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Thoughts on leadership
Carol Peters, Student (Other), United States

What is a leader?

When I think of a leader I think of a person caring, trustworthy, humble, dignified, generous, respected, ethical, interested in others well-being, and actively involved in making a difference whenever or whereever that may be.
A leader should have foresight and vision. A vision statement is given by an organization which defines the purpose behind what the organization does. How can a vision be used by a leader and an organization to achieve a competitive advantage and still benefit society? Sometimes it is when leader or an organization gives meaning to the purpose for what it produces and instills pride into the production of the commodity and viability for it being needed. I have had the experience of being led by some great leaders in my life.
One of my dearest memories is of a CEO that took the time to speak with me, I mean really talk to me, one on one, and ask me my thoughts. This is not the only time I had been approached by a leader in the industry I was involved in, but it meant much to me, just an employee, for him to take that time to talk with me. As the years went by he left for greener pastures and was replaced, but every CEO after him always took the time to fellowship with me in private and ask me what my opinion was about business.
I am not trying to say I was special, but I know the fact a leader would take the time to ask me anything was meaningful and helpful to both of us. I believe leaders that take the time to care about the ones they are leading are the ones benefiting society. I believe the organizations that stand behind these kind of people are the businesses that do whatever it takes to benefit those they have employed by them.
If both leader and organization can come to a comparable agreement about what is best for the community they work together and will achieve a greatness that makes the organization achieve competitiveness, respect, and viability to those being accomodated by the business in general.
The vision being the ultimate purpose for the company can only be achieved through competent and value-based ethical leadership of the organization, there is no other way to win really, if a company wishes to be a pace setter for the industry, it takes both leader and organization to be precise and consistent. The bad things I have seen with businesses today is many will make it to the top of the industry and then they forget everything they learned on the way there, consequently losing the competitive edge and getting rid of the leader they no longer listen to, it happens more than business cares to admit.

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