Eradication and Blockage of Poverty

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Eradication and Blockage of Poverty
Ameyaw Millicent, Student (University), Ghana

Poverty, A Good Friend To Africa?

Poverty is a scary word for a lot of people. It resembles a disease which gets into every organ and kills it from inside. There is an easy cure to this illness-money, but in most cases it’s an unreachable dream. There are poor people in every country in the world; however the extent of their poverty varies greatly from country to country.
Africa’s problems have either been magnified in the minds of the West or perhaps Africans have come to accept that they are meant to be down on the stairs of poverty.
Hollywood film makers enjoy painting a monastery type of Africa with uncivilized people who are always fighting for power, food, and diamonds. Analysing films like blood diamonds, the rise and fall of Idi- Amin, Hotel Rwanda have much to tell on what resides in the minds of Hollywood filmmakers. In trying to cancel this picture Nollywood (Nigeria) film makers have gone to the edge of the scale indicating what the majority of Africans are not; a borrowed African American accent and exaggerated mansions. These two sets of people do not really show the picture of what Africa is and the right dosage to cure a lot of its problems.

The question that begs to be answered is- Is 'POVERTY"in Africa real? Africa is a continent endowed with rich minerals of gold, diamond,bauxite,manganese and what have you and yet Africans are wallowing in abject poverty.
It is interesting to note that Africa, Asia and South America still have high stench of poverty that can be heard by the various governments and its peoples’ nostrils in the West. Scarcity of resources are not tied to poverty, hence, poverty can disappear if the proverbial national cake can be shared equally. Sometimes it is very difficult to find who to blame on Africa’s well headlined poverty, is it: its leaders, the general citizens or perhaps the West? African leaders such as Muammar Ghadaffi is in the front row of those who want the West to pay African governments for the slave deals, setting such a precedence of compensation and commissions has a far-reaching adverse effects for the future generation. Without sounding more negative, it is in the minds of Africa’s most educated class to work overseas and it is true that most of them are in the Diaspora. Does it click in one’s mind that this is another form of self driven slavery which after 100 years will make African leaders then to fight for compensation from the West for having taken all the good brains away from them.

Africa leaders are born like anybody else in Africa; they are nurtured and taken care of in the same society like everyone else. They have never been distinct in birth, yes! Jesus was different; His birth still remains a myth in the science world but not our African leaders. The African society that nurtures these leaders, who eventually become more powerful than the people they are meant to serve, should be blamed.
It will be very unfair if this article does not illuminate the fact that not all African leaders are covered in the chapters of bad governance. Africa still shines because of leaders like kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, Seretse Khama( father to the current president of Bostwana), Kenneth Kaunda, Jomo Kenyatta, and in my opinion Wade of Senegal.

Africa is one of the few continents that receive sympathy from the West and this is evident through the presence of organisations such as Oxfam, CRS (Catholic Relief Services), World vision etc. It must be accepted that all these organisations are in the art of giving fish to the Africans and not manufacturing fishing rods and training Africans in how to catch fish.
Let us all lift up the banner of Africa high and lets' say a BIG no to POVERTY in Africa. Let us together block every route that leads to Poverty.


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