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THE 12MANAGE SMART CARD is a management encyclopedia the size of a credit card. The smart card allows you to quickly lookup and study comprehensive summaries of 400 management methods in 12 languages and 2000 further business concepts in English. Fits easily in your wallet. Only 0,8 mm thick!

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Because the 12manage card does not need an Internet connection, you can use it at home, college, work and even in your hotel room, train, airplane or at a client site.

Runs on any Windows PC with USB port. No Internet connection needed. Includes full text search. Copy, paste and print.

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Contents of the Smart Card:

10 Commandments for Media Consumers, 10 Principles of Reinvention, 10 Schools of Thought, 12 Principles of Innovation, 12 Principles of the Network Economy, 14 Points of Management, 14 Principles of Management, 20 Thinker's Keys, 2 Factor Theory, 2 Step Flow Model, 2 Tier Board Structure, 360-Degree Feedback, 3C's model, 3 Bases of Positioning, 3 Dimensional Business Definition, 3 Dimensions of Strategic Change, 3 Distinctive Capabilities, 3 Levels of Culture, 3 Needs Theory, 3PL Provider, 3rd Party Logistics (3PL), 3-Skill Taxonomy, 3 Sources of Cultural Intelligence, 3 Stage Approach for Change, 4 Dimensions of Relational Work, 4 Factors of Brand Value, 4 Key Roles in Management Team, 4 Leadership Styles (House), 4PL Provider, 4 P's, 4 P's of Persuasion, 4 Primary Traits, 4 Principles of Scientific Management, 4 Stages of Hypercompetition, 4 Strategic Types, 4S Web Marketing Mix, 4 Trajectories of Industry Change, 4 Types of Corporate Cultures, 4 Types of Knowledge, 5 Bases of Social Power, 5 C's of Marketing Strategy, 5 Change Factors, 5 Cultural Dimensions, 5 Dimensions of Brand Personality, 5 Disciplines, 5 Forces, 5 Foundation Elements of Kaizen, 5 Functions of Management, 5 Growth Phases of an Organization, 5 Human Needs, 5 Levers of Control, 5 Maturity Stages of an Organization, 5 P's Model, 5 Responses to Strategic Environmental Uncertainties, 5S Framework, 5 Steps Planning, 5W2H Analysis, 5 W's Model, 6 Categories of Quality Attributes, 6 Category Intervention Analysis, 6 Change Approaches, 6 Coordinating Mechanisms, 6 Drivers of Corporate Reputation, 6 Growth Phases of an Organization, 6 Leadership Styles (Goleman), 6 Sigma, 6 Stages of Personal Power, 6 Thinking Hats, 7 Clarkson Principles, 7 Classes of Strategic Risk, 7 Functions of Managers, 7 Habits, 7 Ps, 7-S Framework McKinsey, 7 Signs Of Ethical Collapse, 7 Surprises For New CEOs, 7 Zeros, 8 Attributes Of Management Excellence, 8 Change Phases, 8 Components of Social Marketing, 8 Considerations For Changing Organization Cultures, 8D Problem Solving, 8 Hidden Needs, 8 Team Role Preferences, 80/20 Rule, 8th Habit, 9 Essential Team Activities, Aaker, Jennifer, Abandonment Value, ABC, Abell, Derek F., Abductive Reasoning, Abilene Paradox, Abnormal Rate of Return, Absenteeism, Absorption Costing, Accelerated Depreciation, Accountability, Corporate, Accounting Earnings, Accounting Equation, Accounts Receivable Factoring, Accounts Receivable Financing, Accrual Accounting, Achievement-oriented Leadership, Acid-test Ratio, Acquired Needs Theory, Acquisition Integration Approaches, Action-Centered Leadership, Action Learning, Action Research, Active Listening, Active Media User, Activity Based Costing, Activity Based Management, Actor Influence Diagrams, Adjourning of A Team, Adjusted Book Value, ADKAR Model, ADL Matrix, Adopter Categories, Adverse Selection, Advertising, Advertorial, Advocacy Group, AEIOU, Affiliate Marketing, Affiliative Leadership, Affirmative Covenants, African Leadership style, Agenda Setting Theory, Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, Agile Absorption, Agility, AIDA, AIDAS, Aided Recall, AIM & DRIVE, Ajzen, Icek, Akao, Yoji, Alderfer, Clayton P., Aligning Business And IT Strategy, Alliance Network, Allocative Efficiency, Alternatives Analysis, Altman, Edward I., Altshuller, Genrich, Ambient Advertising, American-Style Option, Amortization, Analogical Strategic Reasoning, Analogy, Analyser, Analytical CRM, Analyze Objectives, Anchoring Bias, Annual Planning Tables, Ansoff, Igor, Ansoff Matrix, Anticipatory Principle, Anti Hostile Takeover Mechanisms, Antithesis, Appraisal, Appreciative Inquiry, APT, Arbitrage Pricing Theory, Architect, Personnel Management, Argyris, Chris, ARIMA, Armstrong, J.S., Arkes, Hal Richard, Arthur D. Little Matrix, Articles of Incorporation, Artifacts | 2, Art of War, The, Ashridge Mission Model, Asian Option, Asset Management, Assets Held For Sale, Asset Stripping, Assimilation Effect, Attention Model, Attitude Change | 2 | 3 | 4, Attitude Scale, Attitude Survey, Attribute, Attributes Of Management Excellence, Attribution Theory, Attrition, Audiences, Audit Trail, Authoritarian Management, Authoritative Interventions, Autocratic Leader, Autonomous Maintenance, Autonomous Work Group, Average, Average Cost Pricing, Average Rate of Return, B2C Strategy, Back-End Plan, Backhauling, Backstage, Backward Integration, Bait and Switch, Balanced Scorecard, Balance Theory, Balancing Act, Management as a, Baldrige Award, Ball-Rokeach, Sandra, Bandwagon Effect Bias, Banking Covenants, Bankmail Engagement, Bankruptcy, Predicting, Bargaining Power, Barney, Jay, Barriers to Entry, BARS, Bases Of Social Power, Bass, B.M., Bass Diffusion Model, Bass, Frank M., BCG | 2, BCG Matrix, Beckhard, Richard, Beer Game, Beer, M, Beers, Wim Van, Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales, Behavioral Beliefs, Behavioral Finance, Behavioral Observation Scales, Behavioral Segmentation, Behavior-based Competencies, Belbin Team Roles, Belief Systems, Benchmarking, Bennis, Warren, Beta, Bet-Your-Company Culture, Beyer, Janice, Beyond Budgeting, BHAG, Bias, Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals, Bisociation, Black-Scholes Model, Blake, Robert, Blanchard, Kenneth, Blind Spot, Blue Ocean Strategy, Blumler, Jay G., Bollier, David, Bond, Bono, Edward De | 2, Book Value, Book Value per Share, Booms and Bitner, BOS, Boston Consulting Group Matrix, Bottleneck Items, Bottom Of the Pyramid, Bottom-up Approach, Boundary Systems, Bounded Rationality, Box and Jenkins, Boyd, John, BPM, BPR, Brainstorming, Brand Asset Valuator, Brandenburger, Adam, Brand Dimensions, Brand Identity Prism, Branding, Brand Loyalty, Brand Management, Brand Personality, Brand Recognition, Brand Valuation, Breakaway Positioning, Breakdown Maintenance, Break-even Analysis, Break-even Point, Breaking Down a Problem, Breakthrough Ideas, Breakthrough Objectives, Bricks and Clicks, Bridging Epistemologies, Brown, J.S., Bryson, John M., Budget Competition, Budgeting, Bullet Theory, Bullwhip Effect, Bureaucracy, Bureaucratic Domination, Burke-Litwin Model, Burke, W. Warner, Burns, Tom, Business Alliance, Business Analysis, Business Assessment Array, Business Association, Business Crisis, Business Cycle, Business Definition, Business Development, Business Ethics, Business Feasibility, Business Fundamentals, Business Incubator, Business Intelligence, Business Knowledge, Business Manager, Business Mission, Business Modeling, Business Model Canvas, Business Models, Business Objectives, Business Organization, Business Performance Management, Business Process Modeling, Business Process Reengineering, Business Return, Business Risk, Business Scope, Business Screen, Business Simulation, Business Strategy, Business Turnaround, Business Unit, Business Valuation, Business Vision, Butler, Timothy, Buyer-Driven Auction, Buying Behavior, Buy-Side Analyst, Buzan, Tony, Cacioppo, J.T., CAGR, Call Center, Call Option, Call Warrant, Campbell, Andrew | 2 | 3, Cannibalization, Capability Maturity Model, Capacity Management, Capacity Planning, Capacity Utilization, CAPEX, Capital Asset Pricing Model, Capital Assets, Capital Budgeting, Capital Expenditure, Capitalization Rate, Capitalization Ratio, Capital Lease, Capital Output Ratio, Capital Structure, Capital Turnover, Capitalism, CAPM, Captive Audience Advertising, Career Assessment, Career Guidance, Career Management, Career Planning, Cartel, Cascading Failure, Cash Asset Ratio, Cash Burn Rate, Cash Conversion Cycle, Cash Cow, Cash Cycle, Cash Flow from Operations, Cash Flow Management, Cash Flow Measurement, Cash Flow Return on Investment, Cash Rate, Cash Ratio, Cash Value Added, Catalytic Intervention, Catalytic Mechanisms, Catastrophe Theory, Catch-Ball, Cathartic Intervention, Causal Ambiguity, Causal Model of Organizational Performance and Change, Cause and Effect Diagram, CCC, Celebrity Advertising, Centralization, CEO, Certified Project Manager, Ceteris Paribus, CFAR, CFO, CFROI, Chain of Command, Chain Reaction (Deming), Chairman of the Board, Chameleon Technique, Champy, James, Change Approaches, Change Equation, Change Forces, Change Formula, Change Management Iceberg, Change Momentum, Change Phases, Changing Organization Cultures, Channel Conflicts, Channel Management, Chaordic Leadership, Chaordic Organization, Chaos Theory, Charan, Ram, Charisma, Charismatic Leadership, Checkland, Peter, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chinese Wall, Christensen, Clayton, Cialdini, R.B., CIF, CIO, Clarkson Principles, Clerk of Works, Clicks and Mortar, Clusters, CMAT Model, CMM, Coaching, Coaching Style, Coalition, Coase's Law, Co-Creation, Code of Ethics, Coercive Incentive, Coercive Power, Cognitive Balance, Cognitive Bias, Cognitive Dissonance, Cognitive School Of Strategy Formation, COG's Ladder, Collaborative Benchmarking, Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment, Collection Ratio, Collective Bargaining, Collective Rationalization, Collectivism, Collins, Jim | 2, Collison, Chris, Co-Marketing, Commanding Leadership, Commitment Oriented Downsizing, CommonKADS, Communication - Attitudes - Behavior, Communication Utility, Comparative Advantage, Competency-based Approach, Competing Values Framework, Competition, Competitive Advantage, Competitive Advantage of Nations, Competitive Benchmarking, Competitive Defendability, Competitive Environment, Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Position, Competitive Pricing, Competitive Strategy, Completed Contract Method, Completer Finisher Role, Belbin, Complex Problem Solving, Compliance Officer, Complicatedness, Compound Annual Growth Rate, Comprehensive Auditing, Concentrated Marketing, Concentration Strategy, Concentric Diversification, Configuration School of Strategy Formation, Confirmation Bias, Confirming-Evidence Trap, Confrontation Matrix, Confronting Intervention, Conglomerate Diversification, Congruity Theory, Consistency Theories, Consolidation (Logistics), Constantinides, Efthymios, Constraints, Theory Of, Constructionist Principle, Consumer Analysis, Consumerization, Consumption Behavior, Contact Cycle, Content, Process, Context, Context, Content, Process, Contingency Plans, Contingency Theory, Contingent Assets, Contingent Liabilities, Continuous Change, Continuous Flow Manufacturing, Continuous Replenishment, Contract Logistics, Contract Manufacturing, Contacts Manager, Contrarian Investing, Contrast Effect, Contribution Pricing, Control Beliefs, Control Oriented Downsizing, Conversion Price, Conversion Ratio, Convertible Bond, Convertible Preferred Stock, COO, Cook, S.D.N., Cooperative, Co-Opetition, Cooperrider, David L., Cooper, Robert G., Coordinator Role Belbin, Core Competence, Core Group, Corporate Accountability, Corporate Bond, Corporate Charter, Corporate Culture, Change, Corporate Culture Levels, Corporate Culture Types, Corporate Governance, Corporate Mission, Corporate Organization, Corporate Performance Management, Corporate Purpose, Corporate Reputation Quotient, Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Sustainability, Corporate Transparency, Co-Sourcing, Cost Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Cost Center, Cost Drivers, Cost Dynamics, Cost, Insurance and Freight, Cost Leadership, Cost of Capital, Cost of Debt, Cost of Equity, Cost of Preferred Stock, Cost-plus Pricing, Cost Recovery Method, Countertrade Agreement, Country Club Style, Covered Warrant, Covert Leadership, Covey, Stephen, CPA, CPFR, CPM, CPO, Creative Accounting, Creative Outlets, Credit Crisis, Credit Management, Credit Rating, Credit Risk, Credit Scoring, Crisis Management, Critical Path Analysis, Critical Success Factor, CRM, Cross-Branding, Cross-Docking, Cross-Functional Team, Crossroads Model, Cross-Selling, Crow, Kenneth A., Crown Jewel Defense, CSF, CTO, Cultivation Theory, Cultural Dimensions, Cultural Intelligence, Cultural Quotient, Cultural School of Strategy Formation, Culture Levels, Three, Culture Types, Cumulative Voting, Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Current Ratio, Customer Data, Customer Experience Management, Customer Intimacy, Customer Knowledge, Customer Loyalty, Customer Loyalty Cards, Customer Loyalty Program, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Satisfaction model, CVA, Days In Inventory, Days Inventory Held, Days Inventory On Hand, Days Inventory Outstanding, Days Payable Outstanding, Days Purchase Outstanding, Days Receivables, Days Sales of Inventory, Days Sales Outstanding, DCF, Deal, Terrence, Debt Covenants, Debt Conversion, Debt Forgiveness, Debt Rescheduling, Debt Restructuring, Debt to Equity Ratio, Decentralization, Decision-making Mistakes, Decision-making, Step-by-Step, Decision Tree, Declining-Balance Method, Deconcentration, Deconsolidation, Deduction | 2, Deductive Reasoning, Defender, Deferred Shares, Defining The Business, Definitive Stakeholders, DeFleur, Melvin, Delegation, Deliberate Strategy, Deliverable, Delphi Method, Delta Model, Deming Chain Reaction, Deming Cycle, Deming, W. Edward | 2, Democratic Leader, Democratic Leadership, Demographic Segmentation, Departmental Structure, Dependencies, Dependency Theory, Depletion, Depreciation, Design School of Strategy Formation, Design Thinking, Deutero-Learning, Deviance, Positive, Devolution, Diagnostic Control Systems, Dialectical Enquiry, Dialectics, Diamond Model, DICE Framework, DICK Concept, Differentiated Marketing, Differentiation Strategy, Diffusion | 2, DIH, DII, Dilemma, Dimensions Of Change, Dimensions of Relational Work, DIO, Direct Costing, Direct Effects Model, Direct Labor, Direct Marketing, Direct Materials, Direct Response Marketing, Direction, Discovery and Destiny, Directive Leadership, Disaggregation, Discounted Cash Flow, Discount Pricing, Disintermediation, Disposal Value, Dispositional Attribution, Disruptive Innovation, Distinctive Capabilities, Distress Liquidation value, DITF, Diversification, Divestiture, Divestment, Dividend Discount Model, Dividend Payout Ratio, Division of Work, Dog, DOH, Doing the right Things, Doing things Right, Door in the Face, Dot.com, Double Declining Balance Depreciation Method, Double-loop Learning, Downsizing, DPO, Driving Forces, Drotter, Stephen, Drucker, Peter, DSI, DSO, Dual Commitment, Due Diligence, Dueling Focus Groups, Dunning, Stephen, DuPont Model, Dutch Auction, Dynamic Capabilities, Dynamic Regression, Early Adopters, Early, Christopher, Early Majority, Earned Surplus, Earned Value Management, Earnings Before Interest After Taxes, Earnings Before Interest and Tax, Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation and Amortization, Earnings Management, Earnings Per Share, EBIAT, EBIT, EBITDA, E-Business, E-Commerce, Economic Margin, Economic Value Added, Economies of Scale, ECR, Edmondson, Amy C., Education, Edvinsson, Leif, Effective Rate Of Return, Efficiency Wage, Efficient Consumer Response, Efficient Market Hypothesis, EFQM, Ego Gratification, Eight Disciplines Problem Solving, EI, Elasticity Of Demand, Elasticity Of Supply, Embodied Knowledge, Emergent Strategy, Emerging Markets, EMH, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Security, Employability, Employee Appraisal, Employee Attitude Survey, Employee Background Checks, Employee Benefits, Employee Development, Employee Motivation, Employee Retention, Employee Stock Options, Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Empowerment Of Employees, End Consumer, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Manager, Enterprise Performance Management, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Government, Entrepreneurial Organization, Entrepreneurial School of Strategy Formation, Entrepreneurial Startup, Entry of Competitors, Environmental Consonance, Environmental School of Strategy Formation, Environmental Uncertainties, EPIC ADVISERS, EPM, E-Purchasing, E-Procurement, EPR, EPS, Equilibrium, Equity Turnover, ERG Theory, Erlicher, Harry, Escape Point, ESOP, Espoused Values, E-Sourcing, ESPRIT, Esprit De Corps, E-Tendering, Ethical Collapse, Signs Of, European-Style Option, EVA, Evidence-Based Management, EVM, Excess Return, Exclusive Distribution, Execution as Efficiency, Execution as Learning, Execution of Strategy, Existence, Relatedness, Growth, Exit Barriers, Exit Strategy, Expectancy Theory, Expectant Stakeholders, Expense Center, Experience Curve, Expert Power, Explicit Knowledge, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Exploratory Focus Group, Exponential Smoothing, Extended Enterprise, Extended Marketing Mix, Extended Producer Responsibility, External Attribution, External Capital, External Deliverable, External Environment, External Stakeholders, Ex-works Pricing, Face to Face Communication, Face Value, Facilitation Styles, Facilitative Interventions, Factor Endowments, Factoring, Factory Gate Pricing, Fair Value, False Consensus Bias, FAST Diagram, Fast Follower, Fast Second, Fayol, Henri, Feasibility Study, Feedback Loops, Fell, Alan, Festinger, Leon, Feudal Domination, FGP, FIFO Method, Fifth Discipline, Figurative Language, FiMO/RECoIL Framework, Financial Control Parenting Style, Financial Covenants, Financial Economies of Scale, Financial Incentive, Financial Inclusion, Financial Leverage, First-In First-Out, First-mover Advantage, First Round Financing, Fishbone Diagram, FITD, Five Disciplines, Five Elements, Five Forces, Five P's Model, Five Steps Planning, Five W's Model, Fixed Assets, Fixed Costs, Flat Organizational Structure, Flexible Benefits, Flip-in, Flip-over, Flora, June, FOB, Focus, Focus Group, Foot in the Door, Forced Compliance, Force Field Analysis, Force Field Diagram, Ford 8D, Forget Borrow Learn, Formal Organization, Formal Strategic Planning, Formal Structure, Forming of a Team, Fornbrun, Charles J., Forrester, Jay W., Forward Integration, Foster, Richard D., Four Primary Traits, Four P's of Persuasion, Fourteen Points of Management, Fourteen Principles Of Management, Four Trajectories of Industry Change, Framing, Franchisees, Franchising, Franchisor, Fraser, Robin, Free Cash Flow, Freedman, J.L., Free on Board, Free Rider Problem, French and Raven, Friendly Takeover, Fringe Benefits, Frontstage, Frustration-Regression Principle, Full Costing, Full Cost Method, Full Truck Loads, Fully Diluted EPS, Functional Benchmarking, Functional Manager, Functional Structure, Functional Team, Fundamental Analysis, Fundamental attribution error, Futures Contract, Future Value, Gadiesh, Orit, Game Theory, Gantt Chart, Gantt, Henry Laurence, Garbage Can Model, Gavetti, Giovanni, GDP, Gearing, Gearing Ratio, GE Business Screen, GE Matrix, Generate a New Idea, Generic Benchmarking, Generic Competition, Generic Strategies, Genius Forecasting, Geographic Growth Vector, Geographic Segmentation, Gerbner, George, Gestalt, Ghandi, Mahatma, Gilbert, James L., Global 8D, Globalization, Glocalization, Goal, The, Godin, Seth, Goffman, Erwin, Golden Handcuff, Golden Handshake, Golden Hello, Golden Parachute, Goldratt, Eliyahu, Goleman, Daniel | 2, Good and Bad Guy, Goodbye Kiss, Goold, Michael | 2, Gordon, T.J., Gordon, William J.J., Governance, Corporate, Govindarajan, Vijay, GPP, Graves, Clare, Grey Knight, Great Man Theory Of Leadership, Greenleaf, Robert K., Greenmail, Greiner, Larry E., Grönroos, Christian, Gross Domestic Product, Gross Profit Percentage, Group Facilitation, Grouping, Group Manager, Groupthink, Growth Phases, Guaranteed Bond, Guard Dog Theory, Gulick, Luther, Gummesson, Evert, Gut Feeling, Hagberg, Janet O., Hagberg Model Of Personal Power, Hamel, Gary | 2, Hamelink, Cees, Hammer, Michael | 2, Hard Change Approach, Harvest Strategy, Harvey, Jerry B., Haspeslagh, Philippe, Hawthorne Effect, Hawthorne Experiments, Hax, Arnaldo C., HCI, Hedging, Heider, Fritz | 2, Heinsohn, Gunnar, Helmer, Olaf, Henderson, Bruce, Heron, John, Hersey, Paul, Herzberg, Frederick, Heskett, James, Hidden Needs, Hierarchical Organization Structure (2), Hierarchy of Needs, Hindsight Bias, Hito-Kane-Mono, Hock, Dee, Hofstede, Geert, Holmes, Sherlock, Horizontal Agreement, Horizontal Diversification, Horizontal Integration, Horizontal Merger, Hoshin Kanri - Policy Deployment, Hostile Takeover, House of Quality, House, Robert, Hovland, Carl I., HR Manager, Hub and Spoke, Human Capital, Human Capital Index, Human Capital Stewart, Human Motivation, Human Needs, Human Resource Management Roles, Human Thinking, Humphrey, Albert, Hurdle Rate, Hygiene Factors, Hypodermic Needle Theory, Hypothesis, IAM, IAS, ICB, IC Rating, Idea Generation, Illusion of Control Bias, Immortality, Impact/Value framework, Impersonal Communication, Implementer Role, Belbin, Impoverished Style, Impression Management, Incentive Program, Incentives, Inclusive Finance, Inclusive Value Measurement, Income Effect, Income Statement, Incremental Improvement, Incubator, Index Fund, Individualism, Induced Compliance, Induction, Inductive Reasoning, Industry Attractiveness, Industry Change, Industry Life Cycle, Industry Structure, Inference to the Best Explanation, Inferior Goods, Influential, Infomercial, Informal Organization, Informal Structure, Information, Giving And Receiving, Information Management, Information Technology, Informative Intervention, Ingham, Harry, Initial Public Offering, Inorganic Growth, Innovation Adoption Curve, Innovation Capital, Innovation, Diffusion of, Innovation Management, Innovation, Organizational Excellence in, Innovators, Inside-out Strategy, Insourcing, Installment Sales Method, Institutional Investors, Instrumental Approach, Instrumental Communication, Instrumentality, Intangible Assets, Intangible Assets Monitor, Intangibles, Integrative Thinking, Intellectual Capital, Intellectual Capital Rating, Interactive Control Systems, Interdisciplinary Team, Internal Attribution, Internal Benchmarking, Internal Capital, Internal Controls, Internal Deliverable, Internal Rate of Return, Internal Stakeholders, International Accounting Standards, Internet Impact, Internet Strategy, Interpersonal Skills, Intervention, Intrapreneurship, Intrinsic Stakeholder Commitment, Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline, Intuition, Inventory Shrinkage, Investing in Securities, Derivatives, Investment Center, Investment Management, Investor Sentiment, IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB), IPO, IRR, Ishikawa Diagram, Ishikawa, Kaoru, IT, Strategic Grid, IT Strategy, IT, value of, Jack, Andrew, Janis, Irving, Jemison, David, Jennings, Marianne M., JICNARS Scale, JIT, Job Plan, Johari Window, Joint Venture, Joule, R.V., Just-in-time, Just-World Effect, Kahneman, Daniel, Kaizen, Kano, N., Kapferer, Jean-Noël, Kaplan, Robert | 2 | 3 | 4, Katz, Elihu | 2, Kay, John, Kelly, Kelvin, Kennedy, Allan, Kepner-Tregoe Matrix, Key Performance Indicator, Killer Bees, Kim, W. Chan, KISS Principle, KITA, Kleiner, Art, Know-How, Knowledge Assets, Knowledge Creation | 2, Knowledge Facilitator, Knowledge Management (Collison), Koestler, Arthur, Kotter, John, Kotler, Philip, KPI, Kramer, Mark R., Kraljic Model, Laggards, Lap Dog Theory, Larreche, Srinivasan, Last-In First-Out, Laswell’s Communication Model, Laswell, Harold, Late Majority, Latent Stakeholders, Lateral Thinking, Latitude of Acceptance, Latitude of Non-Commitment, Latitude of Rejection, Lazarsfeld, Paul | 2, LBO, Leadership Continuum, Leadership Development, Leadership Grid, Leadership Pipeline, Leadership Results, Leadership Styles, Lead Time Reduction, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Production, Learned Needs Theory, Learning-by-Doing, Learning Organization, Learning School of Strategy Formation, Learning Styles, Leaseback, Lefebvre, Craig, Legitimate Power, Lengnick-Hall, Less Than Truckloads, Level 5 Leadership, Levels of Human Existence, Leverage, Leveraged Buy-out, Leveraged Recapitalization, Leverage Items, Levers of Control, Levitt, Theodore | 2, Lewin, Kurt | 2, Licensing, LIFO Liquidation, LIFO Method, LIFO Reserve, Limited Effects Theory, Line-staff Structure, Liquid Assets, Liquidation Value, Liquidity Ratio, Litwin, George H., Lobby Group, Lobster Trap, Logical Incrementalism, Logistics Management, Lorenz, Edward, Loss Aversion Bias, Love and Belongingness Needs, Love Objects, Low Ball Technique, Loyalty Program, Loyalty Scheme, Ludenic Theory of Newsreading, Luehrman, Timothy A., Luft, Joseph, Lull, James, Lure Procedure, MABA Analysis, Machine Bureaucracy, Macro-Environment, MAGIC, Magic Bullet Theory, Mahler, Walt, Maintenance, Management Accounting, Management Activities, Management Buy-out, Management by Design, Management by Exception, Management by Objectives, Management Concepts, Top-10, Management Contract, Management Development, Management Feedback, Management Functions, Management Links, Management Metaphors, Management Performance, Management Principles, Management Product, Management Science, Management Succession Planning, Management Tools, Managerial Competency Traits, Managerial Entrenchment, Managerial Grid, Managing for Value, Managing Successful Programmes, Mangurian, Glenn, Margerison, Charles J., Marginal Costing, Marginal Cost Pricing, Market Cap, Market Capital, Market Capitalization, Market Development, Marketing Economies of Scale, Marketing Mix, Marketing Strategy, Market Penetration, Market Perform, Market Risk, Market Segment, Market Segmentation, Market Value, Market Value Added, Martin, Roger, Maslow, Abraham, Mass Communication, Mass Communication Theories, Mass Customization, Mass Marketing, Mass, Nathaniel, Materials Management, Matrix Organization, Matrix Structure, Maturity, Maturity Date, Maturity Yield, Mauborgne, Renée, Mayo, Elton, MBO, MBTI model, McCallum, Daniel, McCarthy, E. Jerome, McClelland, David, McCombs, Maxwell, McGahan, Anita M., McGregor, Douglas, McKinsey 7-S Framework, McKinsey Matrix, McQuail, Dennis | 2, McTaggart, James M., Means / Source of Verification, Mechanistic Systems, Media Communication, Media Consumers, Media Functions, Media Purposes, Media System Dependency Theory, Mentoring, Merchandising, Mere Exposure Effect, Mergers And Acquisitions, Merton, Robert K. | 2, Metaphor | 2, Metaplan, Metonymy, Meyer, Ron, Mezzanine Level Financing, MFI, Microfinance, Microfinance Channel, Microfinance Institution, Microinsurance, Middle Management, Middle-of-the-road Style, Miles, Lawrence D., Miles, Raymond, Milestone, Mind Mapping, Minto, Barbara, Mintzberg, Henry | 2 | 3, Mirroring and Matching, Mission Statement, Modeling, Model of Organizational Performance and Change, Model of Personal Power, Moderation Model, Modified Book Value, Momentum, Monitor Evaluator Role, Belbin, Monomorphic Opinion Leadership, Moon, Youngme, Months to Burnout, Moral Hazard, Moral Incentive, Moral Purpose, Mosakowski, Elaine, MOST, Most Popular Management Concepts, Motivation Factors, Motivation of Employee, Mourkogiannis, Nikos, Mouton, Jane, M'Pherson, Philip, MSP, Multi Channel Marketing, Multidisciplinary Team, Multiple Sourcing, Multi-rater Feedback, Multi-segment Marketing, Multi-Step Flow Theory, Multitasking Behavior, Multitasking Consumer, Mutual Fund, MVA, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Naked Warrant, Nalebuff, Barry, Narrative Approach, Nash, John, Nationalization, Need for Achievement, Need for Affiliation, Need for Power, Needs, Hierarchy Of, Negative Covenants, Net Operating Profit After Taxes, Net Present Value, Net Present Value of Growth Opportunities, Network Economy, Network Organization, NGO, Niche Marketing, Nielsen Ratings, Noel, James, Noelle-Neumann, Elisabeth, Nohria, N., Nominal Value, Nonaka, Ikujiro, Non-critical Items, Non-current Assets, Non-Governmental Organization, Non-linear Causality, Non-Systemic Risk, NOPAT, Normalized Earnings, Normative Approach, Normative Beliefs, Normative Decision Theory, Normative Power, Norming, Norton, David | 2 | 3, NPV, NPVGO, Objective Analysis Tree, Obrycki, Daniel J., Objectively Verifiable Indicators, Observe, Orient, Decide And Act, Observing Facts, Ockham's Razor, Off-Balance Sheet Financing, Office of Strategy Management, Offloading Assets, Offshoring, Ohmae, Kenichi, Ohno, Taiichi, Oligopoly, Oligopsony, One Best Way, One-Tier Board Structure, One to Many Communication, One-to-one Marketing, Online Corporate Reputation, OODA Loop, Operating Cash Flow, Operating Cycle, Operating Earnings, Operating Lease, Operating Profit, Operating Profit Percentage, Operational Agility, Operational CRM, Operational Excellence, Operations Research, Opinion Leader, OPM3, Opportunism, Opportunistic Behavior, Opportunity Cost, Orderly Liquidation Value, Order Management, Organic Growth, Organic Systems, Organigram, Organizational Absorption, Organizational Agility, Organizational Capital, Organizational Change, Organizational Chart, Organizational Choice, Organizational Commitment, Organizational Configurations, Organizational Culture | 2, Organizational DNA, Organizational Growth, Organizational Growth Effectiveness, Organizational Learning, Organizational Memory, Organizational Performance And Change, Organizational Power, Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, Organizational Resilience, Organizational Structure, Organization Chart, Organization Culture | 2, Organogram, Osborne, David, Osgood, Charles, Osterwalder, Alexander, Ouchi, William, Outside-in Strategy, Outsourcing, Overconfidence Bias, Pacesetting Leadership, Packhard, Vance, PAEI, Paradox, Paralysis by Analysis, Parcell, Geoff, Parental Value Creation, Parenting Advantage, Parenting Styles, Pareto Principle, Parochial Self-Interest, Participative Leadership, Participative Management, Parkinson's Law, PARTS, Par Value, Pascal, Richard Tanner, Pathfinder Card, Path-Goal Theory, Payback Period, PDSA Cycle, Peer-Appraisal, Peer Review, PEG Ratio, PEGY Ratio, Penetration Pricing, Penetration Strategy, Pension Parachute, People Capability Maturity Model, People CMM, People Pill, P/E Ratio, Perceived Value Pricing, Percentage of Completion Method, Perception, Performance Appraisal, Performance Management, Performance Prism, Performance Risk and Valuation Investment technology, Performing of A Team, Perishability, Permission Marketing, Perpetual Warrant, Personal Belief Bias, Personal Power, Personnel Management Types, Persuasion Techniques, Persuasion Theory, Persuasive Written Message, PERT, PEST Analysis, Peter Principle, Peters, Tom, Pettigrew, Andrew, Phantom Stock Plan, Phenomenological Focus Group, Physiological Needs, Pierce, Charles Sanders, P&L, Placebo Effect, Planning Fallacy Bias, Planning School of Strategy Formation, Plant Role, Belbin, Plausibility Theory, Play Theory of Mass Communication, Pluralistic Ignorance, PMBOK, PMMM, Poetic Principle, Poincaré, Henri, Poison Pills, Poison Put, Polanyi, Michael, Policy Deployment - Hoshin Kanri, Political, Economic, Social, Technological Analysis, Polymorphic Opinion Leadership, Popular Management Concepts, Porter, Michael E. | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6, Portfolio Agility, Portfolio Insurance, Portfolio Management | 2 | 3, POSDCORB, Positioning, Positioning School of Strategy Formation, Positive Deviance, Positive Principle, Post-Merger Integration, Power, Power Distance, Power / Dynamism Matrix, Powerful Media, Power / Interest Matrix, Power, Legitimacy And Urgency Model, Power, Personal, Power School of Strategy Formation, PPM, PR, Prahalad, C.K. | 2 | 3 | 4, Pre-Employment Screening, Preferred Stock, Prescriptive Intervention, Presenteeism, Present Value, Pressure Group, Preventive Maintenance, Price Skimming, Price to Earnings Ratio, Price to Earning to Growth Ratio, Primary Stakeholders, PRIMO-F Model, PRINCE2, Principles Of Management, Principles Of Reinvention, Principles 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