Views on Decision-making and Valuation

Selected views on making decisions, business valuation, BI, CAPM, CFROI, game theory, modeling, NPV, plausibility, RAROC, Real Options, ROI, RCA, simulation, etc. by 12manage members.


Strategic Analysis- Business Attractiveness Framework
The Business attractiveness model is a useful framework to analyse the feasibility and viability of; new venture, new product/services in existing or new market

SEGOU BALI! SAMBA: Social responsibility and tradition
Different stages of love: 1) physical attractiveness and / or emotional-> 2) The reason (optional) -> 3) feeling and affection -> 4) the attitude: parent, child or adult.

Mediation Construction Dispute
The spectrum of dispute resolution technique

Focus on what you can control in Family Business Transition
Don't waste time worrying about things you can't change – Direct your focus to things you can control: Consider your options to transition well out of your business. In this recession Baby-Boomer business owners still face the clock. If you don't think ahead: you will be in the herd! 9 out of 10 owners who don't get anywhere close to what they expected or want for their business, delay in making a decision and for mature businesses.

Vertical software market analysis method (e.g. for OSS/BSS)
How to analyze a vertical software market? Here is a method to do it and a sample on analysis of telecom operator software market (OSS/BSS)

Holistic Management Tool
Need to integrate all kinds of strategic/tactical/operational information into a Dashboard for management decisionmaking

SME deveoplement in Nigeria
Entrepreneur: A tool for rapid economic development and erradication of youth vices

Sustainable group decision-making process
Stability of the group decision-making process may be increased by separating the three parts of the process: logical, chaotic and integrity. The first and the second parts belong to the internal medium. The third part is characterised by entropy of information exchange.

Cognitive simulation
The cognitive simulation is the research of operation and development of problem situations via construction of ill-structured situation model on the base of cognitive map

Wise King Solomon
When the people hear how Solomon solved the problem, they are glad to have such a wise king.

RPR (Rapid Problem Resolution)
RPR is a problem diagnosis method to determine the root cause of recurring grey problems.

Why do approaches to managerial problem solving remain imperfect?
Substantial gap exists between managerial problem solving capability and the practical implementation of this capability.

SME deveoplement in Nigeria
Entrepreneurship: A tool for rapid economic development and erradication of youth vices

How to Capture the 3 Most Important Views in the Room
Whenever people come together to work, play or learn, there are 3 views that exist. Being able to harness this can spark creativity, build consensus and take action. Find out what they are.

Capturing Low-Probability, High-Impact Events 'Black Swans' in Economic and Financial Models
Incorporation of Fat - Tailed Effects of the Underlying Assets Probability Distribution using Advanced Stressed Methods.

Network Decision Support System
Speeding-up consent achievement in a network group decision making with Genetic Algorithm and Cognitive Simulation.

Changing the Tide
How to turn the status quo into status go.

Advisors to Resolve or Avoid Issues
Should you choose an advisor who is good at resolving issues or one good at avoiding issues.

Programming Decisions
Here's an introduction to programming decisions.

Setting goals
People who do not kno

The Effect of COVID-19 Restriction Measures on Production and Productivity of the Agricultural Sector
The impact of COVID-19 restriction measures on the performance of the Agricultural Sector, and short term and long term strategies to mitigate their effect in the effects on the communities.

Genetic Consensus
To speed up group network decision making it is useful to apply Cognitive Simulation and Genetic Algorithm.

Neuroscience in Decision Making
How neuroscience can help managers make better decisions by understanding the neurological basis behind decision-making.

ViewPoint Model (VPM)
Project & Investment scenario modelling tool, using multi-stakeholder predictive analysis for complex investment projects.

Solomon's Wisdom
Solomon's Wisdom was great and incredible because the kind of knowledge that King Solomon is so diff

Bow & Arrow
Bow & Arrow is a tool that helps the organization transforms itself into a “high performing organization” by focusing on its operational efficiency and dealing with its core competencies

Sensemaking in Decision making
Operational problems are frequently caused by inaccurate decision making.

Sense Making in a Decision Support Tool
Email interview for my masters thesis as SAS business intelligence user.

Importance of Developing Leadership Skills
What makes a good leader? .

Value Added Sales (Selling)
The Value Added Selling method.

Company and business stress test
Business stress test through a severe and integral strategy self assessment.

Every one needs a manifesto

Gourmet Innovation
Portal Gourmet Sauce an innovative product that revolutionize the way people cook

Convergent Networked Decision-making Using Group Insights
For speeding up networked group decision-making and gaining a collective insight it is useful to create cognitive model and structure the information in a special convergent way.

DFM & Innovation Consultant
Design For Manufacturability (DFM) is the need of the day.

Staying CLEAN in 2013
DECISIONS path ways to success or failure and to be successful, you have get knowledge since persons act only upon what they KNOW.

SME deveoplement in Nigeria
A tool for rapid economic development and erradication of you vices

Co-opetition, Competition, Cooperation, Interlocking directorates
Legal theory in the field of business law follows closely the development of economic theories and models

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