Change of Blissful Being

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Change of Blissful Being
Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar, Other, India

Bliss is an important factor in change.Some factors which influences blissful existence of being is discussed.

An Organisation is a collection of people. The tendencies with which people derive bliss, and on which they act, influences organisations progress. The more basic are the tendencies as collective whole in the culture of organisation, the less will be quality of blissful existence of employees and customers who deal with the organisation. Is there a process where transformation is possible from more basic to higher form of tendencies? In the experiential system we have clues with regard to it. The change in blissful existence starts with being dissatisfied and being angry (positive-after preparation of emotional being) with regard to unrealized potential (Jogulamba being symbolic representation). On channelizing energy in the form of planning, debating, reflecting acting etc the blissful existence changes from baser to higher form of tendencies(Balabrameshwara, rasatmaka lingam (spirit behind the essence of derived bliss converting baser tendencies to higher tendencies) which is the west gate of Srisailam where the form of energy (bramaramba-bee) is alligned to the Madhu (Honey). A symbolic representation of delightful existence in spirit) in the form of Mallikarjuna.
According to experiential system (Lalithasahasranam) bliss is the derivative of evolutionary process. The process comprises of the following steps:
2.Protection or Expansion
4.Concealment of consciousness
5.Restoration back to the evolutionary cycle
The efforts that are made will result in the in the form of bliss out of grace.Just like conscious efforts that are made during day in wakeful existence the being gets rejuvenated during dream, sleep and transcendent state of all three.Blissful existence if it need to be manifested at conscious level then the same steps need to be followed.With higher aspirations and following the above 5 step process we get to goal posts of blissful quality existence increasing in that order in the following manner.
1. Dead unit- lacking evolution in all states of existence (Wakeful, dream, sleep, beyond the three)
2. Reflection on evolutionary cycle
3. Creating quickly but with high level of transparency
4. Creation of smallest to greatest of entities
5. Creation as per the knowledge bodies
6. Creation of desired deliverable righteously
7. Delivering value with modesty
8. Getting to the essence of delight
9. Being blissful in true spirit
10. Achievement of bliss in it's true spirit and doing good compassionately
11. Convert the knowledge of evolution into an art form, practice and be intoxicated with bliss of evolution
12.Transcend whatever that is created with continual improvement
13.Transfer the field of bliss to other beings
By following the 5 step evolutionary method and by reaching the above goal posts, some of the results are follows
1. Full of realized wisdom
2. Accomplishment of desired objective
3. Higher state of existence (Getting rid of baser tendencies)
4. Sensitive, conduct in righteous way
5. Energetic and adored
6. Independent
7. Inspiration to many sick and dead units
8. State transcends what is righteous and unrighteous.

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