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Selected views on business and corporate strategy, clusters, competitive advantage, core competences, portfolio analysis, scenario planning, strategic risk management, strategic thinking, etc. by 12manage members.

Alternative Views of Strategy
Alternative Views of Strategy&Reconnecting with Strategy

timely implementation of turnaround strategy
Early recognition of turnaround signals and timely action is key to the success of turnaround strategy

Social Media Strategy Frameworks
Social Media Strategy

Managing the Customer Experience: Turning customer into advocates
Authors: Shaun Smith – Joe Wheeler
Publisher: Financial Times- Prentice Hall
ISBN:0 273 66195 7

how we can make customers???
there are many strategies to convince the customers but few are very useful...

Competition is regarded to be the best strategy for tackling poor customer service in Rwanda

How to Gain Buy-in in the Strategy
Buy-in is the first ingredient required for strategic implementation

Successful and strategic planning starts in your mind
To be strategic in the corporate world is determined by our thoughts

Peer to Peer Storytelling
There comes an end to two centuries of western dominance. Linking stories can arm corporation for the challenges of the next decade.

Entrepreneur Mindset for Business Success
Coaching Strategies for business success

Stratecution Strat/Assess integral decision making tool.

Similarities Between the World of Sports and Business
We can Apply Sports Practices to the World of Business.

Participatory Budgeting in Local Governments
Citizen participation in the Local Government Budgeting Process -Model designed to alleviate Poverty

Commercialize Underutilized Technologies via open Innovation
Open innovation is coming to be the best strategy for success of businesses in developing countries.

Social Media Strategy Framework
Social Media Strategy Framework Explained

Trans-border US-Mexico collaboration and outsorucing manufacturing has proven to be the key for making American products competitive in the international markets. Outsourcing science and technology is a viable option as well.

Total Respect Management
Total Respect Management is doing the right things right for the right reasons. It's a strategy, a method and a philosophy, built on leadership, (risk)management and excellence

Supply Chain equals Value Chain
Supply Chain configuration can determine a company's value

Implementation of Asset Management Strategy
Implementation of Asset Management Strategy must come with standards E. G., OHSMS, ISO 55001.

We Believe in Ourselves
We believe in ourselves. We believe in people who work with us, we believe in our friends and believe in our family. We believe that God will give us everything we need to win, as long as our efforts to achieve with lawful and honest means.

Wielding Sustainable Development
The world is urgently in need of managers wielding sustainable development as their relevant instrum

Five Pillars of Company Performance: The CRS3© Model
In our experience with different ownership and cultural models of organizations spanning from multinational to aboriginal; from hi tech to no tech; from mammoth to tiny; from BoD to proprietorships; from the for and not so for profit; we discovered that 'performance' was the driving word for everyone.

Beyond the strategic plan
successful strategy is based on effective use of decision rights and information flow in the organization.

The Atlam Model (Strategy)
The Atlam Model is a practical methodology to outline a company strategy.

OGSM for Health Care
Health care organizations struggle to meet expected demand for care. An OGSM change program keeps the growing demand for inpatient care under control.

Help Maximize Benefits to Society & Environment
Help Others in focusing compliment rather than competition.

The need for an end-to-end Knowledgeable enterprise for successful digital intelligence
These days the term or concept end-to-end has become an inflated and over-used buzzword which seems

The Last victory
Living on the cutting edge of strategic execution is the aggregate of experience and leadership.

Rethinking Growth with Services
Product centered management is still restricting companies to improve customer-focused services and grow with new service business models.

What is OGSM and How Does it Work?
The OGSM methodology enables you to do business planning quickly and effectively. As long as you dare to make critical and difficult choices, OGSM will help you create a well- structured strategic plan that provides insight into your organization’s goals and how to achieve them.

A Model of Action Power
In order to achieve a clear, safe, sustainable, resilient and inclusive development, we can formulat

Why is digitization making slow progress (despite the pandemic as an accelerator)?
Study shows many different causes and consequences.

Always Expect the Unexpected
You don't have to get what you expect. .

Innovations, change management and problem solving
Management and marketing consultancy

Strategic Innovation in Practice for ANY Organization
Innovative effort is a permanent strategic responsibility for ANY Organization, small or big, profit. Oriented or not. HIT or High Innovation Teams are recommended.

Stakeholders, 'Leagues of an Octopus,' Called Strategy
The topic is the importance of stakeholders identification as measurable metrics in the process of forming strategy. In the absence of this 'often neglected effort, some of the key and crucial 'inputs' value enablers are missed, and this gap follows all the way to its outcome in many forms, E. G, disasters, crisis, and poor organizational perfomance.

Sustainable Progress
In 21st century the strongest challenge for Humanity is to develop integrated (macro-meso-micro) strategy for sustainable progress (unlimited space-time-resources-products).

Stratégie et Communication
Must stategy be comunicated?How?To who?

Index of the Workshops 'Strategy and Neuroscience'
I present the English version of my seminars/workshops on Neuroscience Applied to Strategy.

Strategic Decision Models on a Stochastic Plane for Scripting Effective Turnaround Success Stories
Saving lives through innovations in entrepreneurial organizations.

Strategy Business Planning
Most companies turn Strategy into a mountain. I have found a Business Plan for the first time that deals with Strategy in an all encompassing way.

Blue Ocean Strategy
How blue ocean fit to the developing countries.

Customer Focus and Integration: Learning from Local Wisdom
Local wisdom has its role to play in a strategic planning.

Human Capital in India Often Misunderstood
Human capital is often misunderstood and ploughed to in a way the human feels useless...

OKR versus OGSM
OKR is a goal management method that helps you achieve the goals of your organization. By linking your objectives to measurable results, you ensure that these objectives are actually achieved. Where OGSM is a deepening of Management by Objectives, OKR is actually a simplification of this.

Community Transformation
What do we need to do to get BoP Communities out of where they are.

Technology and Marketing
Intersted very much in all about retail: Technology and Marketing.

Management Design in a Flow Perspective
A fluid dynamic view on what and how to make complex business better and more prosperous in the future.

Agile Leadership in Times of Change
There are many resources for change management, this is not one of them. There are too many directiv

My Sequencing of PepsiCo
This is an Awesome Company!!!

External Real Forces and Pseudo-Forces to Design a Strategic Plan Fuzzy logic Vs. Classic Logic
PEST, External Force, Fuzzy Logic Control.

OGSM for MBA / BBA Students
3 reasons why an increasing number of MBA/BBA students choose to use OGSM to deliver their thesis or internship report.

Cascading an OGSM
OGSM: A simple method to achieve your goals.

Best Practice across organizations within in the industry
Can we really apply best practices that fit for an organization to another organization in the same industry?

Praise role
People deserve to be praised.

Thinkstrategy software transforms the McKinsey 7-S framework into a collaborative system that enables individuals and teams to make their organizations more effective.

Sales Performance Management
Sales performance management at a global level can be consolidated and published using a reliable platform that will consolidade and enable a walkthrough for the sales data around the globe. For Brazil level it can drilldown to city level.

Performance Measures
certain issues must be taken care of carefully when developing your org. performance measures

A Changeover Strategy for a Main Switchboard
Careful planning, good people, robust tactics, and a Plan B ensure success

We are called to conquer
It is still possible to make your dreams come true!

The Goal of A Central Bank in Relation to Deficit Financing
The Goal of A Central Bank in Relation to Deficit Financing.

Competence-based Management
The theory of competence-based strategic management is an integrative strategy theory that incorporates economic, organizational and behavioural concerns in a framework that is dynamic, systemic, cognitive and holistic (Sanchez and Heene, 2004). This theory defines competence as: the ability to sustain the coordinated deployment of resources in ways that helps an organization achieve its goals (creating and distributing value to customers and stakeholders).

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