Views on Leadership

Selected views on leading organizations, crisis management, coaching, mentoring, motivation, organizational power, stakeholder management, etc. by 12manage members.

Thoughts on leadership
What is a leader?

Leadership Qualities
Selflessness, Sincerity, Simplicity are important qualities of a true leader.

It is not the critic who counts
Quote to live by

Leading Is In Serving!
Best Leadership Is Good Service- Driven in LOVE.

Theory U by Otto Scharmer
Theory U shows how groups and organizations can develop 7 leadership capacities in order to create a future that would not otherwise be possible.

Trouble with managing by result
Leading people to participate in managing processes.

Eradication and Blockage of Poverty
Poverty, A Good Friend To Africa?

People are like Guitar Strings
Leaders take time learn how to work with people

5 Actions of a True Leader
Actions make a real leader, not merely their words or superlative adjectives

Teaching Servant Leadership to Pastors and Churches
Teaching the leadership methodology of Jesus to pastors and churches

Methods of Mismanagement
A case of total mismanagement theories, impacting on leadership, change and transformation.

Visionary Leadership Qualities
Understanding of Industry Big Picture and Details

Three Important Leadership Styles
Leadership Style Driven by Vision, Empathy, and Listening


Governance Triangle goes into Government
David Cameron's Big Society policies bring into public policy an idea that has circulated in business and corporate governance for sometime now - thus besting Barack Obama to recast the debate between Big Government and Big Business and legitimating the roles of the civil society and citizen initiatives in policy formulation and implementation.

Management in Industry
Understanding management responsibilities in industry.

Ensuring Accountability
One of the core tenets of leadership/management is holding employees accountable for their actions. Why is this still an issue?

Many a times, companies do away with training & development activities due to economic slowdown instead of using the opportunity to consolidate competency as preparation of rebounce of economy.

Leadership Requirement #1: Integrity
The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.

The next 20 years
The next 20 years may be very different to anything anyone has seen, a 15-year recession in an internet environment.

generational gap and retention
Will this gap ever be narrowed because closer seems impossible

The best way to start a business is to get into the business
Inaction creates inexperience while action creates experience!

Millionaire and a car Driver
Becoming a millionaire is it different than learning how to drive a car

Predictable Leadership2
Predictability as the Basis for the creation of a Community of Leaders.

Management looks within to identify problems
Sometimes top management spends a hefty sum engaging consultants to know about the company's problems when the information is available within the organisation

know every leader idea
knowdge is vary usefull for us

Building Value, or how to keep your job in tough times
Building Value, or how to keep your job in tough times

Tri-namics System
Practical Framework and System for Organizational Learning

Honesty is the Best Policy when you're Changing Organizations and Countries
To get real change in any organization, there must be real and complete political democracy in the country of this organization.

Leaders Should Take the Time to Reflect
How to find a balance in life (work/private life) and to maintain that balance.

Get Buy-in from your Employees
Be a leader not a dictator

Do nature follow theory of X and Y management
Nature has followed the principle of management while creating ........

Leader vs Leadership
Leadership goes beyond "the leader"

Human Will
The Management of Human Will

The Leader is an enabler2
The Tools of Transformation: expanding horizons by demanding greater moral sufficiency.

Leaders need Market Vision
The top has to be where the steering starts.

Our Staff are just human beings, like us. Treat them accordingly.

LEADS in a Caring Environment
New Canadian Framework for Healthcare Leadership Development

Moral Recovery for Leaders
Understand TRUST and the effects it have on sustainability for effective Leaders

Getting Staff Going
Motivation a key to meeting the organisation's bottom line.

Leadership qualities
Leadership will be defined as one's ability to get others to willingly follow.

Failure of Democracy in Africa
Democracy is a good system of governance only in providing freedoms, rights and involving citizens in a decision-making process. However it felt short to secure harms, humiliation, insecurity corruption and poverty.

A Leader / Manager should Accept Faults
Awareness is the key to good management.

Accepting Imperfections and Manage Them
Learning and Practicing Methods to Make the Best of this Imperfect World

A word of caution for CEOs
CEOs Should Avoid Killing Hens that Lay Golden Eggs

Review of: The Invisible Spotlight: Why Managers Can't Hide
The Invisible Spotlight is a hard look at the soft side of management written by two keen observers with 40 years of consulting experience under their belts.

It's Lonely at the Top
A Practical Guide to Help You Become the Best CEO you Can Be.

No we without WHY?
The foundation of virtually every organisation begins with a clear understanding of its purpose or intention.

Enthusiasm and blood, sweat and tears alone don't guarantee success
Effort and trying hard are only two ingredients required - ensure the little things are done - if you want to be successful

My View on Leadership vs. Management
We manage things: accounts, processes, machines. We lead people.

The organization is a community
The community is a capitalist tool.

How selfless can a leader be?
Enlightened Leadership

PROFESS the Ingredients for Effective Leadership
Effective leadership requires the combination of being professional, responsible, optimistic, flexible, ethical, strong-minded, and supportive. The recipe for success begins with the acronym PROFESS, which provides a leader with the necessary elements in discovering the concept of true leadership.


My Experience of Leadership
Leadership comes from within, but it doesn't have to be just the hand you were dealt.

Rules are for fools and you need smart fools
Individual Constructive Consulting & Coaching for CEO in SME for sustainable value

Differentiate Management and Leadership Competencies
companies should be clearer on the management and leadership expectations and their difference

New Book - 'The Facts of Life Regarding Management'
Tim Bryce, Book, Management.

lead by example
In my opinion leaders should lead by example and not be such a dictator.

Who Should Lead: Those Making Policy or Those Making Politics
Who should be at the helm? Policy makers or Politicians.

The 7 Wonders of Great Leaders
The 7 Wonders of Great Leaders™ was created for leaders, by leaders with their observation and experience..

How do you Cause People to be Curious?
Arn't you tired of patching over bad processes?

Categories of Entrepreneurs
There are various categories of entrepreneurs.

Unconventional Leadership Skills
Manytimes, leaders tend to deply or adopt to known or popular leadership skills in leading their tea

Manage Your Career
5 Simple Tips to Manage Your Career

Caution for Leaders of Volunteers
Leaders of Volunteers can Achieve as much as Leaders of Paid Workers.

give an example
being a leader is a possible thing to everyone who is committed and dedicated

Manage by Design and not by Default
Management should be done by design and not by default

its my best interest
its my best interest

Lead Like what you Expect from your Employee
If Leaders devote themselves to working as selflessly as some of their devoted subjects or employees, they achieve more.

EIQ Predicts High Performance Leadership
Abundant evidence shows that what high performance leaders have that others don't is high EIQ, that can be measured and developed..

Leadership is All About Listening
Leadership includes the ability to courageously examine ones assumptions and adjust thinking to match the reality of the times.

Leadership and Command
There is a difference between guiding and command, both of which could be termed leadership.

Leadership in Life
Greatness Lives Within.

Performance Management as a system (PerMaas)
The role of a leader is create the right internal environment that drives staff performance.

Thoughts on Leadership
from micro to macro management

What Did You Implement in 2014 That Made You More EFFICIENT?
What did you implement in 2014 that made you more EFFICIENT?

Is my Business Agile?
Why your business needs a performance diagnostic to remain agile.

Leadership and values
We need to hold fast to a defined set of values - Not just any values those that can be seen as fair by all

Building Nation
No greater things happen in the nation without the proper utilization of the resources available in the nation and the sacrifice of a leader

Tribal Leadership and triads
Tri-namics, leadership, triads, power of three, Tribal Leadership

Know your Enemy Within - it Pays
This is a booklet to expose management students and to be managers on impediments of own creation such as our mindsets, preconceived notions, our beliefs, apprehensions, lack of self confidence and self esteem to goal achievement. These are largely from theory, own experience and interaction with variety of relevant stakeholders.

Decisive Factors Required to Grow your Business
Discussing the decisive factors required to grow a long term healty business.



Successful Lean Manufacturing Implementation: Five Fundamental Jigsaw Pieces
This article describes the five fundamental jigsaw pieces which Siemens Guadalajara puts together, to get the real power out of lean by changing existing management practices and incorporating the Siemens values Innovation, Excellence and Responsibility at the same time.

Test your Management & Leadership
Management and Leadership are two completely different activities of Great Leaders, yet extremely additional to each other.

Effective Leadership
I am interested in global economic and strategic issues.

Why and how to manage
Topic:Why and how to manage

1》Managing employees, is to manage the thoughts and be

#1 International Masters in Management by Mintzberg
Intro to McGill and its unique International Masters Program.

Painting Victory
The Painting-Leading model illustrates how leaders guide groups towards goals and create victories.

Effective Management Through Leadership
Concepts of Effective Management through Leadership.

Facilitating Students for Their Effective Learning at the College Level
This paper deals with facilitation of students in order to improve their learning at the college level.

Comfort Zone, Zone of Certainty ©
The comfort zone is not limiting per se, in fact changes that lead to growth begin recognizing comfort zones.

Power to Succeed
You have potential to succeed .

Management Through Setting Examples
Management by mentoring those who report to you.

The Role of Functional Satisfaction in Employee Motivation
During only three months, certain measures on motivation of employees gives rapid results.

Leading With Soul
Once the sweat, control, tricks, and gimmicks fail to work in one’s leadership style where do you turn? Eventually, leadership if it is to continue in its maturity must look internally.

Publications by Oswald R. Viva
Here's a list of all my published books.

My Management View
Team Work, Coaching, Recognition & Customer Focus.

7 Leadership Roles
He or she is a born leader.

Management is a Game
The winner takes it all.

Teaching Without Teaching: Handling a Crowd
The art of crowd control lies in using a multi-facetted approach to training your crowd to follow your lead and do as you request.

Now That I Am a Manager... What Are My Priorities?
Most Business Owners, Managers and Team Leaders struggle with their priorities.

Essence of Team Work
Team Work, Synergy Effects.

Attitude is Everything
A good attitude is a must.

Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Leadership
Moving Up Requires More Than Just Technical Capability.

Accountability in Leadership
Finding True Accountability in Leadership is a continuous search.

Empowering Managers to Lead: a Reflection
The complexity of the modern day organization compels the company to empower and transform its people at all levels to lead with the aim to compete advantageously..

Leaders Should Be Emotionally Intelligent
Some brilliant leaders failed on their leadership in an organization because they lack emotional intelligence.

Chiefs in the Indian Navy
If you ever meet a person who attend the interview, ask them to tell you a story about their favorit

Strategic Leadership from Young People
Hi Everyone.
A few days ago while I was giving a virtual session to my Strategic Planning stude

What If We All Owned the Podium
What if we all owned the podium in our organizations and we all shared a gold medal for our collective and collaborative contributions..

Job No 1(b)
How leaders kill meaning at work

Leadership and management.

Reflective Leadership
Leadership is about changing perspectives in logical progression towards changes in organisational surroundings.

Management/subordinate power sharing
Subordinates are powerful arm of management, let other opinions work

Leadership of a Sustainable Enterprise
Achieving the common good through a systemic approach

Attitude is the secret
“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens”

21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader (Maxwell)
What It Takes to Become an Awesome Manager-Leader.

Personal Leadership
Personal leadership

Transformational Leadership
Transform individuals and your Team

Humanity - Africa Give the Gift
Where is the Leadership Legacy of Africa and what is the contribution that Africa can make to the world?

Leaders of Developing Countries Laundering Money
Should successful money laundering be counted as success for a leader.

What is your favorite management subject?
in genral my favorite management is Projects management in Civil Engineering ...

Help others think their way from a job to a meaningful mission
When we teach others to act with a conscious awareness of the meaning and importance of their work, we inspire excellence and professionalism and the profit and reputation will not be far behind.

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