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Programming Decisions
lutfi .r.Alazrag, Lecturer, Libya

Here's an introduction to programming decisions.

Setting goals
People who do not know what they really want or what their goals are or can not express themselves tend to make bad decisions. For example, when a person needs to make a decision about changing his job, he has to ask himself first if he really wants to. By doing so, or if he merely wants to avoid his current boss, but in any case a person should avoid making any decision based on an incorrect issue or idea.

Characteristics of sound decision
There must be certain qualities in the decision to be taken:
  • The decision positively affects others. Is repeatable by others.
  • A good decision encourages opportunities and drives others to work. Includes others.
  • Executable and clear steps. To be a programmer and organizer, to evaluate success to reach the goal of decision-making.
  • Accepts analysis.
  • Is realistic and away from self-biased feelings only. Ensures self awareness.
  • Is timely and measured to ensure success.

Reducing the amount of information
Because of the large influx of data, especially in large companies where the managers of companies rely on decisions based on data available from the outputs of the administrative system of daily business or from the external environment that is dealt with.
This depends on the level of performance of staff and the difference in quality level in performance between one person and another can have errors in performance and has an impact in decision-making does not depend on the psychological situation and life pressures and special problems .... and others.
Due to the lack of quality data and information that determine the indicators produced from the daily, monthly or annual interaction within the institution.
Therefore, these institutions or private and public companies must be based on the decisions programmed so as not to be weak in decision-making and handling errors and obstacles and the circumstances expected in a timely manner.
The person or administration should be careful to reduce the amount of information when making any decision because it distracts the ideas by collecting a lot of information in the traditional way and taking a lot of opinions from non-specialists related to the subject, because the large number of thinking and the abundance of unprogrammed information will open the door to more choices and ideas. And instead of this can limit one or two indicators there will be many overlapping indicators in one subject or one problem and this causes confusion in making the correct decision to address the problem.

Indicators slope through the programming decision
By programming decisions, attention must be paid to warning signs and indicators. Decision-makers should define prior objectives for changing and persistent situations of work and tasks to make a decision according to the alarming signs. If something is strongly desired, they may not be able to see these signs. Tasks for the administrative or technical work must be set must be set goals and methods of follow-up and programming and identify indicators to be ready from the beginning

We must take care when taking any decision to take into account the prioritization of the question to ask whether the work of this is the core of the programmed goals of the institution and will affect the routine and the work system and whether we need to replace some methods and systems, although the implementation of the decision is important at the moment can be made a priority, And reprogramming it into the system.

Discuss options with others
It is possible to have a dialogue with a reliable team that may be a consultant and preferably from a team in the organization. He has knowledge on the subject to translate these indicators into realistic images to help decide the ways to address the problem. Unfortunately, most companies and institutions do not have most suggestions or opinions. The options in the subject are taken in person.

Evaluation of results
We should take care of the direct outcome of the decision. It is recommended that a dedicated team be assigned to reflect on the expected results, evaluate each option, and examine the positive and negative outcomes.

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