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Grown up Digital by Don Tapscott, a book review - Book review of 'Grown up Digital', Don Tapscott's book about the so called “Net Generation”.
Create Wisdom Domain - It is easy said than done - Unlearn Before U Learn. Once we think of unlearning, it is important that we understand the importance to create wisdom domain so that we can rely on wisdom during need to take decisions. In this article, I have tried to list out the impact of lack of wisdom and provided remedies to create wisdom domain from existing sources for better decision making.
managers vs leaders - views on a hot debatable topic
UML - Unified Modeling Language - Unified Modeling Language
Epistemological Model of Thinking (EMT) - New theory on Ontology of Human Thinking : An example of Innovation Thinking
Knowledgeproductivity - The leap from an industrial organisation to a knowledge rich organistaion, the knowmad will dominate the workfloor in the next decade, what and how will he/she do, need and perform?
Innovation Management - What is Innovation? And what is Innovation Management?
Individual Learning. Some Findings - How the individual learning process works. Some experiences and advice
Remember you are a class not an object - When the concepts of object oriented programming are applied to life in general we see some interesting outcomes
Country of Origin Effect - Effetto del Country of Origin - The importance of COO effect such an intagible asset.
Thinking as a skill and an art - How we bring all elements of thinking together guided by intuition to tackle specific issues
Things I have learned - Any body can become a leader if they are willing to learn.
Construction of Thought: Defining hospitality knowledge and education - Due to the nature of hospitality work, greater autonomy should be given to the workforce. In such case management is no longer able to control a worker in the workplace. Hence, individuals are expected to shoulder greater responsibility over their own action and performance to better serve the customers. This has serious implication on hospitality schools in developing future workforce.
Journal Paper of China-USA Business Review, 2009 - Integrated Educational Management for the Universities
My Elevator speech - My explanation of what I do
Unified Theory fo Success & results - Every author, theory, idea fits somewhere in this equation. The Big Picture (right-brain) view of results.
Smart organizations - Smart organizations give workers a vote
Friedman's Untouchables - The competitive playing fields between industrial and emerging market countries are leveling
The Knowledge Sphere - In today’s competitive world, it pays to be smart. No matter how smart you are, I am sure there is something you could “get smarter” about.
Trauma and Frustration as Predictors of Martyrdom in Low SES Palestinian Males - Ego Strength-Frustration Tolerance (ES-FT) Model of Predicting Violent Behavior
Trained or Inspired - As long as you are inspired by someone, there is no harm, rather you need to have someone to get inspiration from, but when you start thinking in line with someone whom you regard most, you insist on justifying his wrong doings without logical reasoning. It so happens because you are emotionally blackmailed to think from your heart (which cannot think) instead of mind, because your mind is in his control, i.e. you are brainwashed.
Inspiration - share the knowledge
New theory on Ontology of Human Thinking : An example of Disruptive Thinking - New Theory of Cognition with Epistemological Model of Human Thinking-Feeling-Willing under Self-Awareness of Human Conscience.
Why Does Human Resource Management not Develop in Kazakhstan? - The most native companies in Kazakhstan have a Staff Department and not an HRM Department.
Side effects of unlearning - Unlearning is a new way of learning. But while unlearning, we are bound to commit mistakes, we are bound to fail but we have to go on. Here a list of side effects of unlearning have been prepared so that obvious dangers can be avoided.
5 Things India Must Unlearn - Achieving excellence remains a huge challenge for Indians. However excellence can be achieved if we are ready to unlearn. For Indians worldwide who would like to achieve excellence, there are five important points to unlearn.
Patient Alert Fatigur Suggestions - Patient alerts though critical for physicians slow their workflow process, few suggestions which can make these alerts value based.
Prescriptive Management Education is Outdated - Prescriptive approach to management education leads to diminishing value from education with passage of time..
Design For Manufacturability (DFM) - 1-Yes 2- Please see details 3- Done.
Reuse of Knowledge - Reuse of knowledge and its components are most desired in a fast developing environment. Reuse not only saves the time and efforts while it also increases the quality of knowldge. Repeation of knowledge certainly increases our awareness and avoids the mistakes conducted earlier. Software reuse is an more interesting example where the knowledge of software or knowledge related to software may be reused to increase the quality of softwar and to avoid the mistakes.
Meaning of the Word 'Quality' - What would you answer if someone asks you the meaning of Quality?
Teacher as a Manager - As a manager a teacher should be a good planner, organizer, executer, and evaluator of his own job.
GRC and Integrated monitoring & Auditing - Synergy and Integrated Thinking and implementation of IT and Business alignment is KSF
Intellectual Capital and Holism Philosophy - Knowing about research philosophy is crucial point to researchers in all concepts and objectives, thus it's a suggestion to IC researchers that better they try to understand about Holism as new concept or new philosophy of intellectual capital in knowledge-based economics.
Knowledge Sharing in a Cross-Cultural Environment - Knowledge sharing archetype that is common to all nationalities can be developed
Theory of Innovation: an Anthropocentric Approach - Theory of Innovation integrating Spirituality, Quantum Physics and Human and Natural Sciences.
The Epistemology of the Phenomenology of Spirit,... and the Spiritual MetaCognition - New Theory of Spiritual MetaCognition.
The Servqual Diagnostic at RPS - Using Servqual to help organisations understand how they grow their business in hard times.
Classification of Households into Food Security Status in the North-Central Nigeria: An Application of Rasch Measurement Model. - The outcome of the analysis shows that only very few proportion of households (23.7 percent) in the North central Nigeria are food secure. Children's food security is correlated with that of adults in the same household, but the relation depends on the ages of children less than 15 years.
Symbols - Hidden Treasures - Life is all about symbols, we see symbols all around us, but we are so much occupied into our day to day affairs that we have lost our mental capabilities to see them and extract the hidden meanings behind these symbols. Everything around us has a story to tell, if and only if, we are willing to listen to them.
The philosophy of education - Have we engineered the language of the mind to explore mathematical infinities?
Business at Bottom of Pyramid - Need to understand issues around bottom of the pyramid
If you can't have water have Coke! - Walking the Thin Edge Sword of Happiness
True Wisdom Comes from God - To understand reality is not the same as to know about outward events. It is to perceive the essential nature of things. The best-informed man is not necessarily the wisest.

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