Humanity - Africa Give the Gift

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Humanity - Africa Give the Gift
Derrek Augustine , Consultant, South Africa

Where is the Leadership Legacy of Africa and what is the contribution that Africa can make to the world?

Humanity – Africa Give the Gift!

By Derrek Augustine

Steve Bantu Biko left a leadership legacy for Africa which is yet to be fulfilled. It reflects our greatest challenge.
He said, “We believe that in the long run the special contribution to the world by Africa will be in the field of human relationships. The great powers of the world may have done wonders in giving the world an industrial and military look, but the great gift still has to come from Africa, giving the world a more human face”. We have not fulfilled this Leadership legacy and instead we have capitulated to the Western/European model of “Capital Leadership”. We defer to industrial and military models, devoid of the human thread with its only focus on greed and profit at all costs. The world is littered with the human debris of these leadership models and yet we persist with it even today. This model has not worked for Africa, or for the world. The abject poverty that we experience today across the globe, both materially and emotionally is a direct reflection of the impact of past and current world leaders. The culture of the value that is espoused is intrinsically selfish and inhuman. When will we unlearn this inhumanity? The Leadership models of a Western/European culture have systemically entrenched itself in the world and we appear powerless to break this cycle of designed depravation and degradation. If Africa’s gift is giving the world a more human face; how we have failed! If Africa is no longer “physically” in the master/slave role why do we persist psychologically in the style of the “slave master?” Why emulate ethnic hierarchies based on an ideology of white superiority? Why continue the divisiveness and perpetuate oppression? Africa has strong Cultural Leadership models and values that entrench the human/ubuntu aspect of relationships and ideals. Where are they? Why are they hidden from the public discourse? Why are they not used as a filter for modern Leadership Models to find connections and congruency so that we develop “wholeness?” African Cultural Leadership Models must be the first integral tapestry of African societies complemented by other models that serve all humanity for humanities sake, not for power or capital gain. Biko knew instinctively that Africa has a gift of humanity through which the world can learn. It is a gift that has been suppressed over time and circumstance. It is the shackles of this, our oppressive past from which we must free ourselves. This is the challenge that African Leaders face. How else are we able to connect with our true selves as Africans and with the souls of our ancestry? The Courageous African Leader is one who dares reflect on the soul of their ancestry and find the humanity of their wisdom and teaching that will change their world and the world. The Courageous African Leader is one that does not hunger after power in the framework of the capitalist but is focussed on ensuring that all they touch, influence and impact upon, experiences their gift of humanity. Africa, give the gift.

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