Achieving Quick Change-Over: dream or reality?

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Achieving Quick Change-Over: dream or reality?
Carlo Scodanibbio, Member, Other

A hilarious introduction to the Quick Change-Over discipline

by Carlo Scodanibbio

Just consider this little story. Coming back home from honeymoon, life becomes, after a while, "normal" for husband and wife: it consists more and more of routine activities. And what does husband discover ?
He discovers that wife has a pretty peculiar system of organising her cooking ménage.
When she prepares chicken cordon-bleu, she cooks some 8 chickens in one go, one after the other. When she bakes pizza, she does 12 pizzas one after the other. And when she does lasagne, at least 10 large pans of lasagne are prepared and cooked one after the other in a row. This way, the deep fridge is always well stocked.
The end result is good: food cooked by wife tastes OK, but husband still does not fully understand her peculiar style.

When he asks her why she operates that way, invariably she answers that this is the best, most efficient way of cooking: in fact, once she is geared to prepare chicken, the best is to cook whatever quantity the family needs for approximately three months, which is a safe and convenient storage period in the deep fridge. By doing so, she utilises pans and pots and kitchen utensils once, minimising washing and cleaning etc. The same applies to pizza and lasagne: she knows what is going to be required in the next 12 weeks: why going into the trouble of baking a pizza every week every Friday, when that can be done in one go ?
Efficiency is tremendous, she says: the same baking pan is used 12 times without washing it, and, most essential, the oven is already warm, and letting it cool down would be a tremendous waste........

Amazing, isn't it? But a similar mentality.....

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