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True Change comes from Within - The only long lasting change comes from the choice to actually change not from imposed change.
Livenovation, the Latin-American Challenge - Livenovation is a neoligism, is a individual lifestyle, changing is the essence of Livenovation, is to live innovating; it is the opposite of surviving.
Multiculturalism in the global workplace - Develop employees people skills to easily fit in anywhere in the world, accepting others as they are.
Culture Change and Power Play - Power affects culture change ethics
Initiating Change: Whose call is it? - It is difficult for a single individual to bring about a change, but it starts from there. You need patience perseverance and positivity to see the result.
Loyalty for the Organisation not Useful Anymore? - Loyalty for the organisation is not always good.
Business coaching is becoming a commodity. How a business coaching supplier can survive - After 20 years of continuos growth the business coaching sector is close to its maturity phase. Supplying an effective coaching service to individuals is not enough anymore for a business coaching supplier to survive in a more and more crowded market. It is important to differentiate the value proposition by combining coaching with other development methods in order to create a customized service to organizational needs.
Maximising Business Intelligence Social Housing - All community housing providers world wide face many of the same challenges – the need to do more with les, obtain value for money, meet the multiplex needs of the communities we operate in, comply with a shifting sand of regulation and contribute the governments wider agenda for community housing providers .
Realistic Management - Problem identification, research with sound hypothesis and strong real inferences with practical application of treatment is the realistic approach in modern management sciences.
Psychology of Cultural Change - At a psychological level, regards control issues, the systems we openly accept, drive unconscious opposition to change
build a bear online store - Prostores websites
The conflict of interest in IT Governance - The deployment of IT governance in organizations is generally problematic
Traditional Diversity Training vs Celebrating Humanity - A stunning new methodology which we have spent the better part of 2 decades developing a highly successful, enjoyable and exciting series of programmes and methodologies, to build respect, understanding, communication and unity amongst people in diverse teams, companies, organizations and general society.
Continuous improvemnt of business processes using BPR - Dramatic improvement in speed,performance and cost can be achieved by continuously improving business processes in an organization using BPR strategy which was introduced by Dr. Michael Hammer in the 1990s.
Change and organization - Change and organization
Web Growth Model (Drozd) - The growth model of Scott Drozd is an innovative growth model that establishes relationships within an organization and identify areas for growth. It shows the impact of business to consumer E-Commerce on organizational Structure, brand architecture, IT structure and other critical interdepartmental interrelations and overcomes the issues of traditional organizational structure.
Smart way to organizational change - Execute well and you are victor
Change-related Quotes - A few change-related quotes that I've developed over the last few months in a change management course.
BUSINESS NETWORK TRANSFORMATION - Through Business Network Transformation, companies can achieve profitable growth and a new source of competitive advantage on the global stage
Focusing the Organization on Collective Success - From purpose and business model to business performance management
Want to Know How Innovation Can Change your Life? - Find your own style. People will appreciate your innovation more because it is uniquely yours and that no one else would have thought of.
Organizations Can Effectively LEARN Continuous Improvement - Continuous improvement maintains, when processes fail to add value, the root cause must be immediately identified and corrected. In order for organizations to LEARN the concept of continuous improvement, leadership, education, awareness, readiness, and new initiatives are necessary.
What causes organisation to fail? - A failure to institutionalise - a lack of understanding of the institutionalisation processes - is the biggest challenge that all organisations face.
An Integrated Change Model: Approach, Process, Style - An integrated model, combining Day's 6 Stages Theory, Theories E&O, and four of the six Images of Managing Change.
Leave your Comfort Zone - Only mediocre people can't sacrifice their comfort zone.
Paperless Quality Management System - ISO 9001 - to manage organizations..
FROM PYRAMIDS TO MAPS - Pyramidal and departmental structures are less efficient than interlinked processes mapping. Nevertheless, pyramidal and departmental stills as more used way to characterize organizations. Here is an approach which introduce a new livinghood model based on interdependency rather than subordination. Beside this the approach also brought a talent management proposal based on leadership development rather than technical skills.
systemic leadership - systemic leadership
Networks: evolution or necessary revolution? - The model of Dr. Clare W. Graves offers insight in types of networks and their relationship to certain types of surroundings.
Management by Example - How to revive a moribund organization: management by example.
It's a whitewater world we now live in. - Stability and Certainty have been replaced by Volatility and Unpredictability
Viral Change Management- learning change management from viruses - Organisations change because leaders change- a change leader needs to be enthusiastic about the change and infect the rest of the team with his enthusiasm- as a virus would infect its host.
WHY PEOPLE LEAVE - People don't just leave their organisations. In most cases, they leave their managers
Cycle Based Management - All situations, current and prospective, evolve in a cyclic manner. Failing to acknowledge this fact leads to undesirable situations, frustration and waste of resources.
Great ideas can be changed! - Great ideas can be changed to fit the current business model.
Team Conflict Resolution - Team Conflict Resolution Interventions. Standing at a Crossroads.
Vietnam and the Defeat of the Harvard Business Model - A critique of the dominant business paradigm.
Protocol for Large System Change - Leadership Training In Backwards Planning, Action Research, and Capital Develop for Community Transformation.
Process Approach in Operations - Customer centered Service Organization
Culture supports Employee Engagement and Performance - This article explains the importance of employee engagement to organizational performance. The validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument is discussed as a way to engage employees in change.
Change Implementation Choices - The Negative or the Positive way of making change happen. What will you choose?
Review of an Organization's Workforce - A model to enable a review of an organization's workforce: WMOOD.
Simplicity - one of the secrets to success - Taking the time to simplify and de clutter your life is time well invested, by eliminating the baggage and disorder in your life you will benefit from decreased stress and increased productivity and efficiency
Develop your own vision and mission statement - Relate to personal and professional relevance in order to convey organizational relevance.
MiMo - Mobile in - Mobile Out - I believe the mobile will be our prime tool of communication.
Cycles of Management System Transformations - Combination of cycles for creation and updating of base management system on the basis of the process approach and further its perfection on the basis of the tendency analysis for improvement of production, technology and management methods.
Anthropology of Business - Applications of behavioral science especially insights, constructs and methodology from Anthropology to Organization Development.
Performance Transformation Based on Gita - Gita provides a performance transformation framework based on consciousness.
Coping with Change: The Future Is Already Within! - Construct Organisational & Personal Empowerment: 'Change by Coping'
Getting Value Out of Agile Retrospectives – a Toolbox of Retrospective Exercises - With plenty of exercises for your retrospective toolbox, this book will help you to become more proficient in doing agile retrospectives, and to get more value out of them.
Let the Employees be like classmates , college mates and University Mates - Elimination of Fear and Anxiety is the first step for creating a Top Performing Organization.
WHAT DO MANAGERS KNOW ANYWAY? - A lot less than you think and that's the good news!.
new org.chart issued with empty departments - We have a new org.chart issued on July 2010.But some departments are empty for several months.
Customization - Companies often dish out off the shelf solutions which does not suit the local context nor the the culture of an organisation
Agile Move Model - A high-level model providing a structured starting-point for organisations considering the full adoption of Agile software development practices.
More results with less efforts - Doing the right things right and faster/better than others
The Micro and Small Enterprise, Small Business - Definitions of Micro and Small Enterprises, Small Businesses.
Change within an organisation - Change within an organisation.
Students' Growth and Development - Students' educational growth effecting development in society.
The 12 Imperatives for Organizational Survival - 12 rules to guide your organization survival.
Using Process Management Systems in Organizations - Entrepreneurial Activities, Peter Principle and Business Documentation.
Managing the Customer Experience - How to create a great valuable experience for the customer
Guide to Developing your First Corporate Governance Policies - Corporate Governance Policies.
Need For Change Management In Nigerian Universities: Exploring Best Practices For Quality Improvement - Change can be managed in Nigerian universities through the provision of transformational and informed leadership system in the universities, informed planning and management of resources.
Powerful and Effective Group Process Methods - Liberating Structures provide simple, easy to use, but extraordinarily powerful group process tools.
Delivery Mechanism an Approach - Delivery mechanism of an organisation- Human Analogy.
Leaders Thought - Leaders Thought
4 Steps to Take Before Starting an Organizational Change Effort - It is very important for change agents to create open channels allowing to challenge the status quo and allowing employees to come up with creative ideas before embarking on a change inititiave.
Choosing Strategies for Change by John P. Kotter and Leonard A. Schlesinger - Managers can alter the tempo of their change to the situation through strategically diagnosing each staff member’s resistance using Kotter’s and Schlesinger’s strategic continuum to analyze situational factors to decide how quickly or slowly their change should proceed.
Why is it Important to Develop a Vision for BPI/LSS - Take the time to identify where you ultimately want to take your business.
Applying Virtual Network Organization business management model applied to retail banking - Virtual Network Organization (VNO) business management model could provide opportunities to increase basis points on financial service products and facilitate access to a broader talent pool of knowledge capital, while allowing increased focus on the core competencies of financial services.
Cho Thue van Phong - Cho thue van phong.
Ten Considerations Before Redesigning an Organization - Best practices for redesigning an organization.
Change of Blissful Being - Bliss is an important factor in change.Some factors which influences blissful existence of being is discussed.
Success to Significance - What 21st Century organizations are built upon.
The Role of a Teacher in the Change of an Organisation - Association is key to change of organisation and teacher's role plays vital in change.
Plan B, Reframing Organizations - Reframing organizations properly to serve their stakeholders better includes appraisals, inquiries, ownership by stakeholders; begins with vision, followed by missions, and transformational leadership.
The Points of Light Program - Transforming America: Restoring Main Street through Community Empowerment.
be the change - When you begin to see change in you it is time for others to follow
The Stages of Leader Typology in Pesantren - Typology of Leader in Traditional School (Pesantren; The Islamic Boarding School in Indonesia).
Social Enterprise is the Future - Only social enterprises can offer the right mix of ethics, enterprise and community involvement to meet the needs of the 21st Century.
Corporate Culture - Shared values between employees and employers can optimise productivity.
Change Management - Planned & unplanned changes -how to make employees love & volunteer for constructive changes.
Creating Future-Proof Organizatonal Structures - Management, in it different manifestations cannot adopt yesterday's approach to today's/tomorrow's problem.
Org. Change at Macro Level In Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Should Look for a unique paradigm for achieve National Aspirations
Aiming the Silver Bullet - Application of technology to a process is likely to fail if the human elements of adoption are ignored.
A highly competitive organization - Future-proof business approaches / Make your organization sustainably competitive
Reengeneering IS change from the roots. - Over the years I've seen many reengeneering projects that only scratch, don't dig, and yet claim to do reengeneering.
Systems view of organizations - The relation between engagement, communication, innovation, and leadership style
Digital Disruption & Gamification - Digital Disruption & Gamification.
reflecting on practices for peak performance - reflecting on our regular performance, irresepective of the positions we hold or tasks we do leads to personal as well as organisational development and enhances performance
Need for Change Management in Higher Education: Exploring Best Practices for Institutional Change - Benchmarking, Re-engineerng Higher education, Technology Integration and Total Quality Management
Conflict in the workplace. A guide to leading team unity and effectiveness. - A how-to guide for employees to manage workplace conflict.
Creating transparency in bureaucratic organisations - Identify major systems in an organisation, cut away the rest and then work transactional
“Who’s Who” in Corporate Behavior - The recipe for corporate success lies in astute leadership. Importantly, contemporary leadership should be conscious of people. An individual’s traits are incessantly associated with organizational effectiveness. This paper is a report on self-assessment for emotions, emotional intelligence, and values and the effects that the same have on one’s corporate leadership role.
Managing Complexity - €Our management structure and style gets in the way when dealing with complex and changing business environments.”.
TBEM (Tata Business Excellence Model) - TBEM is a customised to Tata adaption of the globally renowned Malcom Balbridge Model.TBEM is used by Tata companies to stay in step with the ever-changing business environment

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