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Lack of Start Up Capital in Africa
Basically, africans lack initiative, consistency and persistence.

What are Views? Types
From now you can add Views to your Personal Page.

Believe in Yourself and be Effective
Being what you want to be is within the individual...

Why Should I Add Views to my Personal Page?
Reasons to add Views to your Personal Page. Benefits.

How Can your View Be Found?
How your views can be found, inside and outside of 12manage...

Mind Mapping & Visualization Tools
Taking the pulse on the use of Mind Mapping & Visualization Tools in the Enterprise


Excellence is job [and opportunity] One
America is working hard at

How to find jobs quickly and easily

Everyone can learn to move forward
Each person has his or her own manner of going about change and learning skills

Being a Good Leader
How to be a good leader

Not Playing That Game Anymore!
Sometimes the corporate machine works towards its own destruction. Frustrations abound and never in the history of project execution has the phrase 'Just grin and bank it' been more applicable. This is just the dialogue of a conversation that should never have happened.

Psychology of culture change
Overtly addressing people change before strategy and process focused change

5 Clues Your Staff are Working with You
Straightforward advice about management excellence and staff engagement from a manager-leader's perspective

Bossy Superiors
Superiors don't have to be bossy

Consulting Bodies of Knowledge
Kennedy Report - 5 Major Practices of Large Consulting Firms

An effective way to prioritize
Every 1-2 hrs take a few mins to overview what has been done and what else needs to be done


Unified Motivation Theory
Motivation is to do with a sense of self worth.

The KARAF model & process for continuous improvement and excellence
The model indicates the needed and sufficient conditions to improve. The proces shows how.

Management by Love
Management by love will involve the workers not only with the head, but with heart too

Listen to all
Sometimes your staff will know better than you!

Operation Excellence
Operation Excellence improves methods, productivity, human relation and reduces wastes.

The Power of Silence of the Mind
Don't hurry, hear the sound of silence...

Entrepreneurial Biltzkrieg as Solution to High Unemployment
My entrepreneurial blitzkrieg idea is a mechanism by which we can fund a massive number of new business ventures by tapping the financial power of Wall Street.

Parasuraman , Zeithaml & Berry (1988), “SERVQUAL: A multiple-item scale for
It is the best document that I have find in internet

performance management in an african company.
performance measurement in an african company

Managing Through Common Sense
The poverty in the world is due to bad management. Bad management of the mind, bad management of rel

Hard Work has Value
Laziness and cutting corners never really works.

How to Get Employment in Nigeria
Stand out from the crowd.

Best Plastic Surgery in Lebanon
Dr. Ziad D. El Asmar who operates in BMC Hospital- Beirut, Lebanon is an expert in Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeery. .

After College – What?
Its common to have a job as an MBA destination.How about including entrepreneurship as a career plan?

Leigh Car Finance
Leigh Car Finance best car financing company.

Please Accept my Sincere Apologies
For not entering this site for a while.

This is Mmy First Text on This Site
This is mmy first text on this site.

The Process Through Which Professionals Manage the Boundaries of Their Professional Life and Personal Life
I wanted to write a thesis to enroll for the Phd program. I have already chosen the title. My thesis title is " The process through which professionals manage the boundaries of their professional life and personal life". Could you please advise me whether this topic will be suitable for my thesis. And please provide your valuable tips and comments on this.

New Method for Answering in the New Reality
Thinkin is the platform that leads your network to carefully created answers beyond their expectations.

What Would You Suggest to Be Done to Make Management More Scientific?
What would you suggest to be done to make management more scientific?

Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey L Placidway
PlacidWay is taking a lead in helping consumer search for best global health care centers.

Business Comes in Totality
Manager Needs to Understand the Business and not just the domain.

New Way to prevent Global crisis
New Global crisis prevention method

Value Is The Ultimate Result of Human Efforts.
Human beings in addition to the natural way of adding value to the world as a living creature consciously create and add more value to the world by making and working individually and socially.

mistakes are not poison
life is full of everyday learning

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