Views on Ethics and Responsibility

Selected views on business ethics, creative accounting, corporate mission, CSR, purpose, stakeholder management, strategic intent, values, etc. by 12manage members.

Moral Development is Needed
To be Morally Responsible for all our Actions.

I learned about buyers
My experience as a seller made me a better buyer

Management and Life
How do we manage ourselfs is an art.

It's all about you!
Before you start leading a team - find out who you are (and not what you are for whatever reason want to be).

Public Service as a Public Trust
Public Service therefore must have as its ingredients, the T.R.U.S.T. concepts and its acronym, political will, equal application of principled, firm and sincere decision and action to be worthy of a Public Trust..

We Need God?
If our ethics are adhered to and followed in all our actions with responsibility, We Do Not Need God.

THE Series of Quotations lined up on day to day basis needs to be disagreed,Challenged!

Good Corporate Govenance The Cornerstone of Company Success
The importance of Corporate Governance is evident from the many company failures which has been an international phenomenon

Religion, Faith and Dogmatic Thought Modes
Religion can hinder the growth of Faith and Innovation.

How do I determine the Character of my business
How does my character influence my business performance


An Objective Approach to Economic Growth
Efficient and Effective Utilization of Resources

Scarcity vesus abundance
Our paradigm is that of competition and scarcity. Cooperation leads to growth, not competition

Are Major Ad Companies Meeting the Obligation to Address the Needs of Those Less Fortunate?
How do do advertisers meet a social responsibility. Addressing the needs of the poor while at the same as reaching their target market. Humour is the best way to do this!

Ethical Impact of IT on IT Professionals
Ethical issues such as privacy, intellectual rights and social responsibility need to be debated until there is widespread agreement about ethical standards for IT professions.

ISO Certification and Customer Satisfaction
There is a craze for merit without sacrifice.

Access to Healthcare Barriers in Johannesburg
Advancing and Emerging Factors Impeding Access to Healthcare in Poor and Peri-Urban Communities: a Critical Examination in Johannesbur.

The Three Rules I Believe in
Improve your game, do the right thing, enjoy the ride.

The unexamined life is not worth living (Socrates)
Self - Examination is Important

Make Sure Employees Understand the Purpose
Several times, employees are not aware of the reason for certain acts or functions until they know t

Parting the Waters of your Red Sea
What can we learn from the story of Moses at the Red Sea.

Environmental Sustainability
Basic Definition of Environmental Sustainability in management.

Higher Education in Developing Countries
Can 12Manage be a stepping-stone to setting up International Higher Education Programmes?

Ethics in Business is getting diluted
Hapless consumers.

Ethics and Responsibilty
Ethics and Responsibilty.

Top 10 Things Every Business Should Provide for Every Worker - Including the Boss!
Top 10 Things Every Business Should Provide for Every Worker - Including the Boss!

Towards better governance in developing countires
A holistic appraoch to issues relating to endemic and pervasive corruption might yield better results in efforts to curb graft

Speakers’ ethical responsibility
Speakers have an ethical responsibility to use public speaking power to enhance the development and conduct of humanity in general.

Whistleblowing unity
On why we need whistleblowing and its protection (GAP example)

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