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newSelected views on corporate communications, corporate reputation, crisis management, emotional intelligence, facilitation, framing, groupthink, Johari, needs, negotiation, NLP, personal skills, persuation, PR, reasoning, social intelligence, etc. by 12manage members.


Ways we learn and communicate - SImple understanding can lead to great relaitonships.
Communication Skills - Good Listening Makes For Good Management
Establishing and managing co-staff relationship as a Personal Assistant - Work relationship management
Learning Styles and Communications - When we take the time to learn about different learning styles, understand our own and learn how to assess others - we can dramatically improve our communication success rate!
Communication does not require tongue - Humans are among so many living animals, probably other then Humans no animal uses.
Identify your Communication Skill Style - How to distinguish and identify different communication skill styles
Effective HR Communication : Need of Business - Communication holds the key and creates a difference to impact bottomlines
Truth Shall Set You Free - Information asymmetry -Ignorance of the big picture - is the mother of Murphy.
Dearth of Communication Skills - Effective communication is not as easy as it may seem
Management By Delegation - The process of managing people to get things done, executing, is based on the skill and techniques of delegating work and managing for results.
quality of life - Importance of focussing on Communication Skills
Interactive model of strategy - Interactive technologies and communications as a strategic framework of management
High Intensity Communications - HI Comm - Areas in need of most improvement.
Good Communication is your Gateway to the Success - We can't live without communication, alone in a remote area. We are created to live in societies.
Language Barrier...Really? - How important is language as a communication medium at workplace?
IDEAL management of communication - In japan,we don't speak grammatical subject and reason in many cases.
Remember to Take People With You... - Persuasion Campaigns Using Multicast Web Streaming Technology.
Cross-cultural Management, Hybrid Manager - Hybrid manager = intercultural competent managers.
UA Marketing Solutions - UA Marketing Solutions India team involved in every phase of manufacturing the solar products to delivering the quality services is committed for only for the customer satisfaction.
Communication at Many Levels - How and when to change your communication style based on who your audience is.
Make Skill People Growth Productivity - I want to make myself a well communicator and skilled to make other, and want to gather deep knowledge about policy and decision making and decision evaluation.
Honesty of Purpose - Pursuance of an honest with honesty & sincerity will lead to goal accomplishment
Democratizing Communication in Organizations - Organizations Need Top-down and down-top communication in which the issue and not the Boss determines the information flow.
The Blind Cannot See a System - The whole is greater than the total sum of its parts.
articles on communication - different views on all aspects of communication
Value Creation through Communication Controlling - Value Creation, Integrated Communication, Strategy, Controlling, Measurement, Value Based Communications Management, KPIs, Strategy Maps
Managment: science or technique? - We assist to an overwhelming increase of courses supply with management on the title. What is the science behind?

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