Using Marketing in Politics

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Using Marketing in Politics
John donnelly, Member, Professor, United States

Marketing — applied to politics.

We have now created the possibility of a new political science, where we can learn from the mind of the citizen what is important.
1. This material can be studied over years, and across populations, and countries, or within a country across groups.
2. We can now discover exactly what’s important to the citizen, and the candidate can craft a platform to address the multiple, often opposing views of constituents.
3. The segmentation allows us to identify the REAL minds of the citizens. We see even see in sub-communities (for example the Afro-American community in the US) different needs and wants, which on the surface balance each other out.

Candidates should realize that this information changes the game of politics. Rather than guessing, one can scientifically poll the people…not for their issues or for their voting, but rather for their responses to solutions to problems. The candidate LEARNS the nature of the problem, and can craft a set of solutions as part of the platform.

Imagine a candidate saying the following:
I intend to make this country great, its people prosperous, happy, and educated. And help the world. How:
1. On a continuing basis, throughout the US and the world, my administration will run these studies to identify topics that are problem areas, and solutions that the citizens want.
2. My administration will share these results with all citizens of the US, and with the world.
3. We will then craft solutions to problems, solutions which will be transparent.
4. We will offer this approach to state governments across the US.
5. We will incorporate this science, Mind Genomics, into small modules, Learning Apps, that will allow our young students, our future voters, to learn how to do this science themselves.
6. Our administration will usher in a new period of greatness for America, greatness based on knowledge, growth, happiness of its citizens, greatness based on doing good things for people in the US and around the world.
7. And my administration will use this science to promote world peace, but using it to study what the different sides in conflicts around the world really want. Perhaps if both sides learn what the other really wants, they can create a solution and bring peace.

In other words, a campaign, an administration, a world, built on the principles of understanding what people need and want, and efforts to deliver peaceful, constructive solutions to those needs and wants.

Who knows what the future will bring. Rather than invectives, solutions. Rather than anger, knowledge. Rather than violence, construction.

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