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Master Production Scheduling (MPS) - A plan that details how many end items will be produced within specific periods of time.
Integrated Educational Supply Chain Management (IESCM) Model - International Supply Chain Management: Integrated Educational Supply Chain Management (IESCM) Model for the Universities.
The Role of 4PL - A Brief Deion regarding the architecture of Fourth party logistics
Quality Improvement in Health Care Programs - Using 5S for improving Work environment and HealthWISE for Improving working condition and work place safety.
Process Improvement - Standard recording Form
Management and Services - An Empirical Research of ITESCM (Integrated Tertiary Educational Supply Chain Management) Model.
greatest failures ande disasters are seldom the caused by factors much beyond the control of ordinary people. - Greatest disasters and failures are never attributable to root causes beyond the control or limits of ordinary people.
Ph.D. Dissertation Entitled "Integrated Tertiary Educational Supply Chain Management (ITESCM)" - An Integrated Tertiary Educational Supply Chain Management (ITESCM)
Industry and Education colabration - Need to reduce the GAP between education institue and Industry
quility costs - There is possibility to consider optimization of quality cost as a distributive problem of optimum enterprise costs planning
Reducing Design complexity - Airbus Design Complexity Reduction
Data Capture - To Key or not to Key - Data Capture - Alternatives to keyboard entry (Slow and inaccurate)
IEEE ICMIT'2010 Conference Paper - An Empirical Research of Educational Supply Chain for the Universities
VALUE ADDITION BY SMALL-SCALE PRODUCERS - Small-scale producers have generally been not given enough information to enable the add value to their produces which is making the Agribusiness industry operates in an isolate units of players, hence there is need to provide the small-scale producers with apdated knowledge if they aye to contribute to the national development.
Managing a Long-distance Food Supply Chain - Managing long-distance food supply chain should focus on irreversible processes in the food products, reducing food waste.
Measure and Improving Performance in Underground Coal Mining - What does the hourly, shiftly, daily, monthly, annual measurements tell you about the performance of the continuous miner production section.
ICH Q9 as a Universal Approach to Food Supply Chain Risk Management - Managing global food supply chain through a systematic method/framework.
Accuracy of current quality management systems - New thought of how to improve management system quality.
How operations management fits in with industrial ecology? - How operations management fits in with industrial ecology?

(Can our industrial systems behave like an ecosystem, where the wastes of a species may be resource to another species? Can the outputs of an industry be the inputs of another, thus reducing use of raw materials, reducing pollution, and saving on waste treatment?)
Attaining Focus and Preparatory Levels - Focus is key for areas of quality, operations etc. If we were to attain focus, on what levels the preparation need to be done?
Why Materials Management is Important - Materials Management - The Secret to release the blocked cash.
Quality Management and Engineering is a Discipline - Quality Management complies with the criteria of stand alone discipline. Hence there is a full justification to establish academic studies at Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels. We consider Quality Engineering as a sub category justifying for its own specialized degrees.
Importance of SOLAS VGM Regulations - The new regulation will be enforced globally, but countries can issue their own guidelines based on the SOLAS requirement.
Redefining Quality for the Tech-Savvy World - There is no denial of the fact, that in any product or service, quality is sacrosanct to marketability of the goods or services. But quality measurement has become very complex due to the variability in choices customers make for quality. A more pragmatic and rationale approach model for quality measurement is suggested.
17 Quality Characteristics Engineering - To ensure the accuracy of the implementation of your quality management systems.
Apparel Supply Chain - Apparel Supply Chain - Apparel Supply Chain's Variants.
Achieving Quick Change-Over: dream or reality? - A hilarious introduction to the Quick Change-Over discipline
The Title Logistician - Overused/Misused Title.
Lean Six Sigma in the IT Sector - This article is being published with the intention of endorsing the various vistas of Lean Six Sigma implementation, particularly when it is implemented in the IT sector. We do believe that IT professionals of all ranks & files would acknowledge the great value Lean Six Sigma brings to their organisation, if it has been implemented with sincere undertaking. Thanks!
Supply Chain Structuration - Basic and Keys Factor for Supply Chain Structuration
Who cares? - UK businesses not improving their efficiencies - unless you tell me different
Supply Chain Stock Reduction using a Smart Product Architecture - Improve your business performance by reducing your stock with a smart product architecture. Join our Linkedin group 'Asintik Innovationstore' for more interesting articles about innovation.
From the Ensuing Recovery to the Future Beyond It - A Blended Pathway Will Be Needed For Process Improvement

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