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change yourself
Koen Marichal, Manager, Belgium

stop changing others

I'm reading a lot lately on leadership and change. And on new insights from neurobiology. One of the sediment's of this reading is the conviction that the only real(istic) change is the self-change. Be the change you want to see in the world. I know, nothing new, not exactly a killer idea. Blablabla. Pity I've had to become 44 year's old to get in touch with this truth. Since then I started applying this truth in my work. If I want my management to act more strategically, then I should start working strategically. If I want my internal customers to be motivated and happy, then I should start to be happy. If I want more team spirit in the teams, I should create more team spirit in my team. So I took some time with my virtual team. We developped together our view on the customer in a playfull, happy way. Since then we radiate more happiness, focus and team spirit. And people around us, they get curious about what happened with us, and come along on the same path. Sources: 'synchronicity' (J. Jaworski), 'U-theory' (O. Scharmer), '7 habits' (F. Covey), 'Geluksformule' (S. Klein), 'Mindset' (C. Dweck)

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