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Investment Principle - Your investment is your future life
EXCEL Date difference calculation - Calculating Years, months & days between 2 dates in EXCEL.
CHANGE FORCE BRAND. ZMIANA SIŁY MARKI - Brand is a performance measure and the basis for incentive compensation that drives behavior, making management actions and shareholder needs compatible. It forces managers to act like owners by holding monies at risk that are lost to them if improvements in performance are not sustained. At the crossroads of corporate strategy and finance lies valuation.
Islamic Banking and Finance - Islamic banking should be encouraged as an alternative banking approach in developing economy
Business Strategic Plan - Opinions and ideas on strategy Plan.
Insurance economic rating parameters - Competitive insurance pricing is a function of ten cost parameters.
Performance Evaluation Framework of VC funds - Performance evaluation and improvement Framework for Venture capital firm using Balanced Score Card and Scenario planning
Creative Accounting - Unorthodox accounting practices are explicitly illegal.
The World Economy Platform - World Economy in a big problem in 2012
Banks in Africa Should Give Farmers Soft Loans - Banks can come to the aid of African farmers to produce enough for ourselves and the rest of the world.
Ways to make money - The various ways you can tackle in order to make some money
Personalities & Compartmentalisation in the Client-Financial Advisor Relationship - Possibilities of bias is actually common to both the client and advisor, but the advisor needs to be cognisant of biases with self and manage its presence in clients..
How to reclassify the income statement - New method of reclassification.
Get Your Complex Team to Collaborate - Executing on major initiatives requires teams that are large, diverse, and virtual. Yet, as team size grows and the group disperses, team performance diminishes.
The importance of spending - think hard before you waste your Cash
A Monte Carlo Analysis on Case of Nike, Inc.: Cost of Capital - Referring to my previous post of, I stated: “...But I am willing to tell you that it can be a complex case in which we can doubt about sensitivity analysis done by Kimi Ford (portfolio manager) too. Because her assumptions such as Revenue Growth Rate, COGS / Sales, S &A / Sales, Current Assets / Sales, and Current Liability / Sales have been adopted from previous income statements and balance sheets from 1995 to 2001. Perhaps, we can take new assumptions.�
Market Efficiency - Explanation of the concept of market efficiency.
What is RECESSION and why its Happen - Executive Summary of RECESSION
Necessity for a Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between the Advisor and Client - As the client-advisor relationship deepens, the advisor might ultimately be in position to render advice on issues of both a personal and financial nature as the client proceeds through lifetime events..
islamic product standardization - the islamic banking product should be standardize or there should be unformity in products
CSR Politics by Banks after the Financial Crisis - The project includes models for evaluation of CSR for banks taking into account the obligatory reporting needs of various stakeholder groups and the need of modern aspects of bank accounting. The postulated research is of fundamental character, since it aims to evaluate the present knowledge of CSR, as manifested in the areas of banking, finances, accounting and management, with the purpose of defining the framework of a new paradigm for banks in the 21st century..
Challenges for Becoming Self-Employed - Challenges for self-employers...
Hidden Effects of Inflation on Profitability - Inflation might hamper profitability at different levels.
Domestic Debt and the Nigerian Economy - The federal government of Nigeria has over the years accumulated enormous amount of domestic debt for development purposes. This however has the tendency of crowding out private sector investment in the economy due to high interest payments that results from government borrowing in the capital market as shortages of loanable funds is created. Hence, the end result will be smaller total output in the economy.
EMFPS: How Can we Get the Power Set of a Set by Using of Excel? (The Case Analysis of Big Data) - Risk, Rate of return, Portfolio of Assets, power set.
Only Now exists - Even the Right Decision is useless if made too late

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