Theory of Innovation: an Anthropocentric Approach

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Theory of Innovation: an Anthropocentric Approach
Chu S. Yong, Member, Professor, Brazil

Theory of Innovation integrating Spirituality, Quantum Physics and Human and Natural Sciences.

Lecture title: Theory of Innovation: an Anthropocentric Approach.

This lecture aims to introduce a new Theory of Innovation focused on human ontology (and gnosiology) with possible and natural evolution to the development of innovative organizational cultures, with a special care with institutional sustainability. The theory is based on a Cognitive Model of Epistemological Thinking, Feeling and Willing as integrated metacognitive processes evolving from phenomenological approach at beginning to pure cognitions like Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition, and totally applicable to the epistemology of specific natural and human sciences.
The structure and development of this Theory of Innovation are based on dialectics between the processes of descendants with ascendants causalities, creating double-hand paths between the sensible and supra-sensíble phenomena, integrating spirituality, philosophy, quantum physics, psychology, cognitive models, strategies and management, deployment models, methods, and advanced software technologies. The lecture shows ways of integrating Science with Spirituality. This fusion and dynamics permit the creation of a philosophy of living closer and closer to freedom and universal brotherhood, allowing healthy convergence between the material and spiritual dimensions, within a monistic and transdisciplinar spiritual approach.
Several applications in organizational realities will be presented to illustrate the presentation of the Theory, facilitating the understanding of the most complex points. The structuring structure of this Innovation Theory facilitate people and organizational companies in creating critical mass by leveraging innovative human cognition deriving increased sustainability and competitiveness in domestic and international markets, generating greater and continued prosperity to people and nations. On earth.

Any person that doesn´t understand this Theory, I suggest to send me message. I can explain better... Special hint: The main activation and infusion (Trans-infusion) is made on etheric HeartChakra, then the other Chakras...for imagination, inspiration, intuition, logical thinking, divergent thinking, convergent thinking, etc...It means Heart Thinking...Willing .
Or get into site where I expose courses already done and next...just send me invitations...!!!
All support of Antroposophical Society (Rudolf Steiner) - SAB in Brazil.

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