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Human Capital Capacity Building and its Impact on effective Human Capital Utilisation. - The import of the article was on an appraisal of the importance of Strategic HR Capacity Building
Things an H.R must not ask during interview and 10 Questions to Ask When Writing a Business Plan Competitive Analysis. - H.R Proffessional
Employers Retention - Turnover, Company Knowledge, Customer Service, Goodwil
Organizational records can be protected from hackers - Hacking into organizational records is becoming a common phenomenon. However, what is unknown about this problem is much much bigger than what is reported
The Value Creation Model - The Value Creation Model focuses on the personnel, who operate the business functions and use the materials to create value, for both the organisation and the community at large.
SURVIVAL OF BANKS IN A DEPRESSED ECONOMY - Ultimately, the challenge is about survival.
Practices That Will Surely Improve Employee Retention in Your Office - Employee retention is an issue with majority of the organizations - leaving only the ones which are either out of this world or the rare ones which have understood and put into practice the secrets of the trade! All those secrets are revealed in this article…
Amidst unemployment, skills shortage exists - High global unemployment is due to irrelevant skills possesed by job seekers. Many employers cannot find well qualified job seekers.
People Issues - managing people in organizations requires in-depth understanding of the behavior dynamics of people.
Integrity, like charity, begins at home - INTEGRITY, LIKE CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME
Education for Life in Kenya - Get educated to educate Kenya.
Goldring's 'Forwithto' Paradigm - A Paradigm describing interaction between employees and managers.
Support Staff - PA / Executive Assistant - Business is reluctant to invest in upgrading PAs / Executive Assistants
The Influence of Intellectual Capital on Firm Performance through Innovation - The Influence of Intellectual Capital on Firm Performance through Innovation (Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal subject).
hiring new employees -a delicate process - importance of trust, professionalism, observation and credibility during hiring process in totality
Employee Satisfaction & Customer Satisfaction - Is there any model describing relationship between ESI and CSI specially in after-sales?
Unlearning Theory - As the need of unlearning is growing, we need a method to unlearn, we need steps to unlearn. We have to start from somewhere. In this article, seven factors have been selected which help us unlearn. These seven factors can be termed as "Unlearning Theory".
Financial Rewards and the Damage They Do - Dan Pink video explores the negative impact of financial incentives on employee performance.
Current employment scenario of Saudi Arabia. - Current employment scenario of Saudi Arabia.
Chief Financial Officer Vs Human Resources - Is it sensible for HR to report to CFO of the company?
The Value of an MBA in HRM - What is the meaning of Manager? Who is the Manager?
Mediocre and ineffective attributes leading to poor performance - I am exploring is to understand what are those attributes that leads to mediocre performance
Job Stress in Organizations - Job Stress in the Organization
What a supervisor, Manager, & Director Should Be, Know, & Do - As learning is a continuous process throughout the life of every individual, and as development is a vital and essential factor for achieving progress in any organization, it is the responsibility of that organization to plan the development of its employees and overcome the inconveniences created by the lack of proper training and experience in work.
Training and Development Effectiveness - Training effectiveness.
The Black Box Model: a Talent Management Model for Grooming Transformational Leaders - The mind is presented as the equipment that determines the level of consciousness, whether the person is stock with appearances or is able to perceive essentials; at which depth the black box is adequately described to outline system operation, as evidence of talent and leadership; both of which can be optimally developed in organisations that reward need with synergy, and ability with monetized ROI.
Motivation and Human Nature - A human can never be motivated. You can Just push and show a way. A person always need to be self motivated to perform best and be successful.
Trust as Working Style of Small Teams - The basic strategy of leadership for midsize businesses
Describing a Quality Human Resource: Maturation - Maturation follows six-sigma to describe the quality human resource in quantitative terms, according to their entropy contribution.
Gifted employees: how to recognize and keep them in your organization - Recognize your gifted employees, give them work that suits them, autonomy and trust and talk about their needs and motivation.
Internship prior to getting employed - We are offering the Internship to fresher candidates, if you are interested in that, to get a break through in this exciting field feel free to get in touch with us.
Moving to a Healthy Workplace Environment - So, What’s your Hard Hat For?
open new business in another state - open new business in another state
Competency Requirements for Today’s HRM Professional - Competency Requirements for Today’s HRM Professional.
Law Office Management - Law of management is an Important Role.
Skills training is key to reduce fake goods and services on the market - Manufacturers of fake products and providers of fake services operate out of expediency with insufficient skills
Go Green with a Paperless Performance Management Process - Manage the performance appraisal process and eliminate lot of paper work that is resulting from employee information and performance management.
Career - Not Just a Job, But the Future - For developing a career plan, you need to explore your best skills and talents.
My Employment Law Areas of Expertise - Representing Employees Facing Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace.
Human Resources Development - Impotantance of Human Resources Development because human resources act as a asset for the organization
Measuring an Organization's Growth - A company's growth is popularly measured in its revenue, number of employees. Going forward, can we include people's health and other related parameters...?
Conflict of Interest Management - In the modern society there exists conflict of interests between individuals, groups and organizations. At times, mangement's win-win techniques are unable to find solutions to certain socio-legal problems which need to be addressed through conflict of interest management techniques.
Bringing in Context to Behaviour - A framework to bring both Individual and Organisational context to Organisational Behaviour Studies.
Lean Training - In beginning to practice Lean Six Sigma techniques, it is imperative to understand Lean is not simply a set of tools, but rather about management, workers and the trust that binds the two.
Poking the Iron Ball - You can do anything if you just keep doing and persisting.
Regulate Recruitment in Nigeria - It is necessary to Regulate Recruitment Practices in Nigeria.
TMA Talent Assessment - Conduct an objective, constructive and thorough analysis of motivations, talent and development possibilities.
E-HRM Needed for Green HRM - Electronic Human Resources Management (e-HRM) is a must needed tools for attaining strategic position within the organization.
Just in Time Hiring Case - What is your take on the matter?
Sexual Harassment Case - What is your take on the matter?
The Selection Process - The RIGHT people are your most important asset- the wrong ones, your biggest liability
What Great Managers Do Differently - First, Break All The Rules: What great managers do differently. A book by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.
Possible Issues of Linking HRM to Performance - Can high commitment HRM practice deliver performance improvement? Are there questions raised as to the proxies to be used in measuring the outcomes.
The Relationship Between Intellectual Capital and Innovation - Nowadays, intellectual capital as intangible assets and innovation as intangible activities are vital to improve successfuly in knowledge -based economies.
Good and Bad (Conflict) - Life is boring if every thing is all smooth (no conflict,)
Knowledge share - To supervisors: "There is power in letting go! Then our hands are free to handle something new!"
Dealing with rogue performers - Star performers are often poor team players. How do you manage such executives?
The Importance of Training and Development - Training and development are critical to organizational survival.
The Standard Procedure Series: a Phenomenology Model of Being That is the Basis for Performance Appraisal by the Sustainability Model - A Model of Being is presented that is the kernel of the standard procedure series, which is a format for presenting knowledge that makes it an asset that can be monetized directly.
Goldring's 3 Faces of Management - A paradigm describing preferred interaction styles during supervision and appraisal.
Contemporary HR - Transformation, Stagnation, Regression, Resignation..
if high salary is the only factor for job satisfaction? - high salary can play a major role for a psychological distress as it creates a blockage in employees mind and interferes in decision of taking better job at better place but less pay.
intelligent Emotionally I Communication - Introductionintelligent Emotionally I Communication Builds Emotionally Intelligent Relationships
Self recognition - do everything which u thing U r best in
The Sustainability Performance Appraisal Model: The Kernel of a Talent Management Platform That Monetizes the Knowledge and HR Assets for Workforce Development, Engagement, and Retention - An appraisal model is presented that is the kernel of a Talent Management Platform, which optimises workforce engagement via teamwork and synergy, workforce retention via a knowledge Bank, and monetizes the HR and Knowledge assets via the ROI.
LEARNING ORGANISATIONS - Learn from Organisations who possess Technical and Organisational Competencies.
Leadership at one time - I suppose leadership at 1 time meant brains & muscles, today it means getting along with people
Consolidated Workforce Motivation Model - A new and easier way to understand what truly motivates your workforce.
Management in health care - Role of management specially in medicine.

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