet in practice is does not appear to be producing the expected outcomes....
  Performance Management in Hi-power Structured Organization
I'd like to have views / comments on how PMS can be implemented in a hi-power structured organization where political wills & collaborative styles are in vogue?...
  Monitoring Performance of Businesses
Please recommends books or articles on how to implement performance management framework for an investment holding company. Our company holds investments in core businesses and private equity. How to set up an effective reporting mechanism to monit...
  Enterprise Performance Management
To achieve EPM the organization should align the strategy plans, tasks with it's execution...
  Customer Performance Management
Customer Performance Management (CPM) is also another variation. CPM focuses on acquiring, managing and growing the best performing customers from a satisfaction, profitability and risk perspective....

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Best Practices - Performance Management Premium
  Performance Management in Government Departments
I' d like to have your reactions on how Performance Management can be implemented in government departments where there is a culture of inconsistency and PM is not aligned to the strategy?...
  Performance Management in SME's / Small Organisations
Most of the theory on PM is based on large organizations. Does anyone have experience of implementing a PM system in a company with less than 50 employees?
I'm conducting research for an undergraduate dissertation on this subject. Any other info...

Expert Tips - Performance Management Premium

Corporate Performance Management Best Practices

I just finished reading "Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management" by Bob Paladino.
Paladino collected a bunch of CPM best practic...
Usage (application): CPM Best Practices

Best Practices to Better Target Setting

In most organizations it is very common to specify organizational targets with the aim of increasing performance. This seems to be a successful way to...
Usage (application): Management by Objectives, SMART, Business Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard, KPIs, CSFs

Organodynamics: the 3 Laws at the Basis of Performance in Organizations

Sherwood (2014) introduces the concept of organodynamics, a concept that explores the level of performance that can be achieved by organizations. In o...
Usage (application): Strategic Performance Management, Leadership, Corporate Mission, Corporate Culture

How to Incorporate Sustainability into Performance Management?

Due to the fact that corporate sustainability issues have become more and more important, orga...
Usage (application): Sustainability Balanced Scorecard, SBSC, Triple Bottom Line

3 Steps in Solving Problems with Data Credibility

The problem of data credibility
Data credibility problems have been existed for many years. Due to this credibility problem, knowledge wor...
Usage (application): Improving Data Reliablility, IT, Business Intelligence

Corporate Performance Management Role and Steps

Corporate Performance Management has been meant to link management methodologies with business needs for reporting and budgeting. Alternatively, CPM c...
Usage (application): Implementing CPM Processes

Resources - Performance Management Premium

Establishing a Performance Management Framework for Government

It is argued in this paper by Jack Diamond that to develop a comprehensive performance measurement system requires resolving a number of issues involv...
Usage (application): Performance Management in Government

The Design and Use of Management Control Systems

Building on the frameworks of Simons (1995) and Otley (1999), on case study material, experience and on understanding of the literature, Aldonio Ferre...
Usage (application): Performance Management & Control

Controlling as a Management Function

Presentation about controlling as a management activity includes the following sections:
1. Why Management Controlling?
2. A Cybernetic Cont...
Usage (application): Controlling, Management Control

KPIs and KPI Management

Introduction by expert Joe Panebianco gives a first understanding of what Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are and their purpose.
KPI's are use...
Usage (application): Understanding KPIs, Introduction


Strategic Performance Management


Corporate Performance Management


Strategic Performance Management


Corporate Performance Management


Strategic Performance Management


Corporate Performance Management


Strategic Performance Management


Corporate Performance Management

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